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it's not that he's just choosing not to say it. he's afraid of saying it, even referentially. that's wildly submissive, and opens the door for them to act like children whenever it's said. stop being such a pussy and act like a grown ass adult.

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multiple studies are out at this point repeatedly confirming that "long covid", other than loss of taste/smell, is psychosomatic. in other words, it doesn't exist. the "brain fog" and other shit people are making up is all in their heads.

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susan b anthony

harriet tubman

rosa parks

all MTF trannies!

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c'mon man, that kind of thinking is exactly what got us in this place. it's not a magic word. people don't magically die when it is uttered, certainly not when it's spoken for reference sake.

if someone gives you shit for saying nigger in reference to the term itself, dissociated from any person whatsoever, then even if they're white, you should mock them for being low IQ, not being able to understand context.

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NYT is a fucking tabloid. not even talking about left vs right. the amount of outright debunked conspiracy theories they run is off the fucking charts.

russiagate and everything phony about it.

we don't have a gun crime problem, we have a black crime problem.

pushing repeatedly debunked climate doomsday conspiracy theories.

support of covid totalitarianism.

avoiding the issue of how their founder got his big break advocating for Whites to be allowed to hunt freed slaves.

the list goes on. NYT is a tabloid.

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you fuck children, murder dogs, throw gays off buildings, torture abortionists, and rape women... oh, you're muslim, that's okay!

you peacefully held a sign that says "murdering babies is a sin"? TO THE GULAG WITH YOU, REDNECK INBRED CHRISTIAN!

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winner of the special olympics right there...

What's to stop them from only publishing some of the censorship requests?

EU will pass a law banning the publication of censorship demands. can't have transparency... the NSA did the same shit.

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the frontgash is not even close to a vagina, so he won't ever have real sex, and the doctors attach a surgical tube to the bowel line which would get agitated and disconnect or rupture during anal. he can suck a dick, but will in all likelihood never cum again.

gender dysphoria is an extreme sexual fetish of a gay man, usually caused by extreme sexual abuse as a child, and he WANTS to be ravaged by another man because ofit. but now he will never experience what his fetish (and abuse) made him desire. the morbid torture he's caused himself has not only made him sterile, it's unlikely he'll ever have another orgasm. for someone with an extreme fetish, this will be agonizing.

so he will /wrists or ropeneck like practically all the other post-op faggots who self mutilate.

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redditards have talked about this shit a ton in their online suicide notes.

they can't even have anal because part of the procedure involves poking a hole in the bowel line, adding a surgical tube from there to the frontgash, and allowing that bowel fluid to act as sort of a lubricant. if they have anal, they can damage the connection or the tube, and they will just leak bowel fluids into their insides, usually dying of sepsis or something.

and because the doctors tuck the pubic skin inside the frontgash, it ends up just being this stank concoction of growing pubic hair, sweat, and bowel fluid.

it's fucking barbaric. it's worse than dark ages torture.

and hospitals fucking love this shit because these procedures cost a shitload, the government is increasingly looking at paying for it, and these trannies will be huge $$$ until the day they die.

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red county sheriffs need to start up criminal charges for child endangerment against school board members.

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this. it's even a meme.

white guy shoots black guy = racist bigots victimizing blacks!

black guy shoots white guy = racist bigots pushing conspiracy theories of white genocide!

white guy shoots white guy = racist bigots doesn't include blacks!

black guy shoots black guy = racist bigots saying blacks are all thugs!

no matter what you do, they will rationalize it as racist. stop tiptoeing around these retards.

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the sandy hook case is not indicative of anything. remington settled not because they were liable, but because they were going through bankruptcy. getting the settlement done before the bankruptcy would mean the settlement would be discharged also, not pay a fucking dime. there was no admission of liability, and the people didn't get paid because it was discharged in bankruptcy.

the lawyers accepted it knowing this, because they wanted this misleading soundbite that they won against a gun manufacturer. if remington litigated it, first, there's no area of products liability where a manufacturer is liable for the criminal misconduct or misuse of its product, and second, federal law explicitly declares this for multiple industries, including firearms.

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the largest recipient of QE was blackrock, and they've received trillions of newly issued USD since 2008.

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all of this shit is happening because the government issued trillions of dollars to blackrock under "quantitative easing". blackrock is led by larry fink (a literal communist/marxist), and they used that money to buy up board seats of every major corporation, public and private.

they inflated your dollars to half their value, and used that money to install political pawns in corporate leadership everywhere. normal people don't actually support this shit.

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your topic is debating presidential war powers... you have 2 minutes...


what the fuck is this shit? this is not debate.

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omg, they're about to attack pedophiles, whatever will we do?!

quick, grab some extra hatchets and torches!!

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this is a faggot glowie RINO...

For almost a decade, my job overseas as an undercover officer in the CIA

so let's see what his suggestions are...

So we can take significant steps toward curbing gun violence by implementing comprehensive background checks, empowering law enforcement through red-flag laws, investing in mental health, and raising the minimum age to 21 for purchasing a high-caliber, semiautomatic weapon that can hold a high-capacity magazine. These realistic solutions deserve serious consideration at the federal level.

this is treason. this faggot is declaring himself an enemy of the people.

multiple of these suggestions have already been found unconstitutional. if we're going to start doing shit, here's a sure-fire way to drop gun violence over 70%... just incarcerate/deport all black males under 50 years old. what's that? that's unconstitutional? yeah... that's what i said up above...

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holup, M4L did one of those school board stunts where they take one of these leftist pedo books that were jammed into libraries, and they read the book out loud into the official record, showing the left is absolutely pushing pedophilia and child porn...

and vice calls this "the KKK".

vice is all pedophiles. no wonder they're going bankrupt.

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obese lesbutch and a bunch of random brown women and trannies... spot fucking on.

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these people lack the intellectual capacity to differentiate

you are objectively wrong, this is extremist drivel


dern homo nigs and spics!!111

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it's why they have to keep going after children in environments where kids are compelled to be there... schools.

strange worlds and the lightyear both failed miserably.

bros failed even worse as it doesn't just push faggotry... it actively endorses hate speech against everyone who isn't queer.

even lefties don't want this shit, proving once again that the alphabet population is much smaller than media portrays it.

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it's not persecution to lock up or execute a pedophile.

over 70% of the SF alphabet choir are convicted sexual offenders. that's not to say the rest aren't... just that when 4chan was doxing them, they weren't able to dox everyone in the choir... just most of them. and most of them are pedophiles.

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literally communist red scare tactics.

the problem is that when you call them communists, they're proud of it. they need to fear being seen as a communist.

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