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Hmmm. I think they are actually women. And such interesting names; Large Merchant and Gold Stone.

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There needs to be some signifier to separate the 'dudes that know they are dudes fucking dudes that know they are dudes' from the 'dudes that think they are chicks trying to fuck chicks that know they are chicks who want to fuck chicks.'

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It is an interesting visual representation of vanilla gay shit being trampled by a flying wedge of increasingly nonsensical current things.

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I'm sure 10% will make its way back to the big guy.

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Current thing flag. They should add a crest with a mask with crossed syringes to it.

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Does humidity really matter in the low 70s? Most heat index charts don't even go that low because as the temperature drops the perceived difference drops rapidly. At 100 percent humidity 80 feels like 88 but 90 feels like 132. This makes sense because as the temperature rises you become more dependent on evaporative cooling.

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4 were listed as in critical condition and I'd think if it were dehydration or heat you'd be unable to continue running long before you'd put yourself in critical condition.

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That's a good question. Looking for news stories about previous hospitalizations is difficult because this story swamps any search results. It would be nice if there was a profession whose job was to look at current events and then research previous events and report if anything was unusual instead of parroting "no Evidence tHat VaccIneS plAyeD A roLE."

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Is there any point where the cope will be too much for the pro-vaxxers? 1 dead and 4 in critical condition doesn't seem normal for a morning in the low 70s, but I guess it can't be the vaxx because they've not investigated and found nothing.

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Wait, does someone with an air force oppose WEF?

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I mean shit- in one case it's a natural predator of a species predating that species in a controlled manner- in the other it's a nation creating a subjugated parallel nation that will hate them forever so that the very richest don't have to pay for labor so- it isn't really comparable.

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Absolutely based and that-which-your-right-hand-possesses-pilled. Allahu a'alam.

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Use of marine animals for food and art by Native Alaskans is heavily regulated.

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...a retarded baby, which should be mandatory to freakin' abort.

Now stop being a retarded baby.

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It is not based on engagement. Every time I would get one inserted into search results I'd close the website. If it were based on engagement I'd get less over time rather than more. Now I just don't go to PH (or similar sites) because it got to the point where it was literally every search. Better to not look at that shit anyway.

I know the "it's based on past searches/engagement" is a good burn when it is true but it's just not true in this case.

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If cognizance is the basis for whether someone can be killed or not you should probably stop going around making such braindead arguments.

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I would assume attesting to the divinity of Christ but she probably don't do that.

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My wife gave up on Atypical in season 4 because the show started to focus more on the lesbian sister being a lesbian instead of the fucking autistic main character which was the whole point of the show.

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Advertising has become fucking insane. Seeing a woman that isn't purposely disgusting in an underwear ad is the exception at this point. And in advertising in general I think over 50% of couples in ads are interracial lesbians another 30% is interracial couples- then non-white couples and very rarely will you see a heterosexual white couple.

e: While I think they are trying to brainwash me to like this shit I think they are really just brainwashing me to hate advertisements which is good at least. Hopefully it is having the same effect on others including those would never think to actually express displeasure at the current situation.

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