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Give an SJW a fish and they might eat for a day, if they can get someone else to clean and cook it for them. Teach an SJW to fish and you won't have to worry about them ever again because they'll die of hunger before they can get past their fear of baiting a hook.

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Looks like Anita's coffers were getting low if she's running another grift like this. Damn shame, too. I still had a few Devolver games on my wishlist. Guess those are gone now.

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This one was a bit of a head-scratcher for me, because I just figured all states' unemployment programs worked like that. Years ago when I got permanently laid off from the desk job I was working I applied for unemployment. In order to maintain my unemployment benefits I had to not only apply for jobs if I wasn't actively in retraining, but also knew that if I was interviewed and offered a job that if I declined it then it could mean the end of my benefits even if I still had time left on that clock. Fortunately, I didn't have to bother with the applying because I was already going back to school, but I would have been making damn sure I was only applying for stuff that I wanted if that were the case.

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Given the hate-boner that the Canadian police seem to have for the guy, it wouldn't shock me in the least. Just depends on how many charges they can fake up over the dude exposing the system's bullshit and standing up to the bullies that kept invading his church.

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Portland Oregon

Sonofabitch... I do that way too often. With both Portland and Seattle being SJW enclaves my mind has completely conflated the two. Thanks for the correction.

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Why are there so many books on women/"women" and bikes?

Best guess (based on the fact that several of them are zines) is that the whole thing was shat out of Portland, WA OR - known home of general weirdness, radfems, and people of all 1000 different made-up sexual orientations. Chalk it up to their smug, fart-sniffing ways.

And why is the cover art on all of them so go goddamn ugly?

See above about Portland and their community. If everyone in the circle-jerk keeps telling you that your artwork is great, then the empress will keep behaving as if she has clothes.

Is there a generator running somewhere that just keeps shitting these out?

Sadly, I'm betting that there's a clique of "authors" in the Washington Oregon area that produce this garbage and then act like they're the best thing since Vonnegut and Kerouac because their writing is so garbage that nobody but them can stand to read it.

EDIT: I fail at geography...

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I think drastically changing hairstyles is what women do to act out when they feel out of control.

You would be correct in that assumption. One of the things women will do during times of stress is drastically change their hair - because it's one of the things they can have control over. When online dating first started becoming a thing, back in the early days of the web, someone wiser than me warned me about that: "If her hair doesn't look like her profile pic or the color doesn't exist in nature, run the other way." Adage still holds true to this day, possibly even more so in this age of dangerhair.

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Well, they've been saying they want to reduce the population of men on the planet for decades. Now they've got a potential way to make it happen, although it'll have the knock-on effect of reducing the population of women as well. Guess they didn't think of that happening...

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I've been saying stuff like this for years, ever since I realized how badly the Chicagoland area fucks over the rest of Illinois. 80+% of the state is ruled by the decisions of the Windy City and the collar counties. That shit ain't right.

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That's something that has always bothered me, as well. Is there some sort of general collection of that shit on some server somewhere that they all have access to, so they can just grab from there and dump it on whatever target? Or are they all trading it back and forth between themselves like it's some sort of baseball card swap? Either way, it disgusts me, but it's one of those things that feels like it needs to be answered.

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You would think, but menopause does weird shit to women's body chemistry and apparently there were enough of them in the department dealing with hot flashes that the rest of them were okay with just running their heaters + blankets in dealing with the chill. That whole section of the building was the bane of our existence in IT, because their stupid heaters would either overload the circuit in their wing and pop the breakers, or they'd constantly have issues with the towers under their desks overheating because they'd aim their personal heater damn near right at it.

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I'll speak to the "air conditioning is sexist" line, but from the other end of the spectrum. The AC in my section of the building where I work is controlled by the women. One day in the middle of winter I was literally freezing my nips off, and there was cool air blowing from the ceiling vents. I go and check the thermostat, and it's set for the lowest setting. I did a quick whip-around the department and lo and behold all of these women have blankets over their laps and/or space heaters under their desks. Because so many of these women were post-wall and pre-menopausal, they had the heat turned all the way down so they could deal with their hot flashes, but then they bundled up because they were otherwise too cold. And heaven help me if I had tried to say anything about it to any of them. I just took to slowly nudging the thing back up every night before I went home since I was usually the last one out the door.

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Hate to break the news to her, but "White America" understands the need for a proper trial and a jury of unintimidated peers. What we don't seem to get is the desire to pass summary judgement on a dude before he has his day in court, and then celebrate the miscarriage of justice that occurs during his trial, to the extent of cities declaring states of emergency even when the verdict falls in the favor of the extremist group's wishes, because they know that certain demographics are going to once again see it as a reason to burn, loot, and generally act like a group of imbeciles.

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Considering that most women these days can't find their own G-spot, or if they can it takes a hooked vibrator with a motor that has a pull-start and i's branded "Yardmaster" to get them off, I hardly think that most men should be chastised for not being able to find a patch on the inside wall of the vag that you can't even hit with your dick, from any angle.

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Serves one term as a senator and then is rocketed up to presidency.

If Jack Ryan hadn't tried to get Seven of Nine to go out and do kinky shit, he may not have even gotten that senate seat. It's funny (in that "coincidental, not ha-ha" way) that Jack's sexual proclivities got dragged out of the woodwork of his sealed divorce proceedings right at the same time he was gunning for that senate seat against the liberal Lord and Savior...

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The whole premise of the movie just reminds me more of why social media and ease of access to the Internet for some people is a mistake. Pre-Twitter-and-Facebook if someone called you a fat, ugly fuck and told you to die in a fire on a message board somewhere, you either grew a thicker skin and blew it off or you threw it back at them that even their mother thought they were ugly and she had to tie a pork chop around their neck to get the dog to play with them.

It also goes to show how a lot of people out there don't have the wherewithal and logical coolness to handle rude remarks without flying off the handle on their own. The whole premise of flying into such a murderous rage that you would actually kill someone who verbally attacked you online just baffles me. It's revenge-porn for the illiberal liberals, but the majority of them wouldn't have the stones to even attempt it IRL.

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NGL, I figured this was coming as soon as I saw that "coronaviruses", in general, are of the same variants as the common cold. Hell, the standard flu mutates enough every year that we're never going to wipe that shit out, even if we do immunize everyone on the planet to it. What the hell made the VaxCucks think that COVID was going to be any different? Anyone with half a brain and half a clue about how viral biology knows that anything out in the wild is going to mutate to survive. The only way this shit "goes away" (or at least to the point where it's no longer a bother) is to let it run its course. Sure, it's going to kill people. That's the nature of disease. Yes, that's callous and uncaring, but have you looked at the planet lately? We're overpopulated enough as it is. We've been due for a new plague for decades, and, in true modern human form, instead of letting it do its thing and having the strong/smart survive it, we're protecting the weak, the aged, and the idiotic. Humanity, as a whole, is fucked, and has been ever since we started subverting natural selection.

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Y'know, I guaran-fucking-tee you that if all of these blue-haired ultra-feminist twats that want to shit all over mens' rights had to register for Selective Service at age 18, just like us guys do in order to be able to register a FAFSA for Federal college aid, they'd damn sure change their tune and might even have changed their major from the ever-so-useless Intersectional Women's Studies.

They want equality, let them have full equality. Let them have to worry about Congress stirring the shit with other countries just like us guys have to. Let them deal with the government effectively having control over your future until you hit age 26.

Then don't stop there. No special exceptions for women in the military - if you can't match up to the standards that're set for the men, you either go back to remedial boot camp or you wash out. Plain and simple. If I were a dude in a mixed platoon, I sure as hell wouldn't want to have to worry about whether my ass would have to be dragged out of the shit by someone I outweigh by a good 50+ pounds.

"No more unequal equality" should be the rallying cry behind this movement. If they want the rights and privileges that come with being on the same tier as men, they also have to deal with the same bullshit us men have to go through. None of this having your fun but still being able to play the pussy pass to get out of it.

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Bingo. I mean, everyone likes to act like Di was a saint that was so put upon by the royal family, but it's pretty obvious that she was letting someone else swim in the royal gene pool. Not that I can blame her, considering how much of a wanker Charles is and the shit he pulled on her. But, as is the case with most things related to the royals (and most aristocracy in general, for that matter), they conveniently ignore the blindingly obvious thing that everyone knows about rather than deal with the potential scandal and fallout. That being said, it's not like Harry's lineage really matters, unless William and his entire family somehow die in a plane crash,.

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I've long thought that if you ran a DNA test on Harry you'd have a very real chance of Maury sitting there in front of Prince Charles, saying "You are NOT the father."

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And who's to blame for that? Democrats who defunded the police.

Not only "Defunded the police", but "put gun bans in place" in general.

For example: Chicago. They have a ban on firearms in the city. The city and collar counties have been run by Democrats for decades. Where is there shitloads of shootings and gang violence involving firearms every damn weekend of the year? Chicago!

They (the Liberals) don't fucking get that criminals, by definition, don't care about the law and as such they aren't buying firearms from a reputable vendor, or taking the time to buy 80% lowers and mill them out into ghost guns. They just go down to the corner and hit up Mookie whose brother Ray-Ray knows a guy who knows a guy who can meet you and hook you up with a hot gun that was stolen in a break-in last week. The Liberals know that they only way they're going to get guns under their control in the US is to first take them away from every law-abiding citizen, then criminalize the possession in general. Once they've stripped them from the general populace there will be less chance of armed resistance to anything they might try to put into play.

Which reminds me, I need to check and see if the vendors I've been haunting online have lowers back in stock...

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They know it's a slippery slope kind of argument. If they start requiring vaccine passports then that means they will also require a full Federal ID card - which they don't want, until they can push it through to allow illegals and migrants to get the IDs, and to make it free for everyone to get one.

On top of that, they know if they try to pull a Federal mandate on this shit then the half of the general populace that has a brain in their head will throw an absolute shit-fit over the constitutionality of it. No, what they'll do is let the private sector horn in on it and be the bad guy. Want to fly on Airline X? Want to be admitted to Venue Y for an event? Better have your GoogleSoft Certified Health Passport ready to make sure you don't infect anyone or get infected. Don't want to participate in having to sign away access to your private health information? Then no flights or admission for you - and because it's a private business they'll lean on the whole "they can do what they want" pole, because in this case it's a thing they want the business to be able to do to us.

This shit is only going to get worse before it gets better.

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This whole series reminds me of the "Gamers are Dead" lockstep media coverage that started us down this road to KIA in the first place. Why the actual fuck should we be envious of someone who has turned into a sheep and jammed the barely-out-of-beta vaccine into their body? Don't get me wrong, I'm not an anti-vaxxer - I just don't trust something that was rushed through clinical trials and has only been in the wild for a couple months.

The other part of me looks at this and thinks, "This is just NPC programming going out to the masses." The NPCs don't know what to feel so they're taking their cues from the media. They (the progenitors of the articles) are projecting out into the world that the NPCs should feel envy because the NPCs are so emotionally stunted they can only handle child-like emotions - "Bobby got his shot, so he can go out and play with Susie. Don't you want, that, too?" It's utter lunacy.

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Valid point - I forgot to mention that you need to have it set to Slideshow or Picture to get that option.

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Settings > Personalization > Lock Screen. Turn off the option for "Get fun facts, tips, and more from Windows and Cortana on your lock screen"

EDIT: If you don't have that option, set your background for Slideshow or Picture, as the default Windows Spotlight setting will force you to see their stupid little tips and other bullshit. It's worth setting it to Picture or Slideshow anyway, as it's one more bit of telemetry that MS won't be getting from you.

It's one of the things we always turn off when prepping new/replacement computers for our employees where I work.

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