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I am not shocked at all. I said this would be worse than Star Trek Discovery.

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It is a possible one. Depression era may be upon us soon. Community-building is the most important thing to me, but your items (tools, weapons, money, yourself and your family) should be kept safe and your communities kept safe as well.

I think everything has been insane since 2007 with the housing bubble. I see the corona monetary and congressional spending policy as an extension of that. The U.S. dollar seems to be the best currency on the open market; so, it seems like a reasonable bet.

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Late response. I think prices for everything may collapse soon. Cash (along with defending it) is God in this environment (my opinion).

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Orlando may be the most leftist city in the United States. I agree though that thin blue line is not to be trusted.

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Spain is explicitly a feminist hellhole. They wore masks outside for months. They still may be wearing them outside. They wore masks in the ocean for goodness sake.

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She won't be a part of the decision for whatever that is worth. I have no idea what the ruling will actually be, and I would wait until the ruling is released.

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I imagine you haven't seen them type out "folks" either.

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Remember: The NFL is gay. https://cdni.russiatoday.com/files/2021.06/m/60da322c203027310f057358.png

Separately, did anyone have any blood clots or heart attacks at the event yet?

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Ivermectin may be available in many states over the counter in the near future. Several bills have gone through state legislatures in one form or another.

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I am not against a public forum or debate on ivermectin. I would be interested on what people have to say against it (other than saying horse-dewormer).

I wish the same could happen for the experimental injections.

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Useful article listed on ivermectin in general (it may be a good anti-cancer drug, which may be the reason it was suppressed so much in the first place):


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Maybe things aren't as certain as that. Your health is your wealth. You shouldn't think you need a bunch of gold.

Are you resourceful?

Do you have any debt? (pay it off)

Do you have any useful skills? (learn some if you don't)

Do you have people that you can rely on?

Do you have any leadership skills?

Protect who you can, and do the best that you can each day.

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Not all of them did. Way too many though.

Circumcision leads to treating men as disposable.

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Yes, Africa has a lot of people and has the fastest growing countries. Very, very young countries too in terms of average population age. Ripe for war and genocide. China and the West (if they can be separated at this point) have many mineral interests there.

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They are crazy climate cultists. Environmentalists are communists in disguise. Conservationism is the virtuous form of environmentalism

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Ursula von der Leyen or Hillary Clinton or Kamala Harris

Those are my guesses.

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Highly doubtful. This may be worse than New Star Trek.

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It is probably the silliest thing about the show. The prophets Truth, Mercy, and Regret wanted to wipe out mankind to prevent mankind and the Covenant races other than the prophets from learning that humanity was the true heir to what the Forerunners left behind.

Read the book Contact Harvest or a summary of Contact Harvest for more information. Joseph Staten the writer of Contact Harvest should be pissed off about this, but for whatever reason, he has not spoken up nor has Frank O'Connor.

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Adobe was the first one to do it about ten years ago as far as I can remember. Everything descends from that action.

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