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Yes. Which is why we should absolutely NOT be exposing children to this blatantly sexual material and should be keeping the people who want to expose them to it FAR AWAY from them. Because those people pose a serious threat to children's lives. Which matter.

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Doesn't matter. "Indigenous" is just a fancy word for "people who never evolved past the Stone Age or learned how to read and write by the time they were conquered by people who did."

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"Stop asking us what to do, how to fix things, all right? I'm so tired of this," Waititi said. "I'm so tired of the diversity conversation, the inclusivity conversation, all the conversations. All of us want to be working and not having to come and do fucking panels and speeches in the middle of our day."

I'm sick of it too. I want all those panels and speeches made by wealthy elite for the express purpose of saying white people suck for even existing shut down permanently, and that everyone works on the projects and art they want to make. Somehow, I have a feeling you don't want that to happen; you just don't want to be in them yourself.

"You wonder why there is no indigenous stuff out there," Waititi said. "This is the shit you've got us doing. Making us come and talk about the problem and tell you how to fix it. You fucking broke it — you fix it."

If you're not willing to come to the table to talk about it and offer your solutions, then no one is obligated to "fix" anything for you.

"I don't want to see one token Polynesian character in your show. What I want to see is a fully Polynesian-controlled, Polynesian story that's written by and show run by" a Polynesian person, he said. "When we make our things, don't give us a white showrunner to tell us the rules and tell us how to do things. Let us figure it out, and let us figure out the structure of the story in our own way from our own experience."

Then the Polynesians should go make their own fucking movies and stop expecting Hollywood to do it for them. Hey, COHEN, you're Maori. Put your goddamn money where your mouth is and film some Polynesian stories yourself and staff it with all the Polynesian people you want. Instead of constantly shitting on white and European history and culture like you've always done. Except we both know that's not really what you want or what this "diversity" push has been about. It's always just been about destroying, stealing, and erasing white culture. You said just as much with this:

"By decolonizing the screen, what I mean is just don't make it so white."

You don't want "diversity." You just want whites gone.

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People like them say that peasants like us all have to do better, change our lifestyles from top to bottom, and give our rights and wealth for every one of their pet causes, and yet they won't change a single thing about their business because it'd mean less money for themselves.

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It's regular store-brand ice cream with chunky bits thrown in and sold at borderline Haagen-Daaz prices. So I'd question the sanity of anyone who bought it even before they turned to faggotry in the last decade.

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Who the fuck cares what China thinks?! They've never liked diversity. Their resounding hatred of black people and gays combined with the strict standards limiting what foreign products can be released in their country (and how many per year) prove that. It's just a weapon they like to utilize against their enemies to make them weaker while they bolster themselves up.

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I used to roll my eyes whenever someone brought up the subject of a live-action movie of any sort of media, be it a video game, cartoon, comic, anime, manga, book, or whatever. Now I get pissed off. I've grown to absolutely hate the idea of live-action adaptations. There's this prevalent belief in our culture that live-action film is the be-all, end-all form of storytelling, that all the other forms are inferior and are if anything a chore to go through, even for so-called fans, and that no story will ever be "complete" until it's gotten a live-action adaptation. And it freaking disgusts me.

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Even in the best case scenario, I don't think it would work out. High fantasy is excessively difficult to produce in film; no one can ever make the sets, costumes, or props right, and you can forget about the creatures and magic spells looking good for years to come. The Lord of the Rings trilogy is the only one I can think of that pulled it off, but not only was that a massively ambitious passion project for the director, but the magic in Middle-Earth is very subtle and nebulous and only a select few individuals can actually use it, which helped keep the setting grounded. You can't really pull that off in The Elder Scrolls, where magic is so common that even a pauper can buy a small spell or spell scroll from the local shop, where humans frequently intermingle with lizard people, cat people, orcs, and three kinds of elves (yes, I know orcs are a type of elf in TES, sue me), where multiple god-like figures constantly meddle in the mortal realm for shits and giggles, and where people can actually visit these extraplanar worlds often belonging to those gods. To say nothing of all the trippy metaphysical stuff going on with the creation of Mundus, the nature of the gods (both Aedra and Daedra alike), the general fragility of time that has caused contradictory and paradoxical effects to occur (called Dragon Breaks), and whatever the fuck was going on in the 36 Lessons of Vivec. There's a lot of outrageous stuff in this franchise, and while it's fun to partake in them in a video game, making a movie that looks good and feels comprehensive with them is a whole other matter entirely.

I think the best thing to adapt from an Elder Scrolls game would not be to adapt the main story of any particular game, but on one of the smaller-scale stories found in the guilds or expansions, where the stakes aren't so high (and where they don't need the associated game's epic hero whom you play as to get involved). Of note, I think some highlights would be:

  • The Thieves Guild from Oblivion, where the heist of a sacred magical artifact is plotted to undo the ancient curse placed on the Grey Fox.
  • The Bloodmoon quest from Morrowind, where a free agent goes to the isle of Solstheim to find work assisting with the mining operations there, only to be swept up in a werewolf hunt staged by Hircine.
  • The Dawnguard story from Skyrim, where a guild of vampire hunters form to combat a rising vampire threat.

Another option might be to adapt the many books and short stories you can read in the games. I quite like the idea of a fantasy anthology TV series where every episode tells its own standalone tale.

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The whole "black guy dies first" concept is just another one of those bullshit strawman tropes that Hollywood, leftists, and Hollywood leftists keep on claiming is prevalent due to wacism, but seriously never was (and if it was, who's fault would that be?). Just like the "women in refrigerators" one. In my experience, black characters were more likely to die in the middle of the movie, not the beginning, and they're always just another corpse on the pile of white victims that outnumbered them. Sure, you'd rarely see them survive to the end or be the protagonists of those films. That was always reserved for a woman, but you never see anyone raise any hackles against the "final girl" trope, which is an overused cliche.

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Benny boy is correct in that anyone calling this a "both-sides debate" is indeed not doing their journalistic duty. When there's a backlash on the right, it consists of real peaceful protesting and boycotts. When there's a backlash on the left, there are broken windows, missing merchandise, fires, flipped cars, street blockages, and extra bodies in the hospitals and morgues.

The only thing both sides do is say mean things online. Which is not something worth whining about, especially for a fucking corporation. However, in my experience, the left is a hell of a lot more vitriolic and threatening while at the same time fully supported by the powers that be. So even the both-sides debate argument doesn't apply.

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We need more black criminals to scream "I CAN'T BREATHE" at the top of their lungs for two minutes straight while they're being restrained.

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Your replica is an overpriced piece of stainless steel that's going to break when it hits anything harder than a stalk of bamboo. And even if you do have a real sword, well, it won't do you any good against those guys with guns, no matter how good you are with it (and just looking at you, I can tell you're not good with it at all). And it's not a real magical sword made by Elves anyways. Because neither Elves nor magic exists!

Also, swords may not need to be reloaded, but they do need to be properly maintained in their own ways. If you don't want them to rust or lose sharpness, then you need to oil and sharpen them regularly.

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Black studies, most likely. Or women's studies. Probably teaches classes on both.

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I'll believe it when these men who are subjected to the female gaze are not depicted as gorgeous Adonises, subjected to shirtless scenes showing off their sculpted pecs and abs, are written to have lives outside of what they can do for the resident female protagonist, don't put up with their shit if they start fawning over some other guy, and have the women make real sacrifices for their sake and not just expect the men to do and be everything for them out the gate.

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Trannies and leftists will just continue to blame whites for everything like always. They'll conveniently leave out the statistics stating who exactly is murdering the troons, and they'll state that all black criminality and violence is the fault of whites and systemic racism.

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It's a thing, just like it's always been. But it's never been about actually protecting children or getting them out of abusive homes. It's really always been about enforcing the rulings of the family court system and its systemic destruction of the family court system.

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Predicted by everyone with at least two brain cells to rub together.

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Bad idea to go to a predominantly black event anyway. And doubly so if it's backed by a guy named Trevor Philips. You just know someone's going to get shot, stabbed, or exploded.

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This is why you don't form friendships or "alliances" with lefty activists of different skin colors than you, particularly if you're white and even if you're an activist too. They hate you for what you are. They do not want to fight for your interests, but they expect you to give everything you have for theirs. And their interests just so happen to be: all whites are evil and they need to give us free stuff all the time or else. And sooner or later, they're going to start directing all that hatred and "activist energy" towards you

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Considering what an openly hateful misandrist she is, always barking the word "man" in a sneering tone like it's a curse word, it's fitting for her to be gay and a lesbian icon.

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Reopen the asylums, throw 'em in there, and keep them in there if you don't want them dying. Or if you can't do that, throw them in the prison cells. I honestly don't care. Because the last place they belong is in the streets where they're a danger to everyone else.

But then, letting blacks do whatever the hell they want, especially to whites, has always been your goal, Al, you disgusting fat fuck.

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