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You cry about women ten times more than any of us cry about Jews. You've absolutely no right, you stinking hypocrite. Your reflexive need to defend them before anyone has said a word, is also telling.

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Usually lefties go easy on Pagans due to the common Christian enemy, but I suppose they are running out of statues to remove, so they've change their stance. Going after an Aurelius statue is funny, considering that they'd all be better of if they read some of his work, as it's literally the perfect antidote to being an angry lib.

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The first season of Yellowstone was full of "natives deserve their land back" bullshit. Monica is literally a SJW, who said "oppressing people was a uniquely European trait". The show used CNN as a news source several times too. Defense of ones land is probably the based thing about it.

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When I was lazy, I didn't think of them, when I got fit, I started to have nothing but contempt for them, because it almost takes more effort to be fat than fit. You have to go out of your way to eat way more than you should, and never exercise to end up like these people.

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I don't know what sort of madness inspired this piece, but I like all the same.

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Funny how your nice group of people are silent when it's happening to people that they don't like.

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"We need guns if our government gets too tyrannical"

Government gets tyrannical


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Evola believed that once females were liberated that we could never go back, and I see his point. Getting modern women to realize reality, that their place was never anywhere but the sidelines, as chosen by biology, is all but impossible. The whole world could burn because of them, yet they'd never admit it. They've never been known for self responsibility, and that won't be changing.

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It think it's more about your own eye at the time. I remember watching Inside Man when I was young, and didn't pick up on anything like that as I wasn't looking. I watched it against recently, and it's full of race baiting.

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Gustave Le Bon wrote about these Latin tards and their love of socialism in the 1800s. They literally haven't learned a thing in a thousand years.

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My country literally has a handful of Jews in position of power, and all of them are the same. I didn't make them a stereotype, they made themselves a stereotype.

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They voted for hate speech laws too a year or two ago if I remember correctly.

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Just walk the streets, mask wearing is dominated by women, especially older women. Anytime I heard covid hysteria out and about, it's a woman, anytime I hear anti covid sentiment, it's a man.

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I knew she wasn't to be trusted years ago went she went after Dave Rubin for daring to have guests on that she didn't approve of. She's a text book example of the type of woman TheImp think all women are.

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Instead we got the end of reason. Anyone who thought that the end of God would result in an age of reason is an idiot, as most faiths are governed by reason, with varying degrees of success of course. Read Aurelius's work, it's nothing but the best of rationalism, and much of it is predicated on being a believer in fate and the external.

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I remember reading about an area in Japan that was causing people cancer. The old volunteered to move in and switch places with the young because they were at the end of their lives already. This was only a few years ago too.

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Even the Canadian right are bunch of pussies. It's like they've been genetically hard-coded to be weaklings or something.

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Your intent has been revealed. All your "stormfag" posting is clearly motivated by love for the tribe.

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Yeah I got heavily downvoted here recently for advocating for free speech. Many people wanted to shut down J posting, which of course I was against. The whole point of being here is freedom, yet certain people want to drag us back to Reddit like standards.

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I was about the point out how this view ignores all the Latinos and AA's who are against this stuff, but I'm sick of wasting my time pointing out hypocrisy, as it's pointless. This whole sub is full of "look at the hypocrisy", which we should all know by now is ineffective. We really need to move on to the next phase, as our old tactics clearly aren't working.

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Powerful men, behind closed doors, are the ones who plan this all. It's no coincidence that most vaccine passports became official by most nations in the same 24 hour period.

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So you don't support free speech? Go back to Reddit then where you can have your filtered revolt. Stop trying to control what others have to say.

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