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I love eastern food, but that being said, throwing two tablespoons of everything in your spice rack into a sauce isn't exactly rocket science and certainly isn't inherently better than western food. The whole, "hurr white people food no have spice" is such a shit take that's only showing that someone hasn't ever had decent food. They've never had a good Mornay sauce and think the world is made of cheese whiz.

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They run temp data through pairwise homogeneity adjustment software, which in theory is supposed to remove inhomogeneities like someone built a building across from the temperature station so it gets a bit more shade so we adjust previous temperatures to compensate. In Hansen 1999 (https://pubs.giss.nasa.gov/docs/1999/1999_Hansen_ha03200f.pdf) you can see the before and after for PH as it was used in 1999 and it would be difficult to see the minor changes unless you overlaid the graphs. A couple decades later and the difference between raw data and "adjusted" data is staggering. The data is figure 6 has been adjusted to where instead of cooling from 1940 to 1980 (which is well attested to) there's a flat curve and then the recovery to not even 1940s level (the rapid heating from 1880 to 1930 before significant CO2 emissions is also well attested to) becomes a huge increase to unprecedented levels. The only long term temperature data that exists is from the United States and that shows no net temp increase before the data is adjusted.

You can see in figure 5 that the rest of the world is supposedly heating up but the rest of the world doesn't have temp measurements. Europe didn't measure temps until the latter half of the 20th century when the US data shows the world was recovering from a short cold period. And outside US and Europe the rest of the world didn't measure temps until the 21th century.

Then the satellite record. It didn't show significant warming until it was adjusted. What really red pilled me on "climate change" was when I read an article that was smugly declaring that while the satellite record didn't show warming it's now been "adjusted" and shows warming. This was presented as some type of kill shot to "deniers". Climate change is fake and GAE.

If you've heard of Climategate, one of the main issues was the climate scientists stop using tree ring data as a temp proxy for temps after 1960 because the tree ring data doesn't show warming. Something is "wrong" with the tree ring data. All the defenders of climate scientists say it's standard to ignore this data because it isn't good- but they don't know why it isn't good they just assume it isn't because it doesn't match their beliefs. Wow. Much Science.

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American red state Christians are probably the jew-friendliest group on earth and it still isn't fucking enough. I literally for years didn't realize that the blue-city perception of the "throw the jew down the well" scene was 'rural hicks agree to throwing jews down the well' rather than 'rural hicks sing along with harmless weirdo not realizing he's actually a demonic screen person whose goal is to blood libel them.'

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Omicron is super dangerous. You see it has few symptoms so people are just going to be walking around with it like it were a common cold not even knowing they are a CASE. We'll have so many CASES! Imagine the graphs going straight up!

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Daily reminder that no net warming has ever been directly measured. Ground stations, satellite and tree rings all have to be massaged by software for warming to appear. It's strange how three totally different measurements all have hidden bias in the same direction.

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They aren't "subpar" they are fucking hopeless. Of course there's good Indian programmers but they work for Microsoft or some shit. The average corporate indian programmer adds negative value. It's fucking ridiculous. These clueless CEOs hire more and more because they work cheaper while their IT infrastructure crumbles under them.

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I can't read the NYT link because it's paywalled, but excluding that I don't even know what point you're trying to make; it's mostly people being big mad about Israel or Jews being attack by the not-whites. And as for the last link I've not seen a white of influence publicly suggest a link between Jews and Bolshevism- at least not recently.

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And with a few holdouts (who tend to not be white) democrats actually consistently vote pro-Israel while paying lip service to the anti-Israel progressives. Not that I accept the premise that being anti-Israel is necessarily motivated by antisemitism (although it can be).

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I'm starting to wonder if all this weird shit works just because they are anti-inflammatory and the inflammation is what gets you.

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As I said, I don't hate jews (e: and I'm not at all influential even if I did, which I don't). And I've gone half way through your links and got, Farrakhan, a black man, Tlaib, an Arab, general democrats, Muslims in France. My goodness. YOU. DUMBASS.

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Please do name a few of these influential jew and black hating whites. Shouldn't be hard. Thank you in advance.

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Nah. If you said "a shit ton of influential whites who hate whites on an individual basis" then I would agree.

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Fine. I wish there were not a shit ton of influential Jews who hate whites on an individual basis.

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You know, I really don't have anything against Jews- - - I just wish they didn't have anything against me.

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Imagine how much more netflix I could watch if I lived in a tech closet and drank liquified bug.

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In a sane society this guy would be bagging fucking groceries. He fails fails fails and then fucking whines to his adoring media about all the meanies being critical of him just because he's never been fucking right about anything and yet he still insists on trying to run our lives.

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The modern liberal hates anything that isn't mongrelized.

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Stopping foreign travel is the one action that the government could take that would actually be effective. edit: Although it seems silly for delta-plus and omicron as they have mild symptoms. They may even be beneficial as they seem to outcompete delta.

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I'm pretty sure it was the CDC that "devaccinated" me.

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