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It really sucks that your parents are like that. Can't really say much else there.

The current used car market is a bubble. Get an apartment within walking distance, hold off on the car until the market crashes. Once you have a place to live, prioritize getting rid of the debt first, before anything else. The quicker the better, since it ties you down and the sooner you pay it off the less interest is added.

I would suggest finishing college, but if you are not interested in finishing college, try trade school. Having a skill, whether its academic or physical, will make a huge difference for your income both immediately and in the future.

Also go to the gym regularly. Gym memberships are cheap and its a good way to work off stress and improve your self esteem.

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Thank you for your opinion, Scientific American

Goes back to watching anime

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National Socialists like you aren't worth being engaged with, save with 5.56 of course

Wow so brave. You ignored my argument, called me a Nazi, and said I should be shot. You been taking debate classes from the Leftists?

Also if you knew anything about WW2 you would know the M1 Garand shoots 30-06, not 5.56. Idc if you choose to talk like a retard, but at least be historically accurate

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You know I'm right. That's why you can't debunk anything I've said and are resorting to childish rebuttals that basically amount to "go away".

If you need biblical guidance, check out Revelations 2:9 and Revelations 3:9. Thessalonians 2:14-15 as well.

Or if you want the words of Jesus Himself, read the second half of John 8, starting around verse 34.

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I agree with most everything except the part where you said "judeo-Christian"

"judeo" and "Christian" are fundamentally opposed both theologically and politically.

To be a Jew in the modern age is to reject Christ, the Talmud acknowledges this and insults Christ accordingly.

You complain that Hollywood and the media are anti-Christian and anti-West because they promote LGBT, diversity, degeneracy, etc, (which is true) yet you fail to realize that Hollywood and the media are that way because they are both completely owned and largely staffed by Jews, who use movies and media to spread their agenda.

Drop the "judeo-Christian" nonsense, everything else you said is basically true but using that phrase makes you look like an idiot because Jews as a group tend to hate Christianity, and a small minority of wealthy and powerful Jews are working to dismantle Western civilization because they resent it.

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Use headphones if you have bad speakers. There's background noise but the best I can make out is something like this

by the way, if you wanna know how horny I am (being with)? a 13-year old.....[inaudible] talk to my......[inaudible] kiss hehehe you're a lovely girl thank you

mom looks away in shame when he says "how horny I am" dad has this ultra fake cope grin on his face the whole time girls eyes widen and she goes from uncomfortable smiling to visibly terrified when he says how horny he is the sheer recoil when he kisses her

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consumeproduct.win has the opposite problem, which is they've locked themselves in an ideological box and won't think outside of it. This is inherently a weakness regardless of whether they are right about some things.

And the ideas they discuss wouldn't exist without the culture that grew up around /pol/, so dunking on /pol/ is kind of a moot point

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/pol/ came along due to excessive listening and analysis

Fixed it for you.

Consumeproduct is just cherry picked tidbits from /pol/, /pol/ is better simply because there is no upvote/downvote system, allowing the correct ideas to stand on their own regardless of popularity.

also lol what

A good percentage of the users there have a hardon for Roman Catholicism, and don't like it when you point out that the institution can't actually be traced back to the time of Christ or his apostles. Not to get too spergy here since its not the time or place, but the short version is that It's less a church and more the political heir of the Roman Empire. And that's not even getting into the Jew-related stuff, like the Vatican's financial history going back to the renaissance or the origins of certain orders like the Jesuits.

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They're midwits. Both the patriots and consumeproduct fags. Just smart enough to absorb info but not smart enough to critically analyze it. Basically the reddit r/politics types but politically reversed.

Go to patriots and say you don't think that Trump was the best leader of all time? Go to consumeproduct and say you don't think that catholics are 120% right about everything? good luck

inb4 "ur just a butthurt lefty"

Hate to admit it, but I probably have more positions in common with an actual Nazi than I do with anyone in mainstream politics. Not because the Nazis were awesome but because modern mainstream politics are retarded

But every position should be heard out so it can be critically analyzed. If you aren't willing to hear out viewpoints you disagree with then you are likely not intelligent enough to defend your own point of view.

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Not downplaying how terrible of an idea this policy is, but I'm almost certain there are ways to circumvent this if it were implemented. Example, instead of leaving the land to your heir, just "sell" the land to them for a lowball price like $1.

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I'm going to glow post for a second here, but

We know they're rigging elections by ballot harvesting, fucking with the counting process, and so on, and we know how they're doing it, so what's stopping the GOP opposition from doing the same?

Especially since if you want to escape prosecution afterward, it seems that in practice all you need to do is to destroy evidence and not talk or cooperate with investigators.

I am NOT endorsing this obviously, but its the next logical step after courts set a legal precedent by refusing to do anything about the 2020 shenanigans.

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"Rural white males contribute nothing to modern society."

He says, as he stuffs his face with food thats ingredients were grown on a farm, while sitting in a house built of wood grown in the forest, with electricity coming from a powerplant that is likely coal-fired

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low value and rural people

What do you have against blacks from southern states?

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Based and CWC pilled

Now nobody will bully his waifu Sonichu

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At the very least, the vaccine passports some governments have suggested is certainly a big step in that direction. Never getting the vaccine because of that, in addition to the safety reasons.

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And pray tell, why is it that Europe has improved over 1000 years while Africa hasn't?


Keep in mind that Africa is the continent with the fewest natural resources and Africans have consistently higher IQs than whites.

The opposite of the above sentence is true

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Autists don't deserve to be associated with Somalis.

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Describes self as "humanist rabbi"

His last name is literally "Epstein"

Don't even need to check early life for this one

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Because if it's not F1's fault, the alternative is that it's women's fault. And OBVIOUSLY nothing is ever their fault.

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Taliban takes over Afghanistan

Onlyfans bans porn

Clearly this must be the will of Allah

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Women are attracted to perceived strength. Similarly, a lack of perceived strength makes women not be attracted.

Women hate it when men they find unattractive approach them romantically.

Therefore, "nice guys" are hated because they approach women but don't present themselves as being strong and assertive, which makes them naturally unappealing.

It doesn't help that a lot of "nice guys" intentionally present themselves as being the opposite of the "strong" masculine archetype.

That's what simps and male feminists don't get- women will say whatever is socially acceptable, but do what comes naturally. So women will say they like "soft" men, but when presented with a choice, they will 99% of the time pick the strong assertive man.

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