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people pulling this shit need to assume liability for the actions of those who they protect.

the problem with society today is that in the days of yesteryear, men were responsible for the fuckups of their wives and children. today, that's gone. society just pays for it. and the only people who pay any costs are victims.

incentivize evil and you'll get evil.

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also the term "homophobe" is unscientific. according to NYT, studies were even done showing that people are not fearful of gays... people are disgusted by gays.

so the scientific term is homovomitus. when someone says "homophobe", correct them and tell them to stop being so anti-science, that even NYT admits it.

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yeah, they didn't agree to ban DEI. they are reducing 1/3 of the open DEI positions and instituting a hiring freeze.

DEI is just White-hate packaged up to dupe morons into thinking it's appropriate. DEI is just racism. they hate White people and want us dead or exterminated. the sooner people accept that's what DEI means, the sooner we move to the next stage.

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it will be the same shit as covid. they will have no problem on the federal level or with blue states. they will again use their captured ground in academia, media, and the corporate board room to force restrictions on people. red states will largely not comply, even shut shit down.

treaties are not executory under US law. even ginsburg ragged on the US for signing treaties and congress not following through, and there's no legal mechanism that would change that short of a constitutional amendment.

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This is the result of American Israeli occupation of Japan.

the embassy of israel admitted that israel and israeli NGOs sponsored all of the recent PLGBTQ push.

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is it actual, genuine calls for genocide, or is it metaphorical? because these people think mean tweets are literally genocide.

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there was an open challenge, the bet pot is now over $1m, for any WNBA team to take on any high school team that's even made it to their state championship game. a WNBA rep acknowledged they knew about it, but refused to comment on it.

this is because they practice against JV teams and still lose to 13 year old boys. biology doesn't give a fuck about made up fairy tale bullshit like "gender equity".

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the incredible majority of phase 4 has been so bad that people don't even go through the hassle to pirate that trash for free.

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women are viscerally offended at the idea of men having standards. they've grown up deluded into thinking they can have any man they want at any time because simps blow out their attention cravings.

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it wasn't even a war.

all the territories taken were 90%+ russian already. elon suggested the UN hold a referendum for each territory, requiring 90%+ vote to have it switch to russia, and they tried to cancel him for it... because anyone who actually checked the facts knows these people wanted it. the "resistance" wasn't even locals. they were outsiders from elsewhere who wanted to keep more tax slaves.

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front page of reddit has some post on biden blaming companies for inflation. virtually every comment in the top 100 says something about supply chain. it's obvious fake bot shit to anyone who knows what to look for.

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"scientists" doesn't mean shit. nowadays, it's just opinion articles, often data free, getting passed off as fact.

Previous studies have shown that women are better suited physiologically to endurance activities and sports, which would provide an advantage as primitive hunters.

this is pure bullshit. the top woman marathon running in history would tie for 2454 in the men's bracket with 13 other men. this is just anti-fact, anti-science, femtarded hysteria.

stanford president, harvard president, even fucking dan ariely, all went down for scientific fraud.

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100 ways to constantly walk on eggshells while we demand your fealty and atonement because no matter what, you're racist.

not joking...

  1. post articles that highlight your wokeness, because if you don't, you're not fighting racism, which means you're racist.

  2. don't post articles that highlight your wokeness, because if you do, you're fetishizing and infantiilizing blacks, which makes you racist.

move out of the city, that's white flight you racist bigot.

move into the city, that's gentrification you racist bigot.

no matter what, you're racist!

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stop engaging with this shit. stop saying "i'm not racist" or "it's not racist". that's defending yourself, and 100% of the time, their arguments are designed to end in "see, you're racist".

  • move out of the city, that's white flight, you racist bigot!
  • move into the city, that's gentrification, you racist bigot!

no matter what, you're racist!

  • white man shoots black man in movie or video game? look at this racist white on black crime!
  • black man shoots white man in movie or video game? why do you have to perpetuate racist stereotypes of black on white crime!?
  • black man shoots black man in movie or video game? why are you pushing racist stereotypes of black crime?!
  • white man shoots white man in movie or video game? why are you excluding blacks, you racist bigot?!

no matter what, you're racist!

stop defending. mock them. mock them and attack relentlessly. call them a pedophile every fucking time.


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newsguard is a far left site designed to say "these leftist sites are accurate".

seriously, they rate sites as accurate who have paid out millions for defamation. a court literally found those sites as "not accurate" and yet newsguard says they're fine because they're leftist...

and one of the ways newsguard gets away with this is by presenting leftist sites as centrist, when in fact they're not even close.

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nah, they don't even need to do this.

israel has birthright trips, meaning american taxpayer dollars are embezzled to israel under the guise of foreign aid, which then pay for J kids across the globe aged 18-26 to travel to israel and party for a few weeks.

people go there to party it up and the israeli government makes it very easy to party. average age is 29. comparatively, the average age in the US is 38 and EU is 44.

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it's not "genetic degradation". the cavendish banana is cloned all from the same genetic line, meaning there is no "genetic degradation". the problem is fungi, bacteria, viruses, and other things that negatively affect the sustainability of the cavendish banana.

because the bananas are clones of the same line, there's no opportunity for natural selection, no mutations that might provide resistance, nothing to be carried from the heartier forefathers to the offspring. it's not genetic degradation... it's genetic obsolescence. if they were still using just selective breeding, this wouldn't be an issue.

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tyranny of the government against the innocent is a far greater danger than crime by a tiny minority.

virtually all criminal cases plea out because the perps have no defense at all.

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even the faggot's chromosome response is straight out of cult tactics.

he gave a truth. gave another truth. then used those to throw shade, increased to total doubt, into pure falsehood. about a biological fact that empirical science and replicable evidence absolutely dunks on.

there is no spectrum. 99.99999% of humans are either purely male or purely female. these activists like to claim a ton of people are intersex, yet it's pure hotshit anti-science garbage. for example, if you penis-hole is not on the absolute tip of your cock, even just the bottom of the tip, they will scandalously claim you're intersex. klinefelters? they claim you're intersex, even though 100% of klinefelters people are objectively male in every sense. and even after all that shit, it's still not even 0.01% of the population.

you're more likely to be born without exactly 10 fingers and 10 toes than you are to be born in any form of hermaphroditicism or genuine intersexuality. and if you don't have 20 digits, no one gives a fuck except your parents and your fratboy bro who uses it as a pickup line to get you both laid.

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it's insane because he's historically been a bernie bro socialist, yet he's clearly had too much to think and is increasingly sounding like a 1990s liberal democrat populist.

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Egg freezing was not about their careers. It was about being single or in very unstable relationships with men who were unwilling to commit to them.

it's a storm of multiple problems...

  • these women don't understand dating is a matching market. it's not like walking into whole foods and picking out an apple. in a matching market, the apple has to pick her back too.
  • any guy who even talks about standards is viciously attacked... they just don't want to hear the truth.
  • these women are trading on sex just to get attention from the top 1% of guys. their SMV overall is too low and if they weren't so easy, they would be invisible to these guys. definitionally, 99% of women are not worth commitment from the top 1% of men. that's how matching markets work. female sexual liberation was a mistake.
  • tell a woman to refuse to have sex with a guy outside a committed relationship, and very few will even entertain the idea. most lack the self awareness or IQ to comprehend what it means... they just see red and go into attack mode. they won't even consider it until their mid 30s when throwing sex at chad won't get them attention anymore, and many are still trying to chase chad while lining up the betabux.
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oh yeah, remember reading someone thought they'd get to write poetry.

fucking lol.

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