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We need to literally start tarring and feathering the globalist propagandists.

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Pretty sure the Globohomo cabal will literally release smallpox into the population as a backup plan if people start to realize the Coof isn't as scary as advertised.

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What's hilarious is the media is conspicuously ignoring a global increase in total deaths (even once Coof-related deaths are removed) while at the same time hyping up the COVID danger.

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It's not that they can't be bothered, it's that they do not want their doublethink challenged. It hurts and so they avoid it.

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Leftists Love Word Games.

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A SHOCKING (well not that shocking if you account for how cucked the media is) amount of people think Kyle shot three black guys.

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Well they REALLY won't be happy once enough Fucking White Males have had enough and start to push back.

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Backhoe: check

Pallet of lye: check

Yep! The "cowboy states" are ready.

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Ask Minnesota and Lutheran Social Services how this one ends.

Spoiler: you get corrupt commie fucks like Illhan Omar.

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Helicopter rides, when the commies fall.

Pinochet, his arms wide open.

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It's intersectional faggotry run wild. The reason for it is so blind people can know who is winning the Oppression Olympics.

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This is the logical outcome when you turn victimhood into a virtue.

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Well... Bang Bang Baldwin was the producer of the film soooooo...

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Thank goodness I'm 1/256th Native American and my ancestors warned me about the white man's vaccines too!

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They can when they're complicit with the teacher's union.

Both the CDC and Randi Weingarten and her commie pinko fuck teacher's union need to be destroyed.

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Don't worry, he doesn't have a loisense for his opinion, the authorities will swing by his home soon to relocate him to a re-education facility.

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Mandatory euthanasia for genetic failures with cluster B and C personality disorders.

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