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Christian conservatives in 2013: “Legalizing gay marriage will lead to the normalization of pedophilia and bestiality”

Gay marriage is legalized in 2015

Democrats in 2023: “The trans community has a right to sexualize your kids!”

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If GIRL A saw GIRL B make a mistake, she'd also point the accusation at the individual.

If GIRL A saw BOY B make a mistake, she'd also point the accusation at all boys.

Also, when people do this to your face they're usually either (1) trying to bully you, or (2) flirting or playfully teasing you, so this interaction is more complicated than someone earnestly believing the generalization.

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Conservatives have been the ONLY people trying to oppose them, but no democratic minority can prevent a majority from self-destructing, it can only slow them down.

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Deadnaming this mentally ill woman is worse than literally shooting her dead?

This just shows you that it's all about the ideology. Nothing that comes out of these people's mouths is the truth; it's all lies. They could care less about the woman in question or the people she killed. They just need everyone to bow the knee to the ideology.

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Exactly. All they speak is lies to give themselves an advantage; to signal their virtue to their own side, to fool people into siding with them or make people too afraid to oppose them. Their nonsense claims deserve little more than mockery and disdain.

"You are of your father the devil, and you want to do the desires of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him. Whenever he tells a lie, he speaks from his own nature, because he is a liar and the father of lies". -- John 8:44

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It's anti-Christianity masquerading as the more "rational" position of anti-theism, but they give themselves away when the opportunity arises to punish someone they dislike.

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The author has always been very anti-Christian. His fantasy series is basically about humans defeating God and overthrowing the shackles of God's oppression. Atheists like this (anti-theists) usually have a chip on their shoulder, probably come from a religious upbringing and blame their unhappy childhood on Christianity. They resent having a conscience that makes them feel guilty when they violate Christian moral principles.

This is common among people on the Left. They are oppressed by their own guilt, insecurities or mental disorders but instead of acknowledging that the source of the problem is within themselves, they blame others (society, men, whites people, Christians, etc).

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The word "simp" is literally in his name: "Simple Man".

Yes, men and women often hurt eachother, such is the way of human nature.

Men have given women civilization and every modern convenience, and women have given men children to give humanity a future. Neither could have done this without the other. It's ignorance and misandry to point out the flaws of a few men in an effort to condemn all men. Basically, it's just more fools spouting nonsense, degeneracy and hatred on Twitter.

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It's not even the atheists -- I have no problem with most intellectually honest atheists -- the problem is the anti-theists, who are usually more often than not just anti-Christian. As we've seen with Sam Harris, anti-theism is usually just a veil for arrogance and delusion.

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I don't care that you don't care about African countries or the performance of blacks in different times and places than modern-day USA. If the facts are inconvenient to you, provide data to refute it or suck it up.

My point from the very beginning was that you can't extrapolate the problems of Baltimore out to the rest of the country, and that every city run by Democrats experience similar problems with crime; that it's not purely racial. Even so, you keep trying to re-frame the argument to being about race and race alone in order to exclude the broader base of facts.

Cities don't track crime data by ethnicity so you have to analyze overall crime rates and ethnic makeup for each city and compare them to discern patterns:

  • Portland, OR = Top 1% of cities with most crime (population: 641,162, black population: 5.7%) -- All Democrat mayors since 1980

  • Seattle, WA = Top 1% of cities with most crime (population: 733,919, black population: 6.9%) -- All Democrat mayors since 1969

  • San Francisco, CA = Top 2% of cities with most crime (population: 815,201, black population: 4.9%) -- All Democrat mayors since 1964

  • Baltimore, MD = Top 3% of cities with most crime (population: 576,498, black population: 61.6%) -- All Democrat mayors since 1967

It logically follows that if black population were disproportionately responsible for crime AND the most significant factor to consider when it comes to crime rate, then the above statistics would be anomalous. The pattern just doesn't match. This means there are other factors such as political policies, culture, income, etc. This is backed up by all the other data that I shared with you that you so conveniently decided that you "don't care about".

There are plenty of anecdotal examples of crime rates dropping when a Republican is elected (such as the Rudy Giuliani example) and crime rates rising when a Democrat is elected. This makes sense with the Republicans platform being strong on "rule of law" issues, and Democrats being notorious for their "soft" approach to law enforcement. It used to be a truism that voters elect Republicans when they're scared and Democrats when they're safe.

There aren't many large Republican cities because Democrats tend to be urban and Republicans tend to be rural, but here are the stats for the five largest cities that could be considered Republican cities (current mayor and at least 3 out of the 5 last mayors were Republican), which also happen to also be mid-sized cities comparable to the Democrat cities mentioned above:

  • Oklahoma City, OK = Top 4% of cities with most crime (population: 687,725, black population: 14.2%) -- Current mayor and 5 out of the last 5 mayors were Republican

  • Miami, FL = Top 8% of cities with most crime (population: 439,890, black population: 14%) - Current mayor and 3 out of the last 5 mayors were Republican

  • Jacksonville, FL = Top 8% of cities with most crime (population: 954,614, black population: 30.4%) -- Current mayor and 4 out of the last 5 mayors were Republican

  • Fort Worth, TX = Top 9% of cities with most crime (population: 935,508, black population: 18.2%) -- Current mayor and 3 out of the last 5 mayors were Republican

  • Mesa, AZ = Top 17% of cities with most crime (population: 509,475, black population: 4.2%) -- Current mayor and 5 of the last 5 mayors were Republican

All of the cities with the highest crime are Democrat-controlled cities, regardless of size or ethnic makeup.

As I keep saying time and time again, crime rates are way more complicated than a single factor, and are impacted significantly by political and law enforcement policy. This claim that crime rates such as those in Baltimore are primarily due to the racial makeup of the city is incredibly narrow-sighted.

Crime rates don't correlate to race anywhere near as strongly as you believe. The Portuguese have a far lower crime rate than the Italians. Poland has far lower crime rates than France. Zambia and Botswana have lower crime rates than many European countries. The crime rate in South Africa is twice that of Zambia. Crime in China and Japan both have very low crime rates compared to southeast Asia. Venezuela has one of the highest crime rate in the world, while Paraguay has one of the lowest. Of course you don't care about any of this because it's inconvenient for you.

If you want to claim that native-born blacks in the USA are over-represented in the crime statistics overall relative to whites and Asians, then you're correct. The data backs this up. If you want to claim that native-born blacks in the USA have a stronger propensity for violent crime than white or Asians, then you're correct. The data supports this as well. If you want to claim that Baltimore has high crime primarily because of the black population, then you'd be wrong. If you want to claim any city with a high percentage black population will have high crime relative to that percentage, then you'd be wrong. If you want to claim Republican-controlled cities have the same levels of crime as Democrat-controlled cities, you'd be wrong.

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I literally gave you a number of examples where blacks weren’t over-represented in the crime statistics, but by all means, keep indulging your ignorance.

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I already addressed the crime rate issue. Predominantly white cities run by Democrats have the same crime problems as predominantly black cities run by Democrats, except black cities have more violent crime and white cities have more property crime.

Johannesburg is the largest city in South Africa with a population of six million. There are four sub-Saharan (non-Arab) cities larger than Johannesburg in Africa:

  • Kinshasa, DRC (Congo) @ 16 million

  • Lagos, Nigeria @ 15 million

  • Luanda, Angola @ 9 million

  • Dar es Salaam, Tanzania @ 7million

All of these cities have less crime than Johannesburg except one: Kinshasa.

So no, I don’t buy your reasoning.

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Again, this is more complicated than you think. Only 6 out of the top 50 cities with the worst crime have any sort of significant black population. Virtually all of the others are in South America. There quite a few countries in African with less crime than the USA. The worst country in Africa for crime is South Africa, also coincidentally the most Westernized country in Africa. It's clear diversity is part of the problem, not just racial makeup.

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There’s no denying the disproportionate criminality of urban black communities in the USA, but this topic is also more complicated than you think it is.

Black Americans who live in Germany outperform blacks in the USA. Blacks from Zimbabwe outperform blacks from Nigeria. Black immigrants from sub-Saharan Africa out-perform blacks born in the USA. In some cases they even out the perform whites such as in percentage of college degrees. Blacks in the USA prior to the New Deal had lower rates of single motherhood and unemployment than whites. After the New Deal (a Democrat policy) the black family basically disintegrated.

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Vermont and Maine are rural states with very small urban centers. The largest city in Maine is ~1/8th the size of Baltimore. The largest city in Vermont is ~1/12th the size of Baltimore. Rural areas have a significant lower crime rate than highly urbanized areas, so this isn't a good comparison.

San Francisco is a city comparable in size to Baltimore and a predominantly white and Asian population. San Francisco has a smaller percentage of blacks than even the largest city in Maine, yet has a higher overall crime rate than Baltimore (lower violent crime, but much higher property crime).

Seattle is another city with basically the same story as San Francisco. Both have a higher crime rate than Baltimore, albeit with less violent crime and much higher property crime.

Democrat policies support and encourage crime. This is an undeniable fact at this point.

All of the cities in the USA with the highest crime have a Democrat government monopoly.

California has become a hell hole due to effectively single party rule.

When Rudy Guilani became mayor of NYC in the 90's the crime rate dropped precipitously for all types of crime.

It's been a while since I've looked into the numbers, but last I check the pattern still holds that when, in the rare case that a Republican is appointed mayor of a major city, crime almost always declines over their term as major.

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To be fair, it's not reasonable to extrapolate Baltimore out to the rest of the country. You will see these problems anywhere Democrats have a monopoly on power, but thankfully there are plenty of places where this isn't the case. In fact, most of the country from a geographic standpoint isn't like this.

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Yeah, but being noticed is step #1. This is why you don't lock eyes with strangers on the street.

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I feel like Ben Shapiro has stopped trying and just assumes he’s correct without doing any research or actually trying to learn anything. Most of his faux pas that I’ve noticed over the last few years are of this nature, where he says something wrong that could have been corrected with a 30 second Google search.

Remember when he went on a UK TV and attacked a well-known conservative host for being a Leftist? His response was something like, “well I’m famous and nobody knows who you are so it’s not my fault” or something. Just very lazy and disrespectful.

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A friend of mine says the first few seasons are good, but then it goes downhill. He also said to avoid the prequels.

BlueBloods is a conservative-ish crime serial if that's you're thing. It won't blow your socks off but it's not woke.

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Tim Pool might be in the wrong but I just can't take TheQuartering aka. Jeremy seriously. He's a drama-leech whose business model is to exploit every little piece of gossip with clickbait titles and low-effort rambling.

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For RPGs check out Mortismal Gaming. He’s does an excellent job and is thorough to a fault. Only problem is his reviews are usually a little late since the tries to 100% it before giving it a review.

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Everyone was a creationist in the 1700's, and almost all scientists were Christians. Even today half of scientists remain religious. Linne's taxonomy was created more than a hundred years before the Origin of Species. It's not fair to judge him based on modern standards.

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Best remedy for a woman is to have a husband of strong character. Unfortunately, if that woman is that screwed up to begin with, she's not likely to find a sensible man willing to wife her, and even if she did, she's not likely to submit to him anyways.

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The problem is people actually caring about what is said on Twitter, or even social media in general.

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