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I have no problem admitting Asians are generally smarter. If I were Han I'd have already packed my shit and moved to China. But I mostly find the Jew case interesting because Chinese in China are still above average despite poverty, but the same pattern doesn't hold for Jews.

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I'm not saying I fully believe the "Ashkenazim IQ is a meme" meme, but it is interesting that Israel has a lower average IQ than the United States (and I am aware that Ashkenazim aren't a majority in Israel, but they are like a third of the population, followed by other Jews, and then Arabs). And it's been noted that Ashkenazim immigrants to the United State's average IQ supposedly jumped 20 points basically instantly which seems like a lot more than improved nutrition should account for.

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You: "men without children"
Also You: "men being able to spend some amount of time with their own children."

Do you see what I'm getting at here?

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The original post you posted specifically said "men without children." Get the fuck out if you can't maintain a train of thought across a single thread. Maybe go to twitter where you'll be appreciated.

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Mind posting a refutation of my "resources are finite" position or are you just going to accuse me of being a bot like some sort of- bot.

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Federal government forces corporations to redistribute finite resources away from men without children and redistribute work towards men without children.

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While I think Let's Game It Out's gimmick tends to wear a little thin (let's put a million objects into a poorly optimized game) the way he flooded his Dinkum town was genius.

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This is actually a huge pain point for me. People know they are super unhealthy and that everyone is basically super unhealthy but if you tell someone to cut out vegetable oil (or something similar) you'll get a "well, achtually, the experts say that vegetable oils are more healthy than animal based fats- I read that on huffpost or something."

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It really is that way unfortunately. Even when they get fooled and they know they get fooled it doesn't make them more suspicious of the narrative next time. It's large scale Gell-Mann amnesia.

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What I've Learned: Well produced and entertaining heterodox health videos.
Dr Sten Ekberg: Drier but more detailed heterodox health videos. He goes into some stuff that I'd consider wacky like acupuncture but he's right about a lot of stuff so maybe there's something to the wackier stuff.
Donut Media: Fun car videos. It's the fluffier side of car stuff for sure though.
Ordinary Sausage: Let's saaasauge.
Wintergatan: A Swede slowly descends into madness trying to make a practical version of his viral meme instrument.

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I kind of wonder what they are waiting for. It took years of poking the bear to make Ukraine happen. In comparison all they would need to do would be for Biden to say the words, "The United States recognizes Taiwan as an independent country" and China would immediately take the island.

Man, this will make that last chip shortage look like nothing in comparison. It's funny all the plebbitors bitched endlessly about electronics being slightly more expensive under Trump's tariffs, but at least you could still buy them.

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The hope had been the Soviet radar couldn't track the U2. U2 couldn't be shot down by Soviet aircraft; this balloon is a sitting duck. If the regime actually thought it was a spy balloon they would have shot it down off the coast of Alaska.

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It's ridiculous panic by everyone. If they thought it was an actual spy balloon I doubt it would have ever made it over land. This is just bullshit to distract and pivot attention from Ukraine to China.

The idea that this big honking naked eye visible bright white balloon is a spy balloon is just insane.

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It's a true statement and relevant. If the health of Americans had stayed constant for that century then it would be hysterics. We got heart disease then obesity then type 2 diabetes. The equivalent statement for water would be "every day you are drinking water which was only used as an industrial solvent 100 years ago." See, it's not equivalent because water has always been part of the human diet.

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to the point where America is the chief destabilizing force in the world.

Uh, that's already happened.

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The backup camera shit does seem particularly confused. Bad article. Dashboard displays are not going anywhere and a self driving car is going to need high quality cameras all around, so there's no reason for there not to be a backup camera. Literally just route the image from a rear facing camera to the in dash display.

There's actually a lot of really cool internal combustion engine tech around the corner (like Freevalve) hopefully the ICE engines will survive to see it common.

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You know the MMR vaccine is banned in Japan because it's not safe. They have a measles vaccine but they don't use MMR. Being against how the United States does vaccines doesn't mean you're against the entire concept of vaccines. Your disdain for "anti-vaxxers" is letting big pharma lead you around by the nose.

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He said a more pressing concern was that women were not being trained as pilots

Oh no.

by lines
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Every fucking war has been a bamboozle upon the American people.

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