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Nobody cares about these movies anymore anyway. James Bond as a concept made sense in the context of the cold war, they just turned into generic pointless action movies after that. Today I'm more offended by the ridiculous notion that MI6/CIA/etc agents are still portrayed as the "good guys" than by anything else they do to try to shit on the character.

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I do have sympathy for him in the sense that he was a mentally ill person who got the absolute opposite treatment of what he should have gotten.

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There's Tarkovsky's movie from 1972, and a James Cameron movie from 2002. Both are based on a book by Polish scifi writer Stanislaw Lem.

I haven't read the book myself yet (on my audiobook todo list) but I knew a Polish guy in college who was a huge fan of Lem.

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I'm out of the loop on this one. I know the left one is the LTT guy who's so fat he can't keep his eyelids open on video.

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Kickstarter has been a woke shithole for years. There's a reason why all the non-leftie independent comic creators used indiegogo instead.

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I stopped at "trolling" because like all idiots in the media she has no idea what the word means

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the n-word

Wait, are they still whining about pewdiepie?

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Wikipedia: "In 2017, Obaid-Chinoy became the first artist to co-chair the World Economic Forum."

Seems like a totally organic hire to direct a Disney movie.

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It's also because keeping up with cutting edge technology is incredibly expensive, so they can't afford to take any risks whatsoever. Budgets are so big that everything has to be decided by committee, which turns everything into bland garbage with woke marketing because the suits think that's "safe".

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It's not about the code but the training data. But in essence you're right, the training sets go though massive amount of filtering so it doesn't end saying something that gets them in trouble (Microsoft in particular is still afraid of making another Tay.) Unfortunately the "politically correct" thing to do is to filter away all right-wing politics but not left-wing politics.

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Would be incredibly naive to assume any mainstream messaging app didn't already agree to that years ago.

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Redditor discovers what the internet looks like when there's no nanny moderator deleting all wrongthink.

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More like lobotomized. There are already competitors emerging though. Open Assistant is a new fully open source model, though it's not quite at the quality level of ChatGPT yet (let alone GPT4.)

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"Shit they know they were all Feds. Quick let's pretend to "arrest" some of them."

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The only "wrong" thing he did was to not publicly identify as female first.

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I thought we agreed to call them trannifestos

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He made the mistake of thinking commies get to have their own views and opinions separate from the hive mind

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Has there been a single "reboot" of anything so far that hasn't be complete nuclear-tier garbage?

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It's a prison it's not supposed to be a fucking hotel and spa

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