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This legit makes me hate black people. They voted for this bullshit tyranny but want to be opted out.

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Well the thing is, unpopular opinion, she is right. Violence: Physically thrown off a plane for not wearing a mask. Menace: Threatened for not getting a vaccine. Intolerance: Not welcome in restaurants if not masked and vaccinated.

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Well if they handed me a gun with 1 bullet in it and Nicki Minaj and Megan McCain were the 2 people in the room, there is little doubt what I would do.

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Hey neat to see this German term. My wife and I were planning to go to Switzerland next summer, and we've been learning a little German (it's really a tough language). But we like these videos - https://www.youtube.com/c/EasyGerman - where they often have terms and what they basically mean. Neat, fun stuff. Hoping Switzerland works out pending vaccines and all this ridiculousness.

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I hear you fren. For the most part I have remained strong and have been focusing on getting in better shape, making more money, being more efficient. But there are times when it does start to wear you down. This is exactly what their goal is. I am lucky that I am in a free red state, so it is easier. But hang in there, pray!

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Gotta focus on small wins. I don't know if you are in a free state or a tyranny state but I would move to the free and bask in the glory of whatever time we have left. Or better yet, move out into a small town in a remote area of a red state. No one will ever bother you. Pick up gardening, homesteading, candlemaking, I don't know but something that will give you purpose!

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What are these people going to do when they are actual physical slaves to the Chinese?

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It's the same stupidity over $15 minimum wage. The normies think this is so great. All it does is put every mom and pop shop out of business meanwhile McDonalds has you ordering at a screen. They really are going to create the huge company dystopia so often predicted or written about it books and movies.

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Not the case in my area. Last Friday night's football game was the most crowded game I have EVER seen.

Now having said that, it does seem like there are "regular people" on Facebook that have got to be getting paid to spread fear porn because they just constantly post leftist messaging. I have to go onto FB every day for work just to check a couple of work related pages and have been noticing this. Have been unfollowing so many people it is insane!

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I've stopped talking to lefties so I wonder what their defense of this sort of thing is at this point.

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The author of this article wants to make life horrible for black people.

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I think this is the best advice. Just as an FYI on where to go in Mexico check out this resource: https://saidit.net/s/ConservativeExodus/

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Same in US and from all accounts Australia, and probably every allied country.

But gee isn't it great for our future all this inclusivity? /s

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Actually getting vaccinated is selfish. You don't want to get Covid, but you can still get it and spread it to others.

Not getting vaccinated may also be selfish, I'm not sure. But either way I don't get this. Why do the vaccinated care what the unvaccinated are doing? Unless the vaccine doesn't...