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That, and however much Disney pays them (and you just KNOW they are)…

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Flood it with bikinis, tits and monster trucks. Put out commercials telling women it’s “not FOR them”.

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Her first name is also a rallying cry Nelson Mandela’s merry band of terrorists would use at their rallies in South Africa before they’d go about en masse setting fires and pissing + shitting in our streets. Low IQ, white hating zombies wallowing in their own excrement.

So yeah, I guess the name suits her perfectly.

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So the take away from this is, don’t hold Ahmed down and wait for the police. Just insert his knife into his own neck and walk away.

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Lol, you just know CNN have had that graphic ready for months. There must be so much semen all over their set tonight 🤢

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People still care about movies, Hollywood just don’t make them anymore - they make propaganda now.

But every once in a while, a Sound of Freedom or a Top Gun Maverick slips through the cracks and slaps them like a dick in their stupid faces.

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As fucking well it should. If you replace the main character in ANY popular film series with a completely different person (eg a minority or a strong modern whamen), you’re not really making a true sequel anymore, are you? You’re making woke fan fiction.

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I don’t think it’s that, the game just doesn’t “click” for certain people, I dunno.

I play a lot of open worlds, and I absolutely loved this one at first, but it got stale for me REALLY quickly. I don’t know if it’s the wind blowing or the pan flutes or Jin’s delivery... but yeah, for some reason I can’t get beyond the first island without losing all interest. It’s just the same shit over and over - same enemy camps, same mission types, same fugly female companions.

Take for example an absolute shit game like Valhalla, came out broken and bug riddled around the same time as GoT, with all the same repetition, copy/paste enemy camps, ugly bitches etc, AS WELL AS all the sweet baby social cancer in it; as much as I viscerally hated that game, I think I honestly found it livelier and more interesting than GoT (and BELIEVE me I wanna kick my own ass like Ed Norton in fight club for saying that). About a year after my first attempt, I began to think maybe I should just give GoT another go, maybe I just needed to give it another chance, but I just got bored again.

I dunno, maybe it’s just too much of a slow burn for me. I won’t admonish others for enjoying it though, it was definitely made with good intentions and is legit one of the most beautiful games I’ve ever seen. It’s just not for me 🤷🏼‍♂️

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The fast and furious films were always complete trash, but still a guilty pleasure of mine (especially the first few).

But when I saw the Rock break the cast on his arm by flexing, I was like, “okay fuck this shit now, it’s time to grow up” 😆

That was the last one I watched.

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We should start a campaign called “hands off our tits” 😆

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Same here.

TFA was the first film I’d ever seen with such a proper hardcore Mary Sue. I kept sitting there with baited breath waiting for the big reveal:

Why is she so strong with the force?

Is she Luke’s daughter or something?

I bet there’s gonna be some kind of a cool new angle that expands the lore and mythology around the Jedi!

Any minute now...

*Han dies, they have a weak lightsaber fight, planet death star blows up and credits roll.

That was enough for me, I didn’t bother seeing the other two. Have only watched YouTube reviews of the sequels and all the Disney+ slop. It’s all dead to me now, I don’t care anymore.

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What did ME3 do?

It set the stage for ME Andromeda.

“WHOM! And your goddam father!”

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I forget exactly what, but there was a fight on a planet with a star that was dying early nearby.

It was the planet Tali and her team were researching if memory serves. I read somewhere that the plot would be centred around all of the back and forth travel through the mass relays generating too much dark matter as a byproduct throughout the universe, and causing stars to collapse into black holes or something. This would have been a justification for the reapers’ existence as a necessary evil, ie to cull the galactic races each time they became too advanced so the mass relays could lie dormant for a few thousand years and the dark matter levels would subside.

I think that would’ve been a lot more interesting than the whole, “biologicals vs synthetics” philosophical nonsense they went with in the end.

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Anne Hathaway (to make me lose wood)

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TLDR: Guys, please stop fighting, we’re all in this together. Let’s not forget who the REAL enemy are: white people ✊🏾🏳️‍🌈

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Yeah the premise from the original games, that each person could only see the genetic memories encoded into their OWN DNA, was such a better concept. It made Desmond’s modern day story actually matter, and it wove such a deep thread connecting him to Altair and to Ezio, and it made the ending of AC revelations so fucking incredibly deep and meaningful.

Now any old LGBT muslim girlboss can just shove an HDMI cable up a corpse’s asshole and away we go.

Fucking lame.

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I’m half expecting a Wayans brothers DLC 😆

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Ugh, they’ll just fucking cram Troy Baker in there like they do everything else 😒

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They’re perfectly aware of what they’re doing when they pull that shit. None of their arguments are ever in good faith, it’s always just some snarky snark snark for them to try to defend their bullshit positions.

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Well, the people in the southernmost country allowed the dog shit opinions of the UN, the EU, the international mainstream media and asshole Hollywood celebrities to cloud their better judgement and second guess a superior social and economic model that had made their country an economic powerhouse for 40 years (almost entirely immune to every UN embargo or sanction, providing European-levels of living conditions and literacy to both blacks AND whites etc) because they were utterly terrified of being compared to goofy Nazi caricatures. So naturally they let a convicted terrorist who’d murdered women and children out of prison, and gave him and his friends the keys to the government just to prove how un-racist they were. And the rest unfolded pretty much the same way it’s been going in blue states for the last few years.

Source: I’m South African

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How in the ever loving fuck is this “niche shit”?

DEI has only infested and infected literature, art, film, tv, music, sport, and gaming for the better part of a decade now. Pushing politics, racism and homosexuality into every conceivable fucking thing they possibly can every waking moment of the day. It most certainly IS mainstream because the ones who push it have made it so. And it’s the reason why all of the above is crashing into oblivion. Music is complete trash now, Hollywood is tanking, the gaming industry is headed for an almost certain collapse. HOW IN THE FUCK have you not noticed?

If you sincerely don’t know what the fuck we’re talking about maybe follow the link, read the tweets and check out a few non-leftist youtube channels. Might get you up to speed before you irrationally sperg out again. Also, punctuation is your friend.

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Hope that “diversity charter award” looks real good up in their company foyer. They’re gonna need to pawn it a year from now when their sales figures are in the crapper

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