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At this stage his anti terf stance only makes sense if he's a Troon himself, along with his hatred for women and childbirth because he can do neither.

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For food, I just double what I usually cook and have the second potion for tomorrow.

I want to make a "second load" joke because of your username.

Not to mention that what I cook is about as hands off as possible

Not with that username it isn't!

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There are plenty more due to how insane you come across.

Anti-natalist, SJW, Troon, woman, etc

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DC ahead of Marvel for once after Wan Cena's grovelling to China last year or the year before. Even though everything keeps flopping when released there because the movies are shit or the Chinese despise the actors involved like happened with Shang Chi.

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I'm adding 'Boomer' to the list of likely things that apply to you because you clearly have no idea wtf that term means by saying this.

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R16 stifles my intelligence.

You manage that on your own.

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Hallmark is to women like porn is to men.

It fills their heads with unrealistic expectations of life and relationships.

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screenshot of 8 day old post

doesn't show up on KiA2

Are you seriously posting screenshots of your blog/containment site now?

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It's Mindy Khalig being Mindy Khalig, which means shit comedy and a self insert even when that means blackwashing an existing legacy character.

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The irony of you saying this after recently adding bot to your list of groups living rent free in your head.

As an aside, here are some examples of your posts from the last day that highlight why your claim of being downboted (not a typo for once) is wrong.


34/-5, top post of the thread


1/-10, reply to the top post of the thread

If you really were being downboted then every single post you made would be roughly uniform in the number of downvotes rather than having such a wide range. Some of your posts actually score quite high at times.

The more likely explanation is a) people disagree with you, and b) as someone mentioned this week you burned a lot of goodwill with many that there are those who downvote you by reflex. None of it however is bots.

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No, I don't think I will.

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TL;DR please, stormfag. I can't be bothered to deal with you shilling for your pedophilic feminist masters


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Has someone only just recently learned who Chris Chan is?

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Willing to bet these parasites wouldn't know who this was if he wasn't a famous actor.

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