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His comments were proven to be true, strictly by the retardedly one sided reaction.

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If it wasn't for the insane levels of cheating, you mean.

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That's what they want you to think.

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It's about time. Now do Biden and Trudeau.

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Don't even need an Early Life on the meme's creator. I just know.

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Acceptable. I cut the Netflix subscription back when Dear White People launched. Since then, it's steadily gotten worse.

So, not only do we boycott, but we also actively talk other people into boycotting also.

Short the stock.

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Check out the beak on that reporter.

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True, but then why can anyone now say nigger, kike, faggot, cunt, retard, dyke without the algorithm stinging them... but dropping science does?

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It looks like it will require a falsey.

I got out months before the hammer dropped. I will never come back. I have a new life far away now, and to return only to be trapped again is just not an option.

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Meitraya is the Antichrist, and Jesus Christ is GOD.

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