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Having more pilots than fighters is not uncommon. Even in the US squadrons will often have more pilots than planes. It's why you'll see multiple pilots names on a plane especially in ANG units. Also several aircraft were destroyed on the ground. Those aircraft had pilots now with no airplanes to fly...

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So long as they turn that thing around and shoot other Russian tanks...more power to 'em...

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Once again makes me want to find out whom is finding this place really. I may very well file a lawsuit to unmask someone here and find out…

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Well given what the drama board is doing…well I’ve got some time here to look into things and might be using the Eastern District of Missouri to find out…

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Putin seeks to return to an era of Russian Empire not the Soviet Union...

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This is why I never took it. Last time I saw something this rushed into peoples veins was the anthrax vax given to the military with noted side effects. Especially for something with a 99.8% chance of survival in my age group. And given we had it in November of 2019 before it was cool….

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This place is pretty well niche. But I mean look at the fact there are what, dozens of us here compared to the sub Reddit even though it’s private?

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All they showed is that in the future there can be no half measures.

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Or that the truth is there is no good side, choice between bad, worse, or unthinkable.

by xleb2
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It’s been clear to anyone following and observing what we can through commercial SAR telemetry what he was planning to do however for a full on armored assault Putin needed frozen ground. Which didn’t happen. It was a warm Jan/Feb with no signs of changing as we go into March and the spring thaw.

I think the full invasion and taking of at least eastern Ukraine up to the major river maybe off the table. Unless Putin wants to lose hundreds of armored units to the mud and ATGMs.

What does seem to be on the table is securing Donbas and also taking Odessa and southern Ukraine cutting Ukraine off from ports and creating a land bridge between Crimea and Moldova.

On paper the Ukrainian military was much larger than the little green men back in 2014 and got routed. But this is not the Ukraine of 2014 and it’s not the Russian army of 2014 either. Russian has had the chance to modernize its tactics and gear in Syria over the last half decade.

He’s already got further division between NATO states especially the Baltic states and Germany out of this.

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It will pass.

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They run a shelter with one of the highest kill rates. Something north of of 80% are killed.

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I wonder how long that will last now though. Will The Weekend crowds make it there in time tomorrow or if they do their sweeps about 4AM?

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Several countries and very much a grey area in many more including the United States.

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