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The Japanese Sony suits couldn't have been more retarded when they let Commiefornia take full control of the PlayStation brand. They deserve to lose their money.

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I wouldn't give a shit about women's sports if we weren't buggered all the time about how strong and independent female athletes are, if they didn't abuse male hormones to "prove" they can be as strong as men, then have the nerve to complain about trannies, and if there wasn't a push to make everything recreational co-ed, even contact sports, because gender differences are a social construct. Fuck "women's" sports, fuck female "athletes" and fuck Title IX.

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Not sure if I should be content with the fact that the transgender lunacy finally took a hit or mad that feminists, yet again got bailed out by tradcucks and got away with no consequences for their actions. I'm seriously conflicted.

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Having a problem with dictionary definitions being changed all the time is counter-revolutionary comrade.

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Do you think the Japanese companies are compromised too and we just haven't seen it

It depends on your definition of compromised. If you mean by fourth-wave feminism/SJW ideology, then no. However, Japan did embrace all the previous waves of "progressivism" as fast as the West did.

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Always remember, it wasn't the Soviets back then and it isn't the Chinese nowadays. Neomarxists use them as scapegoats.

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They are even attempting to revise actual history. It's not just the shieldmaiden/amazon shenanigans, they are also pretending that queen regnants were actually warrior-generals, when there's no proof any one of them actually "fought". To revisionist feminists, autistically screeching at your troops from the safety of your chariot counts as fighting these days.

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Also, this shows Jews are not the powerful lobby that some retards want us to believe.

Secular or "reform" Jews aren't the same group as conservative Jews who aren't the same group as orthodox Jews.




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An no, coming up with nuclear physics does not really indicate any intrinsic superior intelligence of the whole population, when you build on what has been discovered before.

We just have to agree to disagree on this one. Being able to understand how things that you can't actually see with your own eyes work does require superior abstract intelligence. Without a high average intelligence, you simply won't get the outliers necessary to achieve that.

The first calculations of the size of the earth did not come from Northern Europe, it came from Southern Europe/Middle-East.

I don't know why you are grouping Southern Europeans with Middle Easterners, the former are much more closely related to Northern Europeans (all Europeans share a common ancestor a mere 5500 years ago), the latter are distant Caucasian relatives.

Northern Europeans did not contribute that much until the last 500 years or so.

This only proves my point. Northern Europe started contributing when they experienced their own population explosion, then blew everything out of the water. Just check the number of nobel laureates by country.

If we checked overall contributions around 1000 AD we would probably agree with the Chinese

Sure, that's why the Chinese need to know >1,000 letters to read a book made for children. There haven't been many Chinese inventions that Europeans didn't come up with better alternatives.

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Agrarian societies can sustain a population density two orders of magnitude higher than hunter and gatherer societies, so even though the people of the fertile crescent were on average less intelligent, they were able to create civilization before Europe did. It is the outliers that create progress, not the common man. A significantly larger population means more outliers.

Every civilization builds on previous ones.

That's definitely true, but it doesn't take diminishing returns into account. Again, stacking a bunch of rocks together without the structure falling apart isn't nearly in the same ballpark as coming up with nuclear physics. The industrial revolution could have never begun in the Middle East. You can teach even a child how to solve a Rubik's cube, but it takes a genius IQ for someone to come up with the pattern on their own.

Did the genetics dramatically change? No it didn't.

Did you miss the inbreeding map I posted? Yes genetics can and do dramatically change, but that's besides the main point. The people residing in the fertile crescent weren't ever smart by Northern European standards, they simply had a food surplus and a huge population going for them.

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Genetically, they are the same people who built some of the most ancient civilizations in the Middle-East.

The minimum standard needed to build an ancient bronze-age civilization is far lower than that of an industrial one, which is lower than that of a modern post-industrial one. You need a decent (not high) average IQ and a large population to produce the necessary outliers. It takes a much lower IQ to design a stone temple or an aqueduct than to come up with the concept of nuclear physics. It's not a coincidence that the first human civilizations flourished in the so called fertile crescent and not in the sparsely populated north.

Ancient societies were also far more violent than our own.


Then, there's the issue of inbreeding in the middle east.


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Jews succeed because they have convinced everyone else that nepotism is bad, while utilizing it to a ridiculous extent. Hollywood is full of 1/4 Jews that you would never guess they were part of the tribe just by their looks. They are obviously intelligent, but not to the extent they claim they are.

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I would also like to add that even if near-perfect machine translation becomes a thing, something highly unlikely that only monolingual people believe is just a few years away, there is still going to be a significant lag in realtime oral communication. Basically what would be a 10 minute talk turns into a 20 minute pain in the ass with two people waving their smartphones like retards. Investing the time learning a language spoken by >100M people is definitely worth it. The only drawback is that the language learning community is full of the same Neomarxist retards that plague gaming, so anyone learning a language should focus on books and learning materials written before 2012.

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I hope that's true, but the fact that the femdom/role-reversal mental illness seems over-represented among the "elites", makes me think there's something more intrinsic at hand.

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Anyone who puts on one of these, unironically deserves to lose "his" penis and testicles. Fucking femdom freaks are repulsive.

Edit: I wonder if Neil Cuckmann has one of these...

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Gina Carano not being considered leftist because she doesn't bow down to trannies is a pretty low standard. Muh stronk wymyn is literally her entire career.

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