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More black Vikings 😒🤦🏼

Move over Ubisoft

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I’m one of the whites who left at the beginning of 2017, and let me tell you that this is basically semantics at this point. The practice has been in place for years now.

I’m a fully qualified Chartered accountant, board certified with articles (proof that I completed a sort of apprenticeship).

I went on 24 job interviews in the month of January 2017, not one bit. Sorry whitey, back of the queue for you 🖕

The response you get is always the asinine, “Well YOUR people did it for forty years, so fair’s fair”.

My people did it for forty years yes, but at least they knew what the fuck they were doing. They built a financial and economic powerhouse at the bottom of the poorest continent in the world. It’s all well and good that everything’s “fairer” now, but it helps no one to have no food, collapsing bridges and rolling blackouts up to 18 hours a day.

But yeah, forget about reasoning with a 🦍, especially when the entire western globohomo regime still holds them up as a shining example of success.

The left will lead America down the same path

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Yeah it’s very easy for everything to have a “liberal bias” when anyone with an opposing point of view is prosecuted by the state, silenced and shadow banned by big tech and beaten with a bike lock by antifa

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Jesus, someone has to go in and save that poor cat

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These are people who think saying “all lives matter”, (literally the most anti-racist stance you could possibly take), is racist.

These are people who believe wearing a shirt that says “it’s okay to be white” is white supremacy.

These are people who think a cartoon green frog and making the 👌 sign with your fingers are a call to genocide.

So yeah, if you’re counting on them explaining something to you using reason and logic, it’s gonna be a while bro 😆

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I remember the days when “it’s for your safety,” actually meant something to me. Now my immediate reaction is “fuck off”

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Also, the entirety of pop culture is actually dominated by pro-homosexual, woke, Marxist propaganda and globalist talking points. Everything is positively saturated with it now. Everything.

We are denigrated and mocked and demeaned at every turn.

That’s the entire reason us “straighty waities” are reaching the end limits of our tolerance. One by one you’re slamming the door shut on all the things that have kept us entertained and distracted and calm and docile.

But yeah whatever, keep pushing us. Keep it right up 👍

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Am I seeing it wrong, or does he not take a deep breath right there at the end when everyone’s left him alone?

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I predict this will be a massive blockbuster success 👍

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Born looking like a character from Ape Escape.

Grow into a teen and then a young man resembling a Mad Magazine caricature.

Your mom arranges for you to marry and procreate with one of the most beautiful women in history.

Cheat on her with a horse faced, buck-toothed bitch with acne scars and the personality of a DMV worker.

Join the WEF/SPECTRE and start shilling for transgenderism so you’re no longer married to the ugliest woman in the world.

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Not even with Elliot Page’s dick

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Matt has a point with letting screens raise your kids

I agree, this IS a good point. Too many parents today half ass it and rely on an iPad or whatever to keep their little shits distracted because it’s so much easier.

But at the same time Jeremy has a point too. There is such a thing as being TOO principled and TOO much of a square to the point where it turns people off, especially younger people who are dumb and only focus on fun and good feelings. Games, movies and music are the dominion of the left because the right have been trapped in the 1800’s, but there are a shit ton of conservative film makers and actors and probably game devs too who can’t get any points on the board for OUR side because our side rejects them. And Jesus, I’ve played violent video games and watched anime since the 90’s, and I’m fine.

Maybe the answer is somewhere in the middle. A friend of mine jams PlayStation almost daily with his sons, it’s a bonding thing for them. But after an allotted amount of time each day, it goes off. Moderation and self-discipline.

So yeah, I guess I agree with both of them. I just wish they would STFU. All this infighting on the right lately is getting really fuckin annoying

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you can’t win a debate against me.

Says the side who are so terrified of debate they demand unbridled censorship.

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“Stealing our labour...”

Jesus 😒🤦🏼

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It’s more like, “we are losing followers... let’s do something woke and stupid to guarantee we lose more”

I can pray in my house whenever I want, don’t need to go sit in some pretty building and be lectured on fake politics and fake history. The church needs US, not the other way around.

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