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Nah. COVID is.

What has most radically changed global society more in a 2 year period besides 9/11?

Gender pay gap myth has been a slow burn, but not nearly as consequential as even race related workplace PC culture. Maybe it’s top 10. But definitely not number 1.

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Why do you think the first thing they’d do is link the legislation? News is something that you hear about. Media is story telling mechanism.

It’s never been about truth bro. And it never will be

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Lmao. “Shadow Stack” you mean like the stack the the CIA uses to backdoor into your Minecraft build?

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“Don’t shoot at the storm troopers! It’s the generals who gave them the command!”

How do you think you get to them retard?

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As a Japanese company Paul is lucky Sony didn’t hand him a katana and ask him to fall into it after the 2016 monstrosity

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13 percent of the population. And the poorest part of it. What fucking Market are they even trying to capture?

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They said “eat the bugs” soyjack! Not marry a bug person and groom your children for a lifetime of sexual abuse!

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Yeah. This running it through the court thing is retarded.

In Business, you Never ask the legal department. You fucking make the deal work, and ask for frogiveness later. Or just plain ignore it later.

The only thing legal does is invites a no. A yes can be ignored. A “no” in this case? Congrats. You just played yourself.

It’s unconstitutional. Period. Fuck you Biden and the horse you rode in on

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  1. anti 2nd A outside of a constitutional fashion accessory.

  2. grift off of military brand.

  3. actively sponsoring importing afghanis and 3rd world immigrants to the US.

  4. insulting the right and shitting on conservatives

  5. in bed with mega Corp to brand the “new” George Floyd conservative.

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Because he’s a kid. And if you listened to him on crowder, he’s not that based. He’s just a kid. I know he has to be extra not based so he can build his defamation case, but like, we need to not attach to Kyle to much. I would not at all be surprised to see him go to an anti gun stance. He even had good shit to say about black rifle coffee.

He’s just a kid. He act courageously and commendably. But he shouldn’t be anybody’s hero; He’s still becoming a man.

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Why would an immigrant give a shit about the first amendment? No reason why, Exactly. And that’s why they want to import the third world here.

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Year from now it will be proven that All the troons of the 2020s were just kids with severe autism who pedophiles told to cut their dicks off

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Anything that can be “moderated” can be woke. Because the people who crave validation through the moderator internet points economy are the type of faggots that would suck another mans jizz out of their wife’s asshole.

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