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TLDR: ORNL is granting religious exemptions for the unvaccinated. Their "reasonable accommodations" that "they are allowed to provide at this time to the unvaccinated includes a 60-day unpaid leave." What a fucking generous gift. Two months without pay, and they retain the option to jam you up in perpetuity. This is tantamount to constructive termination - create the environment by which an undesirable employee has no option but to quit, and forgo any unemployment benefits.

It's the most cynical, vindictive, and authoritarian implementation of this policy I've seen yet. Fuck these people. You should read the entire article to see how the Vaccine Inquisition operates at its worst. And look up the featured employee who is protesting the mandate. He is a gigachad. Literally. Jawline like a navy seal.

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There are news articles with more information (all of which that I've seen make sure to remind you to get vaccinated anyway). Even Snopes had to confirm it as true.

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"Jessica and Tom were a remarkable team who prioritized family values and morals, and their Catholic Faith."

Wokies aren't too big on family values.

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I've considered that but it's also possible many of the vaccine complications emerge from administration, not properly aspirating a needle, injecting directly into the bloodstream vs just injecting into a muscle, etc. I've had friends who had COVID then months later got vaccinated and had incredibly severe reactions to the latter but not the former. In any case, I had COVID, it wasn't too bad. I don't need to roll the dice again with a vaccine.

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Boy, these Ars Windows reviews just aren't the same without Dr. Pizza at the helm.

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Trucking. Nice. Good call. Hope it works out for you. We're under the gun here with some mandates that have come our way but we're finding our path forward. We're not going to let the bastards push us around and I'm a bit of a bastard myself and my wife is one tough customer. It'll be a bumpy ride but the destination is a good one.

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Democracies cannot function without good journalism.

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Proton on Linux works great for every game I've tried.

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Yeah I've heard similar sentiments about the later books. Guess I'll have to see for myself.

Though I will say, the structure of the third book is a little infuriating. He seems to mount tension, then immediately break it by flashing back to incredibly dull scenes of an old guy sipping tea with his son. It's pretty obvious to me he churned these books out without a second glance at the manuscript, since he put out the first three in... What... Two years' time?

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I never ever read fantasy and I blew through the first two Black Company Books and am making quick work of the third. Only seven more to go. Actually came in here to make the same recommendation.

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Actually I knew a guy who got it last summer and died at 35 years old. They put him on a ventilator early and he never got off. I know another guy whose elderly dad died of COVID, but he also fell off his bed in the hospital and may have died of his injuries and other compounding factors (of course, his death certificate gives one attribution). And I met a guy whose aunt died of COVID.

It happens. So do car accidents, of course.

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I learned yesterday that Little Nemo has been gender swapped in the upcoming Netflix adaptation. Fuck these people.

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They're all gonna get approval. They filed weeks apart and the FDA will grant approval in that order to give the process a veneer of legitimacy.

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Negative side effects from the Johnson and Johnson disproportionately affect women under 40.

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It sounds like the director and deputy director of the FDA's Vaccines Research and Review are fed up with the White House and the political rushing of booster shots was the last straw. Curious to see what else comes of this, if anything. I'd love for these people to go public about the corrupt and politicized vaccine approval process, but I'm sure they'll just keep their heads down.

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The offer (unless it was reported at the time completely wrong (totally possible)) was to turn him over to a neutral third country.

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Reminder that in October of 2001 the Taliban offered to turn over Bin Laden and we could've ended the whole thing after dropping a few bombs.

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My family doctor never mandated masks in her practice. She told us over a year ago almost everything this woman said in the vid, and basically kept our business for life. Common sense is so hard to find.

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This chaos reveals people's true nature. People I considered friends turned out to be pretty vile, hateful, and cowardly. I'm ashamed of some of them. They were better people before this mess.

I miss my dad. I know he never would've stood for any of this bullshit. He was one of those rare, brave public figures who literally always stood on principle. People hated and loved him for that.

I'm grateful for my wife, who has an irrepressible positivity, but still maintains a grounded sense of realism, and a dead-on accurate moral compass. She's the only family I have, and I'd accept none other at this point.

There's a lot to be upset about. We've all been feeling beaten up by forces outside of our control. But we can all take to our graves the pride in knowing we weren't cowards. Some of us are downright nutjobs, but I'd gladly stand with a principled, honest nutjob than an authoritarian tyrant any day.

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Hope these aren't discord servers because nothing is private there.

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