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Confession, I have mixed feelings about games that require you to redo shit when you die. On one hand there should be a failure state and consequences for failing, so you're not just casually strolling through (as he says) a guided tour. But having to redo large swaths of content sucks, man, especially as you have less time available to you. It's not particularly fun even if you have lots of time; it often causes a hard stop to your gaming session because you just don't want to do the same shit again right away.

So this guy is correct, by and large, about how games are being dumbed down, stripped of challenge, and turned into guided tours. But on that particular point it's hard to find the right balance between punishing failure and valuing the player's time. Kind of like how it's hard for horror games to find a good balance between presenting an actual threat without there being so much of a threat that the player becomes desensitized to it through repeated failure.

Gaming is definitely in a bad place right now, and the constant push for mass appeal, in difficulty and other areas, is the chief cause. That and microtransactions.

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There are people who truly believed 'What we do in our bedrooms is none of your business', but those people weren't necessarily progressives - just people who had an opinion on an issue. Because your characterization of progressives is correct. The ideology requires hypocrisy, mental gymnastics and cognitive dissonance to even function. We're fully in agreement about that part.

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I think you're attributing too much intellectual honesty and competence to them. Some of them are calculating revolutionaries who have an entirely clearly view of their own twisted morals, and are merely acting to enforce them, but many of them are intellectually dishonest hypocrites. They're trying to satisfy emotional needs or they're just brainwashed by contradictory nonsense and think they're 10x smarter than everyone who disagrees with it.

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I have never met one who wasn't fairly open and vocal about this exact thing.

Really? You haven't met a single woman who doesn't openly talk about genociding men?

Honestly, I'm sure a lot of them parrot it just as a nonsense feminist rhetoric, it doesn't mean they're actively colluding to do it. They will however support by default anything that makes things better for themselves at your expense.

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The hypocrisy comes from the dishonesty. They never hold a consistent position, it always shifts and it's riddled with doublethink. They don't have a solid definition of evil and virtue.

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Because they didn't ever believe it

Many did believe it, and many still do. I'm sure there were some cynical subversives who deliberately pushed a soft sell to get their foot in the door and push further, but the sad truth is there are a lot of people who are just perpetually addicted to grievance and base their entire identity on their activism.

Progressivism needs to always be making 'progress', sitting still is bad and horrible and ignorant and conservative. It's a political ideology of never being happy and always needing to push change, and of making problems where there are none. Plus a lot of them are complete NPCs who slavishly worship the overton window and only acknowledge Current Thing. I'm convinced most of the people pushing for this shit now would have been shocked by it back in the 90s.

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I'll just bring back the old Auron MacIntyre sign tap: it's not hypocrisy, it's Hierarchy. They believe they know better and we're ontologically evil for opposing them.

Oh, but there's plenty of hypocrisy still. It's important to note because it demonstrates very well how devoid of merit, honesty and rationality their little ideology is.

Being consistent on the 'any action against the ebil right wingers is justified' thing doesn't make them not hypocrites. The hypocrisy and doublethink is a fundamental part of their belief system and it's why, while it can be victorious, it can never be successful.

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Imp isn't right. The western world is absurdly gynocentric, which we all pretty much agree on, and the synchronized, clownish coddling of women is leading to our ruin. But that doesn't mean that women are cartoon villains actively colluding to genocide men, and it certainly doesn't mean that women are the one and only problem we face.

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Also, 'If something is bad when your enemy does it to you, it's also bad when you do it to them' is a good rule of thumb for when you're trying to make peace - when making peace is possible. The people who claim to be pro-kindness and pro-democracy and pro-love-winning are completely on board with this sort of thing being done to white people and it's especially noxious that they refuse to understand simple concepts like conciliation and diplomacy.

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I don't think I made my point very well (or at all). I'm just trying to say that actions they loudly denounce as immoral don't suddenly become moral to commit against people just because they're white.

Yeah, circumstances matter and actions that would be reprehensible against an innocent person minding their own business are justified against someone who has a gun pointed at you. But that's a rational position, and these people are not rational. In fact, they do everything in their power to destroy rationality. They're pragmatic insofar as they'll do what it takes to destroy you, but they reject pragmatism beyond that, there's no goal except to further advance the cause of irrationality and they won't stop until civilization is destroyed.

So I guess I'm saying 'Fighting my mortal enemies with any method I can' is an honest position, and 'It's okay to do this to white people because [Leftist bullshit]' is dishonest, petty, and irrational, especially from the mouths of people who have denounced exactly the same thing when it was different people doing it.

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That falls under the umbrella of pragmatism. If they're the aggressor and they've made it imperative to fight them, you should do whatever you can.

I guess I'm talking about their hypocritical ideology that uses mental gymnastics to denounce actions while committing them themselves. There's no honesty in what they do. And they're so disconnected from reality I don't think they even really understand that setting precedent (or, in this case, committing actions they themselves denounce) will just lead to the same being used against them/

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“Well YOUR people did it for forty years, so fair’s fair”.

And by doing it themselves, and justifying it so, they're wholly condoning the practice and negating any grievance they had about it.

If something is bad when your enemy does it to you, it's also bad when you do it to them. The only exception to that rule is matters of necessity, such as it becomes imperative to fight your opponents with their own weapons. But this? This is petty, short-sighted, and anti-civilization. There's no pragmatism, no goal. Just spite and irrationality.

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We won't need to boycott Big Oxygen, they'll cut off our air supply if we say anything negative about their woke shit. This is a really weird comic

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... there are like six characters in the game. How is not actively having a black person the same as 'portraying reality as existing without' them? What the fuck? Is it portraying reality as existing without electricians, Norwegians or giraffes just because it doesn't depict them?

This is a dark road to go down. We are descending into utter insanity.

Though, is this fake? There was an 'article' about them removing the nurses from the game for being oversexualized, and that turned out to be fake. This is about the same level of stupidity, so I have to ask.

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How is that even possible, and how is that level of waste even allowed?

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They honestly believe they're all going to be part-time gardeners or educators or drug dealers or coffee makers or something. There's an thing floating around that shows a bunch of people answering 'What role would you serve in the commune' and the answers are the most deluded shit.

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They are 100% incapable of acknowledging any kind of cause and effect, because it's been conditioned out of them.

The only time they align with rationality is on the rare occasion they can use it as a gotcha against their enemies, then they'll instantly abandon it again. And at that point it isn't even rationality, it's shouting so much nonsense that one or two things end up being accidentally true.

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You don't even want to acknowledge agreeing with that singular point to avoid the foot in the door.

Perfect way of putting it, because it is a foot in the door. They've shown time and time again that they're incredibly dishonest, and that if you give them the slightest bit of ground they'll seize the opportunity to turn on the craziness and destroy everything.

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Well there are problems with the elites wanting to use us as slave labor and bleed us dry while they live a life of luxury, but that's not inherent to capitalism, capitalism is just the system they're exploiting to make that happen. They'll exploit any system for that, and capitalism at least ostensibly provides you with an opportunity to better your situation (when they're not doing everything they can to prevent that).

But having to 'grow up' and focus on responsibilities is just an inevitable part of life, and wage slavery aside, if anything the current regime encourages us to play around aimlessly rather than better ourselves, because playing distracts us and eternal children are eternal consumers.

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'Educate yourself!' Because it's the Dunning-Krugerest thing ever, where they smugly imply that their ignorant belief in propaganda makes them more knowledgeable or rational.

Oh, actually: 'It's not my job to educate you!' Because it's the above plus they're cowardly refusing to support the position they're demanding you accept.

But there are so many more. They're insufferable and loathsome.

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'You don't need guns for self defense! Just let the state protect you!'

The state:

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Why, exactly, does a crowdfunding platform need a head of comics?

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Election interference is now legal.

Only for the elite.

Something will need to be done about the absurd amount of discretion the DOJ etc has. When you can openly decide to prosecute some people and not others, for no good reason, justice is dead.

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Sadly, this will work on some people - they've been heavily conditioned to feel ashamed and to respond to that shame with compliance.

Those people will virtue signal and/or parrot the narrative and push the overton window that little bit further toward 'It's totally their business to censor your games due to concerns about the fictional content you engage with in your home! You're not a war crime apologist, are you?'

Unless there's a counter-narrative from someone high on the progressive stack who can claim 'This campaign is harmful to people like me', in which case they'll bitch and whine enough that the campaign will be rescinded and apologized for.

Or it could just fizzle out without gaining traction. The Red Cross might not be sociopolitically relevant enough to introduce bills at the Progressive Extrajudicial Legislature.

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