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No. Where do ((they)) want you to look? If it’s at A! They’re sneaking B in the back door.

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child rape is my culture.

Well he’s not wrong. . .

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Yes. I too want to unify all blacks and send them back to Africa.

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This is the part where you ____ your prime minister.

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Yeah I think you’re right. They will wait until the US Fucks up somewhere else And nonchalantly make the move. Btw. Once they do I think Taiwan invasion is very close behind.

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Nah. COVID is.

What has most radically changed global society more in a 2 year period besides 9/11?

Gender pay gap myth has been a slow burn, but not nearly as consequential as even race related workplace PC culture. Maybe it’s top 10. But definitely not number 1.

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Why do you think the first thing they’d do is link the legislation? News is something that you hear about. Media is story telling mechanism.

It’s never been about truth bro. And it never will be

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Lmao. “Shadow Stack” you mean like the stack the the CIA uses to backdoor into your Minecraft build?

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“Don’t shoot at the storm troopers! It’s the generals who gave them the command!”

How do you think you get to them retard?

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As a Japanese company Paul is lucky Sony didn’t hand him a katana and ask him to fall into it after the 2016 monstrosity

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13 percent of the population. And the poorest part of it. What fucking Market are they even trying to capture?

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