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and allowing that bowel fluid to act as sort of a lubricant.

Manmade horrors beyond comprehension

Imagine being told that "science" can make you a woman, and ending up a castrated man with a hairy, smelly surgical wound lubricated by ass juice that only the most degenerate bottom feeding fetishist would want to put his dick in.

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They put in tons of effort screaming at, silencing, and emotionally blackmailing anyone who tried to tell them this would happen.

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Every time I catch myself feeling sorry for them, I remember how people like this treated anyone who tried to question them or speak sense to them.

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I 100% believe they are all in group chats together plotting this shit and arranging who is going to be the next sleeper to activate.

Twitter should have been cleaned out top to bottom.

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I'm sure later this month somebody will strip their pants off and shove a dildo up their ass in the capitol and we will be told we have to tolerate free speech.

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The modern world is starting to give me serious 40k vibes. Almost nobody knows how things work, new things are bad knockoffs, and there are mutants everywhere.

We live in Grey Gardens; the slowly deteriorating remains of things built by better people which we are not able to replicate or maintain.

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Oh look, they're actually just gang-affiliated criminals who are grifting money from the city while protecting their criminal buddies. Just like we said all along.

The only "peacekeeping" that matters is putting criminals in prison and keeping them there.

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Well nothing else woke the idiot citizens of Seattle up, so I don't think their house burning down because Seattle FD's admins are too busy twerking on their desks is going to change anything.

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When even a 14 year old can see through your bullshit.

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The children are probably drinking to forget what the adults did to them last night.

Wonder how many NYC politicos are sneaking in the back door to rape the migrant kids.

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Ah time to play my favorite game: Haiti, or America?

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Space travel and colonization will be for the brave souls willing to tough out cramped living conditions, stale air, unhealthy micro-g, radiation, and a high chance they won't make it back safely.

So, people trying to get themselves and their families away from -

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Keep it up. I hope this is a real trend of regular people finally standing up and taking out the trash on transit.

We did it on planes. Get up and start screaming about Allah and shit and people will get up too and stomp your face in. Do it to these TikTok assholes and gropers and subway psychos.

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Controlled opposition isn't just a meme.

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Woman can obtain vidya/anime bodies by putting down the fork and going for a walk.

Men cannot obtain vidya/anime bodies even with a decade in the gym and enough steroids to turn a horse into an elephant.

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