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Despite London's efforts, pretty sure the UK is more than 51% white, anyways, so even with their overt lying it's still out of whack.

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I thought "Crazy Chicks" was the yandere theme song.

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except those made by hand

I hope you mean the hand of the Glorious People's Government, because private ownership is theft!

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One would be "The Gaze". Can't do this, can't do that, it might attract... "The Gaze". As far as I can tell, "The Gaze" is some kind of devil or demon in their mythos, but its influence carries well beyond their internal cult.

The Gaze is an insidious demon, because The Gaze's mere existence is defined as violence... Until it isn't. Which is usually when someone purchases absolution from their priestly caste: The Gaze, ultimately, isn't important. You can engage with it as much as you like, so long as you pay due tribute (but remember, it is horrific violence if you don't pay tribute!). But showcasing that you believe in their demon is an important humiliation ritual for them.

The demonification of The Gaze boils down to an attack on basic biology, a request that you, and all your works, and all your enjoyments, from a thoughtcrime-level upwards, deny that biology exists, deny that evolution exists, deny that objective reality exists: Because in an objective reality their ideology crumbles to dust.

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Well, they ARE marsupials, right? I heard all Australian mammals are.

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The internet has had a whole meme war over "Is a taco a hot dog?".

Language is, be design, vague, so that it can deliver concepts quickly and concisely. "There is a chair over there you can sit on", you look, and there is a padded cylinder with a slight concave top, but no other objects, you will likely correctly assume it is some type of stool, a chair subtype, to sit upon.

Likewise, if I said "there's an asian guy over there who you should talk to", you're not going to ask for phenotype tests of the red-haired white guy and the ebon-black afro-man while a fellow of clear Chinese ancestry stands beside them. Race may be ambiguous to an extent, but arguing that it doesn't exist is arguing that hot dogs don't exist because tacos also are bread product in a curve holding a meat product with toppings.

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Are you implying that Patriot Front is... a front?

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Britain paid far more to end slavery, than Haiti did to be allowed to commit genocide.

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Digidollars are just barter. If I trade many CarrotCoin for one FixMyRoofCoin, or if I leave "coin" off the end, it's all just barter trade. And it is taxed at the real-dollar-value of those barter trades, in theory.

You don't need to overcomplicate things. You owe taxes in your country's currency, but you can do business in whatever currency you want, as long as you provide that payment at year-end, 10% for the big guy.

You can't outlaw barter trade, because almost everything is barter trade on some level.

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Just confirming: Your argument is DeSantis is smarter and/or wiser than Trump, therefore he is a worse candidate to vote for in your eyes?

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Why aim for 99.7% of the population, when you can aim for 0.3% of it?

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Something about birds in hands being better than Anheuser-Busches...

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Given his criminal history of attacking 50+ people in inner city subways, with the number increasing over the months/years, it would statistically have just been a matter of time. That marine killed the next Hitler.

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Fighting has a major psychological component to it, when it's a matter of endurance rather than skill or strength. And when it comes to endurance in that fight, Imp can't be beat. Even his haters' troll account attempts get tired out in a week or two.

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You know what, old preachy commercial, I WOULD download a car.

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No resource is limitless.

But much like a gold mine, it will be mined out until it is fully destroyed and the landscape around it made toxic and barren.

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Unlike the USA, most countries say tetanus is a one-and-done shot anyways. You don't need a booster just because you got a puncture wound from a likely-clean source.

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A sixteen-year-old youth managed to disarm and incapacitate three assailants, two of them armed with lethal weapons and actively using them, without any police training. The assailants were all hardened criminals: thieves, pedophiles, and batterers.

If a child like Rittenhouse can manage it, I expect a cop to do at least half as well.

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It's so tragic that the antibiotic nasal spray she was using for her sinus infection was laced with fent- Oh wait, it was illegal recreational drugs.

If someone pirates video games and their computer gets a virus, you don't act like they're a horrific victim, you laugh at them for poor cybersecurity and say "don't pirate next time".

If someone tries to rob a store from the skylight and falls through like a cartoon, you don't act like they're a horrific victim, you laugh at them and say "don't steal next time".

So I laugh at these losers, and say "don't do illegal recreational drugs next time".

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