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Bill "The Giant Faggot" Mitchell?

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Did you hear about the stunning and brave gay couple in Georgia who were pimping out their young children to local faggots and then making and distributing CP of the abuse?


Which leads to my point: lobotomize and institutionalize all faggots and troons. And repeal the 19th.

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The troons aren't the ones who want it, it's the people encouraging, funding and provoking the tranny faggot story time hours that want it. The troons are just useful idiots who think they're being Stunning And Brave.

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They're trying to provoke a "Drag Floyd" killing. They're encouraging troon drag fags to do these "Children's Story Time" events as a mid-level provocation to conservatives.

They want a faggot tranny to get "FUCK OFF" tattooed into their chest with a 9mm needle so they can parade its dead clown corpse around like a martyr.

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"My face is tired"

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And charge the family members that support these commie terrorists.

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Antifa are communists. The only good commie is a dead commie.

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The trouble is, the people driving this are unreachable.

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The solution is to bury all the globalists and their minions.

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