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But single men will end up working extra hours in order to help compensate for it.

^^^^^^^ THIS IS THE COMMENT^^^^^^^ 100% correct. This is just a free week off every month for women, while men have to pick up the slack and employers are required to pay the same amount. Best case scenario, it makes women less likely to get hired for anything important.

Ironically, woman-majority or women-lead businesses literally most affected XD.

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The fact they didn't usually PICK a side is what made it great; could have been either at the same time- usually both.

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Stopping all donations to republicans would be a good start.

MY SIDES. As if those fuckers were donating to anything other than hard Democrat.

"It'S uP tO tHe CoRpOrAtIoNs To SaVe Us"

What an absolute fucking tool.

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Yeah, I hope it's business making X per year or with X employees/size rather than Jan running her solo business on Etsy.

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It’s hard to take that claim seriously if in fact, an individual in any way supported an insurrection against the government

The country founded on an insurrection? The one that specifically leaves provisions in its' constitution to insurrect against a tyrannical government? That country? What an absolute brainlet

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Thankfully, I've never seen any of it (uncensored) and hope to keep it that way. I think there were also many corroborating text/e-mail conversations pointing to him having "intimate relations" with his niece.

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the realities of dating and how many people will literally walk out of the room when they find this isn't what they actually wanted

I changed my mind; if any based mods come about because of this, it'll be worth it.

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Hell, going by the wording of the phrase, it doesn't even specify her wealth... actually, that's accidentally based.

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Always check the hands to tell if real or not

If the AI does its' job, anyone who cares will be too distracted to notice their big-tiddied w-AI-fu has wonky fingers.

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Not even opposing or competing, just an alternative will be enough to get them frothing ass-mad.

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What age do boys become misogynists?

Probably around the same age you start telling them they are evil by nature of existing, nothing they can do will ever be enough and there is no place for them in this world. Telling them they are invisibly privileged, while visibly privileging women- who then complain about being "disadvantaged".

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Yeah, hits different when it's other people's ideology being shoved down your throat instead of the other way around. Difference being you are an employee and have therefore agreed to whatever values they damn well tell you to.

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Pretty sure watching the Globes will lose you braincells, so literally doing nothing would be an improvement.

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More telling is how they demand representation in fictional universes where magic or technology has the power to literally swap your sex. They don't want to be the opposite sex, they want to be trans.

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I was literally thinking how plain she looks. If her tits were any smaller, they would be concave. Her most attractive feature must have been proximity.

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I wonder how much of it is "suddenly" and how much is NHS waiting lists killing patients. Ah well, I'm sure the biggest killer will be MAID if/when they ever manage to implement something similar.

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most "fanservice" moments the girls are almost never comfortable with their sexuality and are undressed against their will

That's because most girls in anime have modesty and that is part of what makes them so much more attractive than these "modern wahmen". Most of them are probably jealous they never receive the "male gaze".

For me, the biggest offence is that they assume only the men are looking or enjoying the fanservice. Women are frequently more interested in cute or sexy female characters than men.

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