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I saw some speculation they're going to fake harassment against themselves, similar to what occurred during Gamergate. Seems kind of inevitable to be honest. That's how these people operate.

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holds us accountable to continually raise the bar

It will never be enough. Whatever new boundary they successfully push, they must immediately push further without pause for rest. This is the nature of progressivism.

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aggregated kidnapping

I'm sorry, it's funny.

But I'm glad to see this guy(?) honoring his father for what he did.

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I'm actually going to say that, as evil as Google is, this isn't their policy. Just some vengeful prick working for them who decided to punish the parents for being conservative.

This is, of course, the sort of thing that Google would do if it could get away with it, and wasn't focused on the bigger picture (subverting entire nations).

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This is crazy. They're not just anti freedom of speech, they're anti freedom of choice.

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Reminder he called for unjabbed MPs to be kicked out

Well, I won't be ghoulish about it and celebrate his death like our ideological opposites would, but I'm certainly not going to pretend to be sad about it.

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And I'm urging the Colorado Supreme Court to FORCE people to bake cakes they don't feel comfortable baking.

What should we call this phenomenon, which has shown up a surprisingly non-zero amount of times? Bake-rape?

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He wasn't involved in Postal 2 originally, he worked on a mod or two and latched on for the 2012 Steam release.

And if they weren't 'trans' when they made something, IMO it doesn't count. Their assertion that they were 'always trans' and just hadn't discovered it yet is bogus, and one of the more annoying ways they try to undermine reality.

Mule seems good though.

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Remember when they showed cut footage of him dumping food in a koi pond, to push the narrative about him being rude and embarrassingly buffoonish, and the full footage showed the Japanese PM doing exactly the same thing?

They know what they're doing. They're absolute scum.

What's the saying? However much you hate journalists, it's still not enough?

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a white family exists


I despise these people.

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So critical race theory is religious dogma? Sorry, I already knew that. Nice of them to admit it though.

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They'd be more likely to imply it's not.

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he violated his ex-wife's autonomy

Ah, so about those vaccine mandates...

I will repeat this whenever I encounter a supposed 'pro-choicer' for the rest of time. I don't care if it's tiresome or predictable. Nothing so clearly illustrates their hypocrisy. No other argument needs ever be made. In the space of weeks they destroyed their credibility, and my sympathy for their position, forever.

And it's as glorious as it is horrifying.

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this time

Does this imply they were making shit up the last 50 times?

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Not a fan of laws dictating reasons you're allowed to hire or fire people, but since we live in that world, sue the fuck out of them.

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Printers are already rented. The ink costs more than the printer itself and although I can't find immediate examples, I'm sure I've read of people's printers refusing to work because they didn't use the proprietary ink type.

But how the fuck do you not have space for one, even in a small apartment? Even if your workspace won't allow for it, they're easy to store.

Heh, how long do you think it will be before apartments come with DLC to unlock more space?

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I will admit that when I read the parents were immigrants I thought this was going to be a 'the poor boy dindu nuffin' story but I was wrong. Props to the parents for trying to get the kid help, and fuck glowies for being disgusting subhumans.

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They've always been incredibly spiteful. They've made me spiteful too (Hogwarts Legacy was delicious) but mine isn't nearly so ugly as theirs. But it does serve me well as I navigate Clown World.

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It's equal amounts creepy and cringe that they've invented this fake hairstyle and immediately shoved it onto every black character in every game they can. It's like they're all using the same guidebook, while pretending to be creative.

It's a hideous hairstyle but it's nice to know at a glance which games to avoid.

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That's an entirely fair position to take, and good advice to give.

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