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"The burning alive of their children shows the adults of Waco must have done something really, really bad"

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The deepest circle of hell is reserved for betrayers.

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Ah yes, the "rebound" that is so rare it's happened to literally fucking everyone I know who took the paxlovid.

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Somewhere, a crying 11-year-old is being raped by a Muslim migrant because these clowns were too busy playing internet police.

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Hahahahaha wow this guy really is the poster child of the Average Redditor.

Stupid embarrassing sissy coomer fantasies, check.

Degenerate tranny bullshit, check.

Constant whining emotional crisis, check.

Tried to kill itself, check.

Commieposting, check.

Can't actually do the violence because he has a self-pitying emotional meltdown instead, check.

What a pathetic little worm of a person.

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The censorship directly confirms that grooming is happening on a massive scale and is a number one priority for the cult.

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Hmm wonder what subs those parents moderate

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Amazing how people who didn't even take a day of civics class can grow up to write for Politico.

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Couple weeks in Rikers already fucked his life. Legal fees probably already took his business. Damage is done, as intended. Process = punishment.

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These policies have absolutely no legal power in Indiana. He's fine, all the can do is seeth about muh rules.

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I remember back when I voted Democrat because I was against wars in the Middle East.