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And I'm not saying eat a plain chicken breast with a side of steamed broccoli like a body builder. Make a roast; what does eye of round cost these days? Not much. Throw in some carrots and potatoes. Or cook a pork loin, put some cheese sauce on that broccoli. It's competitive in price with garbage, it's relatively easy, it's how people ate before the age of ham beasts. It just takes a bit of effort and home economics knowledge.

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Nope. Broccoli is 1.50ish per pound, and has 15 grams of protein per pound. Ice cream is probably the highest protein food in the "cheap" food category, so for the same 15 grams of protein you'd need 500 grams of ice cream which is like 1.2 liters, which would run probably over 3 dollars. Anything else on that list has negligible protein. Protein is the bottle neck for any diet. Your body can convert fat to carbs and carbs to fat and protein to either of those (if you are starving) but it can't just make protein. Why do you think we pump nitrogen into the soil? Why did the human population explode after the invention of the Haber process. It's all about the protein.

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"Moderate" is a word that in this context means "a progressive who knows how to move slow enough to not spook the normies." The grill dads must be pacified while they replace their burgers with mealworms and put section eight housing in the middle of their neighborhood.

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And manga is incredibly popular with younger readers.

We must protect the children from illustrations of big tits- but don't you dare complain about child drag shows, you bigots!

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The whole point of healthy food is it has healthy stuff, things your body needs. Per protein, per vitamin, per fiber, any metric that actually takes that into account is going to come out WILDLY in favor of the healthy foods. And it's not like you're just eating a plate full of plain broccoli; throw some 800 cal/dollar butter on there.

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It's not fucking expensive. Most vegetables are practically free. Even a high end chicken is like seven bucks. Fine, a box of mac and cheese is eighty cents but it's noodles and schmoo, of course it is 80 cents. It isn't that healthy foods are expensive, they are cheap, it's that shit food is super cheap because they are carbs and schmoo.

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the healthy foods are inly affordable if you have alot of money

Come one now, broccoli, carrots, onions, apples- I don't know how a whole chicken costs five dollars and it fills me with a bit of dread if I think about it too long- Healthy food is cheap; "health" food is expensive.

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No one needs a mask. Anyone who wants a vaccine has got one (you know if cotton masks worked which they don't).

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The Last Game You'll Ever Play

That's a hell of a red flag.

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Women aren't that interested in computer science, some may be tempted to it because of a guaranteed job however. You are not a counterexample because you are a dude, you see.

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"national" in the context of "national socialism" means "race" not "state"

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I was talking to a normie this weekend and the way she talked she didn't even consider that vaccines could have negative effects. The media literally brainwashes people because it used to be common knowledge that vaccines (particularly SARS vaccines) are hard because of negative effects.

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And the original use of that metaphor was used against anti-war pamphleteers.

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They act as a baffle so besides redirecting they also rob a bit of kinetic energy but there's no reason to think either of these effects actually help. They probably also stop the very largest drops which have too much momentum to be redirected but as far as I know they still don't know what size drop are most concerning.

Really though if masks worked then masks would work and we would know they work without some data scientist running a model that shows "oh if we didn't wear masks the cases would be one percent higher." I was promask early on because "maybe masks work" but then everyone started wearing masks and nothing changed.

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I brought up with a pro-masker that mask maybe reduce cases by 1% and he called me ignorant and linked a news story that said masks were estimated to prevent 200,000 cases in the US (at the time there were 20,000,000 cases). I pointed out to him that 20,000,000/200,000 is 1% so he fell back to "if it saves one life." Which when you break down that they don't actually believe that they fall back to "masks are effective."

They have moved beyond motte and bailey. They have an infinite staircase of motte and baileys, a set of arguments that aren't consistent with each other but because you can only attack one position at a time they can pick the current argument and move to the next motte. "🤡 Masks work." -> "Masks barely work at best." -> "🤡 If it saves one life." -> "You don't hold that standard for anything else." -> "🤡 It's a pandemic we have to do something." -> "It doesn't matter if you do something if it barely works." -> "🤡 Mask work." -> ...

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(28 is a reasonable cycle count, 35-45 which is used otherwise is not)

Wouldn't this indicate that the CDC isn't trying to make the vaccine seem more effective but that they were trying to drive the case numbers up under Trump?

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Someone argued to my wife that she should wear a mask because even though she is vaccinated because she could carry covid germs on her clothes. Masks are magical protection talismans.

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Oh, don't worry. It's fine to colloquially call the variants by their country of origin. Brazilian variant, great. UK variant, cool. South African variant, fine; no one is screeching about racism if you don't call it B.1.351. Funny how that works.

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