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Not trans, a remarkable breaking of trends

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Obviously the same message about nuance in political messaging and historical context would be given to the Reich

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Yep. Racist too, turns out. I'll hold for your surprise

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The progressive brainrot dictates that it's racist to want the original languages meaning preserved as much as possible

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To be completely fair...

This is possible to implement - but updating it or making it displayable, readable and presentable in multiple, adjustable screen sizes is another thing entirely

I wish we could do more with stylized web design but there's a reason you don't see more unique designs like this one today - it's just impractical on any realistic timeline to maintain. If we all had the same sized phone and laptop with zero variation in resolution or screen size it would be a completely different story

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I like the firing line. It's more direct and masculine

Also fire safety. Important

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She also has a good deal of responsibility for why 'cancel culture' even exists

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I would add, arresting people walking alone outside because their mask wasn't high enough

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Honk honk

Herein we see the implication that misgendering is not only a crime but one on the same level or worse than the rape that's been carried out

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That's usually how the left argues any assault case they can't dodge or deflect away or whatabout; blame on climate change etc

Translation: it corrupts NPC firmware data

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bodily autonomy

never had a woman take away your Healthcare

Where my purebloods at? Pretty sure you can give an example for these, specifically

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reproductive rights

You have that. Everything else is nonsensical holds-up-spork Ramona flowers gobbledygook

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Don't cite the troll magic to us, normie, we were there when it was written

In fact a copy of it is on your ceiling

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What's the polar opposite of sexualizing

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They cannot be forgiven because we don't want to go through this again again and them knowing 'oh if we just apologize.' Or 'oh if we make a quasi-sassy tweet in favor of an easy right wing talking point' that all can and will be forgiven and they can reapply the thumb screws at their next convenience.

No. Sorry AB. Because it does seem like you're trying, getting cosy with UFC and Shane Gillis and firing all those marketing fags. But since you're the exception that's proving a rule you cannot be forgiven. Put on your bottlecap of thorns and hoist thyself on that telephone pole

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Asking the real questions

(This is all trash AI images)

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