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imagine the smell STDs

Yeah, I wouldn't touch it either knowing who owns it...

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Trying to get it uncensored in the nether regions? ;-)

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If the diversity ends up being invading armies/enemies, I'll ROFLMAO my sides into the stratosphere.

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So bucket, blowtorch, rat and mop

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Makes player avatars hideously ugly

representative of our players

What did Niantic mean by this?

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I think the idea of the 2014 rule isn't that anything before then isn't pozzed, but rather anything after is so likely to be a lost cause as to not warrant further investigation.

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Haven’t I seen before that they love to file lawsuits

You might be on to something.

I participated in a session or 2 and been on the periphery of a few, but it can literally take all day just to roll characters- especially if you're new. I think people tend to bring their own to save on time, but it can take weeks or months of regular, lengthy meetups to get through a single campaign. Even assuming life doesn't get in the way, I don't have the patience for it.

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The Associated Press does not typically identify people who say they have been victims of sexual assault unless they come forward publicly.

Bauer is literally the victim, but they won't identify the perpetrator.

I fucking hate journalists [not enough, but I can only try].

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why there is a constant need for some central authority to regularly distribute a rulebook

I don't play myself, but a couple reasons off the top of my head:

  1. Consistency- imagine if you had to go over the entire rule set every time you join a new group.
  2. Laziness- most people don't want to spend hours, days, years developing speadsheets for their own OC.

Did the rules of the previous game just not work?

  1. Balancing- it's practically impossible to fine tune a game perfectly before public feedback. Even then, you'll never please everyone, but that's what home-brewed rules are for.
  2. Patches- I doubt they exhausted all creativity in existence before the 1st release, so new races, spells, actions or whatever you can imagine might get added in later versions.

I've heard the rule books come with their own scenarios/lore etc that could make it easier for new DM's or players to get used to. Some people might even buy them for the art.

What surprises me isn't how popular it is, but rather how few competitors there are. I've heard of Pathfinder, and that's about it.

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He already said journalists and male feminists; no need to repeat it a 2nd time.

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See also: "Nooo, don't remake my Buffy the Vampire Slayer with the same crap I peddled to make your entertainment suck!" - literally Anita Sarkeesian

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be super emotionally stable and self-sufficient like women are


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being a table

As a watcher of hoe_math, I appreciate that sentiment.

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touched up by a human leftist

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I can easily see this used against parents who don't comply

What do you mean "can"? Persecution is the point! Not that it might or will, but that it was designed to be from the beginning.

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I'm so glad I never heard of this dumpster fire until now. My only regret is now I do...

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Christians have been run roughshod for so long that any public expression of their faith is a shocking sight.

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It is not that boys receive more recognition

It's that the ones who don't are invisible to women and thus excluded from their personal headcannon.

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Nah, the process is for plebs with no media clout. The last thing they want is to draw more attention of the normies. Positive or negative, coverage from both sides would send this issue into the stratosphere.

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If in doubt, always more. You don't lose anything thinking he's slightly more of a deranged pervert than he already is,

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Yep. I'm sure the Scottish government are just itching to fight a legal battle when the opposing side has near infinite lawyer money...

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