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Vaxxed and can't even take off the stupid face diaper.

Pathetic cucks.

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Seriously. The bow isn't just sitting low in the water anymore, the Titanic has broken in two and you're riding the stern down like an elevator. Camps and extermination are coming, evac or die.

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He's living on the same farm as Tiffany Dover

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BofA would be my second ranking guess as well.

Alternative prediction, some members of the ESG cartel will attempt financial coercion to get more companies to impose mandates.

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In 2022 a major American bank will introduce a vax requirement to be a customer or have an account, and they will have measures in place to lock or confiscate the accounts of people who try to close out and leave.

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Listening to any of these people makes me want to kill myself.

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Careening toward an Idiocracy future, except everyone in every position of responsibility is black, trans, and incompetent.

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The future is a fat lesbian in a USAF uniform pushing a button to drone strike American citizens in Idaho or Texas or Oklahoma.

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Playing: ArmA 3, making missions with the Prairie Fire content and having a great time.

Watching: As moronic as it is, the first season of Below Deck. It's funny and I like the constant theme of the kind of people who charter yachts being universally awful people.

Reading: Grey Man series by Mark Greaney. Jury is still out, kinda feels like a Jack Reacher clone.

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It'll be just like the other federal employee mandates. They have no intention of letting you test out of it, or get an exemption. Those are lies to make the policy go down easier. The goal is every living man, woman, and child injected every 90 days, forever.

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Caused by his own vaccine, preferably.

Not that I remotely believe he actually took that shit himself...

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It's such a massive stinker of a policy I almost want to see it go through just to further provoke the absolute electoral holocaust coming in November.

Or, even better, the natural result of firing millions of heavily armed Americans for political reasons.

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The Biden administration denies the rule is a mandate, since it gives employers flexibility to choose between mandating vaccines or implementing a testing policy.

We already see how that is working out, and the Biden administration has already broadly denied a testing option to federal employees.

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People lined up around the block here in Indy for their tests. Went to CVS for allergy meds and watched three different people beg for out-of-stock kits.

People have the memory of mayflies. It's never going to end.

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Only takes one vote to put socialists in power, but it takes civil war to get them out of it.

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Always got the impression he had a ridiculously oversized vetbro ego. Been fun watching him melt down.

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When the denials are done, they will end on "yes it killed people and we're not sorry".

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Member back when killing just one or two people in a trial was enough to sink a drug forever?

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Yep. Maybe they get Gorsuch. But I expect Barrett and Kavanaugh to turn coat.

SCOTUS, at it's core, exists as a tool to manufacture consent for government power.

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