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From spoilers sounds like nothing happened in this movie.

Kang sounded like the next Thanos, yet he was defeated and every hero survived, the heroes that been on MCU god knows how long and actors who are 50+ years old. Heroes survived who are supposedly going to get replaced by teenage superheroes that they been introducing the entire phase.

So basically people been speculating that Kang is going to be the big baddie for everyone, but he was killed and defeated, instead of introducing us the main Kang the conqueror, they introduced some pussy variant and disposed of him in same movie.

Which means there will be more variants of Kangs, and its going to be the same actor that has to act a little bit differently, which sounds like CW level of quality.

What the actual fuck are they thinking? This is so garbage i don't even want to watch it, reading the plot was enough. And this is weird because i would at least bother to download the movie and spend 10 minutes fast forwarding it, i don't even want to do that much.

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Are you living under a rock ? 4chan pol been running this thing for days

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There is no living with occupants, they will do the same exact garbage they been doing past century. The Soviet mentality never died.

The mistake of allowing them to live afterwards is costing us with war and few hundred nuclear threats.

For anyone familiar with Russians it was clear last 30 years that they will wage war, rape and occupy once more.

Preserving ourselves against Russians and scale of preservation is what being right wing is here.

You guys moved so far left you are lefties by every definition, chanting hippie ass anti war rhetoric, excusing commies at every turn and have every leftie talking point, oh Ukraine is so anti lgbt and racist and want to kill the occupants, such bigots. County after all does have the right to defend itself. You guys might have forgotten borders exist with all the immigration going on ?

Don't want to have war ? Have Russians not try to occupy another country and wage war, like that is ever going to happen, just get rid of them already. Its that simple.

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Soviets were way worse than the worst Hitler was accused off. Western nations have fucking no idea of 100 years of horror, heck the commies are even convinced it was utopia on earth. And the ones against only hate Soviets and Russia do so only because of propaganda, which again can make one think that they weren't/aren't so bad because of caricatures of propaganda, which makes this a clown world.

Every Russian today needs to die, in where i am these views makes me far right. There is no world where they are allowed to live, then they will again proceed to try to rape and kill my family, past 30 years i been listening to Russians online saying ''we will come and occupy half the Europe again'', they hate every other nationality with passion.

20 years ago for Western standard i was lefty, but now these forums are full on hippie lefties ''please no war, commies ain't so bad''.

You don't want large scale war ? Have Russia fuck off Ukraine, right here all warfare is stopped. Don't invade and occupy another country, ''but what about...'' same thing, don't invade and occupy another country. Not the Western governments invoking large scale war, but ever since their soldier stepped out of their country western governments should had nuked the Russia out of existence, everyone is too big of a pussy.

Don't want large scale war ? Have Russia die and their few hundred nuclear threats. Losers there are dreaming of motherland Russia coming back to its glory.

No seriously have these forums been overtaken by commies ? I get everyone is ''i oppose the current thing'' but its never that simple.

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Its better than Twitter accusations and people losing everything with no courts and charges involved.

Yeah i get that its a ridiculously low bar in this clown dystopian world. I am just surprised to actually see some charges for a change in this cancel culture.

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He has 2 charges on it, so not just allegations, quite more serious.

Though its still weird that its guilty until proven innocent

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You know that is not true, better question is, what would make you less obsessed with hating women ?

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''This is not politics, the lives are at stake''

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Imagine people watching 12 youtube adds in one 40 minute youtube video, what kind of mentally ill person even does that ?

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Twitter falls into this as well, shittiest business alive became 4th most popular site on the entire internet.

We are not playing capitalism game here, we are playing interest group games.

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For every gay and lesbian that is against the trans, there are ten for it, so nothing is going to change, LGB will just be outcast against ocean of tranny lovers

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You said exactly what i wanted to say word for word

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I don't know how much of that is a problem ?

If you watch anime dubbed you are retarded, and nobody can help retarded people.

Would one rather watch lifeless English speakers getting paid pennies massacre the work or talented Japanese cast that enjoys their work, take it very seriously and can perform and sing.

I was recently watching Dreamworks cartoons and was really surprised that it doesn't sound even 5% as retarded as anime dubs do.

Same thing with Netflix anime, what the fuck is even that ?

If one is a faggot and is getting a faggot treatment, how is that a problem ?

Clearly Netflix anime dub watchers are closer to feminists than anime fans.

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Not true ? Life of a lefty is constantly being on nails and eating each other alive.

Every woke social media, twitter, reddit, twitch has constantly been under attack and have to defend themselves.

Porn and sex work is empowering and feminism, yet they try to get Paypal, Visa, Mastercard to nuke them from ever transacting any money.

Women are erased completely, check up on reddit or any god dam real life space, women spaces now has to by default include trans people, even rape shelters, so on datting apps, sites, groups, real life places you will find that all of these things are moderated and lead by bearded males. Reddit is still nuking all ''only women spaces'', women got completely eaten alive, not talk about ''don't say mother, say birthing person''.

BLM wasn't progressive enough, so they got eaten alive, banned from majority of social media and just put under the boot. Turns out black people are not vaccinating or supporting every bs lefties come up with.

Gays and lesbians is same as women, trannies took them over completely. You are not allowed to be a lesbian unless you include bearded trannies with dicks in it.

Even politically by end of the day there is nuance, there is 20 different kinds of leftism, they ain't just going to live happily together, commies and socialists alone can consist of 10 different types of people with 10 different ideologies. For some socialism is your employer not raping you and making you a slave, for others its not socialism unless we went full genocide.

We had ''you are not black/gay anymore if you didn't vote for Biden''. And we have leftist content creators and influencers being cancelled every day, its like a den of sharks that cannibalizes each other.

Been around in lefty spaces enough to see all of these for myself

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Is that how you hope with how horrible people are there ? I mean i get it

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Kraut actually had a great take about USA discussions about universal healthcare


It works but it will require a lot of sacrifices and a lot of work. If someone is eating himself to death, it is your fucking problem.

If someone is selling garbage on market, it is everyones problem. They will have to sanitize and regulate fucking everything for it to work, but i can very well work.

The biggest failure in these healthcares is that government is full of shit and never improves the fucking healthcare it has and reckless spending.

We get to situation where first nasal appointment takes a year or few and everyone is acting like healthcare is all working.

But to be fair in Denmark everyone knows the healthcare is in deep shit, its just not possible to fix it because its government duh

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Im in Europe, everyone took the vaccine as government push and propagandas intensified.

Actually in Europe i have to say i can't find a single person that knows what vaccines are, or anything at all about them, they don't even know the mainstream definition of it, absolutely nothing.

The anti vax movement, the anti covid vax movement, fucking non existent. Nobody is putting anything together.

Everyone keeps taking booster shots and getting sick with covid twice a year, while they have few who didn't take it, also getting or not getting sick with covid. Europe has all restrictions being absolutely insane when 1000 people are sick per day and last time they all got cancelled as 50 - 100k people were getting sick per day.

Nobody is putting any 2+2 together, nothing what so ever. They will trust everything they hear on news and everything that is coming out of their governments.

it was a consideration (whether you agree or not) of what is good for their health.

And what they believe to be good for their health is propaganda, i am saying you don't realize the scope of it. There were many studies that went against mainstream, very possible even regarded scientists from your own country made them, you possibly never heard about them on news, from politicians or anyone ever. Authoritarian propaganda never had place for any of that.

Heck Europe is not even legally receiving the actual Pfizer vaccine. So everything they ever heard about it is fake. You were promised ton of things and benefits, but you never got the product that promised that rofl.

Not to talk about that covid passports, not being able to shop, get a job, go outside, use public transport if a person is not vaccinated that happened in over half the Europe literally disproves your entire point.

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Building moon base ? We can't get anyone past Van Allen belts. We can't even sustain people in high level of vacuum.

Spacex is also into faking stuff when they realized how hostile space actually is.

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But what you are saying doesn't make any sense.

Vaccine propaganda intensified a year before covid pandemic happened, same propaganda that has been around for a very long time.

If anyone took vaccine without knowing that people sometimes do actually die from them and get completely rekt by them and they could very well be next in ''extremely rare occurrence'' then yes most people took vaccine because authorities were pushing them.

Its just you actually don't realize the scope of the push, brainwashed into thinking its their own informed choice, when they actually have 0 information on it.