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That's true, but I think we all knew it from the very start that Biden wouldn't make it through a full term and that Kamala would be the "firstest first woman everz to first" so they could sniff each other's farts about how progressive they are.

Funnily enough, Kamala's approval rating is even lower than Biden's — which I didn't think possible. She's sitting at 28%. Her approval rating is the lowest of any VP ever.

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Wahhhhh! Men!
This fat slovenly cunt doesn't seem to get that when men do the "angry comedy" they actually mix in jokes and a point. They don't just chasee virtue and rant about their incoherent hate-fantasies and make-believe oppression.
Look at you, you frumpy bitch. You're whining about a "man's world" as you're making massive amounts of money preying on people's insecurities and denigrating half of the entire world simply for being born as men.
She so desperately wants to be a victim of.... something? Herself? Who knows?

"No one helped me because I was incorrectly female! It wouldn't have happened if I was a regular woman!" — bitch, you're whining about men and simultaneously complaining that they didn't help you and you don't see the plainly obvious cognitive dissonance here?
Maybe no one helped you because of you. But wait, never mind, I forgot that these types of people can never be responsible for anytthing.
Again, where the hell is the comedy?
Then it's immediately back to her hate-fantasies. Hasn't it been men consistently reminding women that they don't have a monopoly on emotions — or the "human condition" — for decades now?
How can she say this with a straight face and then simultaneously create her entire act around shitting on men — particularly "straight white men"? Does this shit never click in her self-obsessed narcissistic brain?

Finally she gets to the real point of it all. She's the victim of sexual abuse and physical abuse and now she projects that on all men. Her paranoia and anger is now something that all men have to deal with because she's an emotionally immature retard who never worked through her problems.
Dumb bitch even has the absolute nerve to say "I am anot a victim" — who are you trying to convince? Sure as hell isn't me or anyone else. You've made it abundantly clear that you do see yourself as a victim.
Justifying that by saying "my story has value" doesn't change what you're doing. It only further illustrates your narcissism.
Again, where's the comedy?
She even pats herself on the back and says, "What I would have done to hear a story like mine."
For real? Holy shit, people actually watch this and agree?
Then it's even more talking about how "strong" and "brave" she is now. All of this is just her sniffing her own farts and stroking her own ego.

"No one would ever test themselves out on me because you all know there's nothing stronger than a broken woman who's rebuilt herself!"
Bitch, I could body you in less then 10 seconds — intellectually, physically, and even comedically — if that's you're routine.

What a gross, narcissitic, nutjob, piece of shit. There's self-obsessed and then there's whatever the hell this cunt turned out to be. Just a fat little goblin looking bitch bitter at the world and venting her misery onto everyone else for attention and validation.

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If people really want to see how deep the rabbit-hole goes and find out a ton of factual information that is often obfuscated or simply not covered, there's this guy who puts together amazing threads with great information on Twitter.
His name is: @JesseMatchey — I highly recommend giving him a look and even helping out when possible.

My biggest worry is that it's all part of the plan to introduce a digital ID system and shift to a more authoritarian world where elites control every facet of people's lives and introduce social credit scores to manage them.
People think this sort of stuff is "conspiracy theory" but we're seeing collusion between governments and corporations — primarily through the WEF — at a level we've never seen before.
No one elected these rich corporate scumbags, but it would seem through the conversations they've openly had about their plans that they don't care if we're providing consent. Soon corporations and government will merge into an omnipotent ruling force with complete control. They don't even try to hide their intentions either.
For those who may be curious, this is the plan for the "4th Industrial Revolution." Interestingly, this book was also recently seen in Xi's office when he addressed the UN.
They'll provide the illusion that people "have a choice," but choosing not to participate will lock you out of ever meaningful part of daily life. The absolute truth is that people will have no choice. You will submit or you'll become a pariah.
These profligate elites have explicitly stated to be their initiatives — which are already being put into action.

I'm pretty confident that by the end of this Winter vaccine passports will be a thing entering various formative stages in many other countries. It may not be fully implemented, but it will likely be a done deal.

UK will probably be the next large western power to approve of them. They'll spin it to make it seem like it's "convenient" and helps keep people "safe" in order to make it more palatable and gather support from the obsequious retards who drool and clap along to anything that relieves their media manufactured hysteria. Naturally, they'll quickly politicize the issue and those who disagree will be tagged with the usual odious labels: far-right, anti-vaxxers, anti-science, fringe extremists, conspiracy theorists, etc. — maybe they'll even begin calling people "technophobes" just so they have a new -phobe to screech.

To achieve this they'll probably attribute what is an expected seasonal increase of sickness to exclusively be Covid getting "out of control again" — while the flu remains nowhere to be seen — and they'll strike when numbers seemingly reach their peak to enforce even more draconian rules and measures.
To make sure that people are more perceptive to the idea, they'll likely make announcements immediately following the holidays — because they don't want people discussing these things with family and spreading too much information deleterious to their agenda — and blame people for these get-togethers to gaslight them into silence and feeling ashamed. It'll be the usual spiel about responsibility and "looking out for each other," when in reality it's only elites looking out for themselves to achieve their goals while regular people are forced further into submission.

Hopefully I'll be wrong or something will occur that causes us to finally move past all of this crap, but I'm not seeing many signs of them giving in at the moment.

Anyway, that's enough ranting. I type way too fast and the size of a post seems to explode before i know it.

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I saw this a week or so ago. It was way worse than I ever though possible. I was sincerely blown away at how awful it turned out.
The acting alone made it beyond cringe to a level I didn't even think was possible.
It's a real shame, too. Cowboy Bebop has a cherished place in my heart and ranks among my favorite animes of all time. As much as I knew it would be shit, I was still hoping maybe it would be tolerable and renew interest in the anime for a new generation — or even gain such popularity as to inspire a new prequel or spin-off anime. Upon seeing this, it exponentially exceeded my expectations for how shitty I thought it would be — by a lot.
The casting and costumes are damn terrible, the sets, look like shit, the dialogue is cringe as hell — literally everything is just really, really, bad.
I don't really bother expressing these sentiments publicly at other places, because why bother? People are just going to assume that I wanted it to fail to begin with. While I certainly never wanted it made — I would have settled for a full animated aesthetic update with no real changes because it was already near perfect — I'm not so myopic that I would hope something I love would fail. But I immediately knew shit was going to turn bad when they began the usual struggle session marxist bullshit with casting and what not. The whole "eVeRytHiNg hAs tO bE diVerSe aNd nOn-oFfeNsiVe tO aCtiVist GrOuPs!" immediately told me pretty much everything I needed to know.
All of their casting decisions were pure trash as well. Spike is in his late 20's and yet they cast an asian dude who's almost 50? Black Jet lulll, and an ugly feminist Faye?
Yeah, no thanks.
Anyway, I could rant about this shit forever because it seriously pisses me off. But I'll just go about my life and pretend that like most shit that gets completely butchered when Hollywood touches it, I'll simply pretend it doesn't exist.

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I'm not too concerned about it.
It's likely that last line, but I also think it's completely true and there's good reason for it.
Porn desensitizes people — particularly men — and pushes them deeper in order to simply achieve arousal. This isn't anecdotal; it's been discussed and looked into. The worrying part of it is that it drives people further into fetishes that they may not typically have otherwise.
In summary: it destroys your sex drive.

If we're looking at it objectively, then what, exactly, are the benefits of porn?
Assistance in jerking off? That's pretty much the only thing I can think of.
That said, what are the negative consequences?
Besides what's already mentioned, there's a myriad of potential negative consequences.

I'm not telling people what to do — they can do whatever the hell they like — but I'm not going to pretend I support something that doesn't really have any benefits.

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It's always hilarious how they pretend their hate-fantasies of other people are reality.
It couldn't be any more obvious that they're simply projecting their own inadequacies onto others.
It would probably drive them nuts to know that it's been shown that "right-wing" people get more sex, are more attractive, are physically stronger, exercise more, have greater aversion to revolting images, have a distaste for body odor, and know more about liberals and their beliefs than liberals know of conservatives.

But for a group of consumer retards who eat up make-believe echo chamber nonsense and consumer manufactured stereotypes, is it really any surprise that they live in fantasy-land?

Of course a group of degenerate losers would argue that it's morally ok to have such gross crap involving kids on their computer. They have no principles and will do mental gymnastics and use ridiculous strawman arguments to somehow twist reality to justify it.

Wanna know which people constantly scream about "incels"?
Those projecting their own insecurities and lack of any sort of meaningful sex life onto everyone else, and bitter roasties who only find value and validation through sex.
There really is no other explanation. Why else would who other people have sex with even matter within the context of any intellectual discussion?
Even funnier is that somehow these same people believe that by becoming "bi" or "gender fluid" it makes them not incels. That by sucking dick or pretending to be discriminated against — and thus unable to score — it makes them not fit into that category.
Again, all of these things are not surprising from a group that bases their entire lives around self-serving hedonism. Go into any leftist community and you'll very quickly realize what I'm talking about; their entire lives revolve around their feelings, consumerism, and sex.

There's so much more that could be said, but the reality is they're myopic ideologically obsessed losers who have been brainwashed by consumerism into an odious cult of narcissistic self-worship. Most don't hold a single individual thought or belief in their tater-tot brains, they just parrot whatever mantras or shibboleths help them fit in with the collective. Corporate simps you LARP that they're "anti-establishment" while being the single largest group consistently supporting and praising it. They're constantly whining about their "mental illnesses" — which are typically self-diagnosed or a Doctor just agreed and tossed pills at them to get them to shut up and get out — because in every facet of their lives they want attention for their make-believe "struggle." They want to feel like they're "overcoming" something and be praised simply for existing while simultaneously having something to point to for all of their failures that absolves themselves.

As a side-note, that guy in OP says "I watch gay porn, it didn't make me gay!"
Uhhhh, if you're beating off to gay porn then it most certainly did. You can say you're "bi," I guess, but you still like sucking dicks.
Which goes back to what I said earlier.

Either way, porn is trash and people should avoid it. I've always felt that way and always will.

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That means 6 out of 10 French people have a damn brain and can see what's plainly apparent.
There is zero reason that Western countries should feel obligated to accept mass immigration, which only further burdens the people living in those countries.
Why don't the natural born citizens of these countries matter? They're not living it up in opulent luxury. Why are governments putting random people from other countries before their own tax paying people?
Why are they not allowed to have a home and a heritage of their own? We constantly see other places that these immigrants come from protecting their heritage and history. We even see the immigrants themselves refuse to assimilate and instead raise the country they left above the country they immigrated to in all matters. Why are they afforded that without question?
Why don't governments instead encourage these countries to fix their shit so people stop fleeing from them? Hell, the overwhelming majority would even support work programs where we spend our own money helping them to build and fix their shit just so their people stop flooding into other countries to leech off the citizens there.
There's so many questions and practical solutions that are completely ignored, so what else are people supposed to think, exactly?
When you consider that countless minority activist groups have explicitly stated they want to get rid of all white people, what are people supposed to think when society and policy begins to reflect exactly that sentiment?
I forget who it was, but there's a US government official who has a note with the overall percentage of the white population on his office wall showing its decline. He's, of course, a minority and actively celebrates it, using the note as a feel good reminder.
When you stop for a minute and consider that white people are the only group that is ever publicly criticized, demonized, dehumanized, denigrated, mocked, and blamed for absolutely everything — regardless of the mental gymnastics necessary — then naturally people are going to begin thinking these things.
Please, tell me, what exactly are people supposed to think when all signs point to it being the case?

What makes it even more ridiculous is that none of the people who celebrate it or want it will even be around to see it come to fruition. It will still take hundreds, if not thousands, of years.
Unless, of course, China gets their way and manufactures a virus that specifically targets certain races — which is entirely possible. Then it may be a bit sooner.

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Vent away, my man. There's so much stupidity in the world that it's become staggering. It's like society has lost it's damn mind.

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Eric is a joke.
No idea how he can chase virtue and whine like this while simultaneously supporting circumcision. Oh wait, yes I can — because it aligns with what he believes.
I'm surprised he has the following that he has. The guy is a massive tool with a huge ego. He doesn't like when people question him and even when he's absolutely provably wrong, he'll either double-down or just move on and pretend it never happened.

He even demonstrates his ego in another tweet where he talks about how he's "disappointed." You'll noticed that at no point did he address literally anyone's issues or them pointing out his hypocrisy, instead he immediately considers them all wrong — not himself.
He's a smug elitist dickhead. He might be book smart, but that's about it. When it comes to everything else he's a complete retard. He can't fathom that he's not right about everything.
For him to even conflate botched intersex bullshit — a very small minority of an even smaller minority — with what's actually being protested, shows the depths of his stupidity and how he's completely out of touch with what's happening.

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I believe a lot of people really do; however, I think just as many that don't conform to the mainstream dogma are simultaneously mistakenly basing their views of being a "minority" of how people think.
Objectively speaking, how would they find out? The media and entertainment industries certainly wouldn't show that the views counter to what they wish to push are the ones that make up a larger portion of how people think. In the case of tech, we already know that countless people get silenced, banned, censored, etc., each day to keep their voices from being heard in mainstream dialogues. Many likely don't even bother to create a new account or find workarounds either.
It's a really difficult and nuanced situation where it can be hard to find the truth when you consider the level of corruption taking place.
If we were to use the election as a measuring stick, it would still be just as divisive — although I firmly believe that the election absolutely was stolen and there's plenty of anomalies, statistical impossibilities, affidavits, and evidence, to show that, at the very least, some seriously shady shit took place.
This becomes much more apparent when you look at how GOP when every single "highly contested" seat and made pretty damn big gains overall. In fact, that's just one more thing that shows just anomalous the Presidential race really was.
Add to that the countless grassroots movements, they spontaneous chants breaking out, and the absolutely abysmal public support that frequently gets shown for Biden — who is "the most popular President of all time — and you begin to see a very different picture than what's actually finely curated and presented to the public through consumerism.
In essence, I think it's a demoralization tactic used to make people feel apathetic and like no matter what they do it's pointless — but I don't feel it's representative of reality.

We always knew this was going to be an "information war;" one that's a war of attrition. They certainly have far more institutional power and a very loud and active group of obdurate activists. But when you follow along closely, you'll learn that those activists are actually a very small collective, and the same individuals pop up at every single protest no matter what state it's being held in. This isn't a coincidence, it's by design. It's to help create an illusion that their movements and ideas have far more support than they do in reality.
I've said it before, but I don't believe their methods are sustainable. You can't build your entire platform off lies and being duplicitous and expect it to have a solid foundation. This situation wasn't created overnight, and it won't be solved that way either. As long as we put in the work, focus on telling the truth and sharing information, we'll keep making gains. But I'm just an optimist like that, I suppose.


It's also worth noting that the picture in OP's post is fake. It's an edit of an Onion article with the headline, "FBI Uncovers Al-Qaeda Plot To Just Sit Back And Enjoy Collapse Of United States."

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I got bored, so I made a couple quick memes.


Pretty crazy that this happened considering all the safety precautions in place to prevent this exact scenario.

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Absolutely. That's why as a little hobby I'm keeping a list of all the media lies, which may be of use at some point later.
Although, I'll probably have to crowdsource help with refining it and making sure it flows better.
They lie with such frenetic frequency that it's almost difficult to keep up and remember them all, which is why I began keeping a list. Admittedly, the list also contains misinformation, obfuscation, and cover-ups as well, but I feel it's important to keep track of these things. It may come in handy later.

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The lies aren't to trick conservatives into believing what they actually live isn't real, they're to match the confirmation bias of their fanatic followers, who see bogeymen everywhere.
A tool to be cited in the "information war." The hilarious part is that people will cite this as if it means something.
"Oh, so you had the criminal investigate his own crime and he found that he was innocent and it was actually the opposite of what everyone thought? How shocking!"

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That's pretty funny. They want to pretend that the opposite of reality is happening in order to rile up people to advocate for internet censorship while simultaneously trying to cripple the absolute fact that conservatives are censored on their platform.
Show me the last time they ran actual articles on their trending page that were promoting anything conservative.
Spoiler: they wouldn't be able to.
But once again, this is a perfect example of how they manipulate public perception in order to promote their agenda.
"Go ahead, ignore objective reality and what you live every single day," they say to people — and the frenetic potato-brain retards on the left drool and clap along like the mentally deficient seals that they are.
They want to know the why involved?
It's very simple, allow me to fill them in on this "shocking" secret, since these people are too damn stupid to figure it out: It's because there's far more people who hate what the left has become than these ideologically obsessed fanatic idiots realize!
It helps show succinctly that Mr. Most-Popular-President-Of-All-Time is a complete and total fabrication — an illusion created by surreptitious corruption.

The only reason that your platform would be "amplifying" what you consider "conservative" views, would be because those people are the majority.
Another prime indicator on why would also be because of the losers on the left incessant need for conflict.
How often does everyone see right-wing people following and commenting on every single left-wing personality's feed in a frothing outrage?
Personally, when I pass by, I see it very sparingly. On the other hand, you can look at almost every fanatic activist's follows and it's not only the usual corporate worship and mainstream talking heads, but it's also full of right-wing people that they supposedly "loathe" for being "bigots." The reality is these querulous activist nutcases are addicted to confrontation; they're bitter polemicists looking to vent their misery and ire onto socially acceptable targets.
A person could easily be forgiven for believing these odious goofs use social media as a type of therapy; an outlet much like the punching pillow of some therapist's office.

Of course common sense isn't actually as common as people may think these days. Instead, they'd rather live in land of make-believe where they ingurgitate whatever is shoved down their perpetually waiting throats.

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So the guy is someone well known? That makes it even better. This is the kind of crap that "red pills" people. Although in the case of idiots, they rarely recognize they connection.

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The same guy who broke his sign yelled that he had a "weapon," likely in an attempt to incite the crowd to physically attack him.
The guy is a scumbag and has been identified as a write for Netflix. In another interview I saw of this protest he repeatedly drones on about his tranny kid, then he goes on this spiel about how he's protesting because he's so lucky he's in a "liberal state and liberal city," as opposed to a red one where people would see Chappelle's special as a reason to hate trans people or some shit. Real paranoid schizo crap that illustrates he's a completely mindless consumer who totally eats up mainstream media stereotypes and fantasies of conservatives.
Where it gets really crazy is he mentions that, "some people will think it's ok to make jokes at the expense of others with no real consequences for it," implying that people making what a few — not all and certainly not most — would consider an "offensive" joke should have actual consequences for doing so. Given the flow of the conversation it seems very much like he believes that jokes he doesn't like should be policed and people should face some sort of consequences, whether socially or legally for telling them — because he doesn't like them.
These people are off their rocker insane ideologically obsessed lunatics. This guy not only very clearly couldn't control his anger, so he committed assault, battery, larceny, and property destruction, he also tried to incite a mob to violence and advocates for nobody being allowed to say things he doesn't like. He should truly be institutionalized because he's psychotic.

These same assholes never have a problem laughing at everyone else's expense, even celebrating it, but the moment they're the butt of the joke — you know, treated like equals — they have a full meltdown and victimize themselves.

That video has a lot to unpack, too. Besides that insane Netflix writer, you also have a woman who continuously nearly hugs the guy, then everyone acts like the guy is invading her space — we even see a soycuck trying to get the guy to back up.
Then you have the mob screaming at him like a bunch of retarded children throwing a temper tantrum.
There's a ton of media looking to capitalize on it all like the bloodthirsty assholes that they are; we of course know that they'll still spin it to make the guy look bad and not the actual crazy crybully mob.
Finally, there's a chick who proves that these losers are pretty much a religious cult of self-worshiping assholes, as she screams "repent!" while bashing on her stupid little tambourine.
Why anyone actually concedes to these pieces of gutter trash is completely beyond me. It never serves any good. They only do it because they enjoy holding power over other people. It's exactly why they're constantly attempting to exert control over others. They do it because they lack any meaningful control over their own lives and joining a mob makes them feel strong, when the reality is they're a bunch of weak and fragile pussies.

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Basically, not long ago when questioned about this very topic, Fauci vehemently denied it, promising that, while they funded research in Wuhan, the NIH absolutely did not participate in funding gain of function research.
His exact words were, “That categorically was not done."

It turns out, that a letter written to Congressman James Comer by the NIH reveals the truth. The NIH had, in fact, funded gain of function research during 2018-2019 that tested “if spike proteins from naturally occurring bat coronaviruses circulating in China were capable of binding to the human ACE2 receptor in a mouse model.”
We now know that Fauci lied under oath.
As a side-note, it's worth reminding everyone that Fauci's wife, Dr. Christine Grady, is Chief of the Department of Bioethics for the NIH, as well.
This guy is such a duplicitous rat bastard piece of shit. Our own NIH and Fauci his damn self are responsible for this shit.
Keep in mind the video I posted not long ago about what he had said about needing a pandemic to "bypass the FDA" and all of our safety procedures in order to usher in new vaccine technology.
You can find that video here.

In other bullshit NIH news that flew under the radar for months, it turns out the NIH Covid Treatment Guidelines have approved or now consider under evaluation, the use of Ivermectin:

It appears that they made a stealth edit back in July, but nobody noticed — or, at the very least, nobody with a large enough platform to make people aware. What this means exactly is unknown, but it's completely antithetical to the narrative being promulgated right now, which is that it absolutely doesn't work at all — something I think we all know is total horse shit.

One thing is for certain, the web of stupidity and lies is growing larger and larger with each passing day and is becoming more difficult to keep track of as time goes on.
Either way, we live in truly troubling times when there's not a single institution that isn't corrupt as hell. Fauci's ass should be imprisoned and everyone complicit should be held responsible to the fullest extent of the law.

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I mean, I'm not going to be a hypocrite and pretend that looks don't play a role in what I look for in a partner as well, but it's not at all what women make it out to seem; that it's the only thing men look for. In fact, as previously mentioned, that couldn't be farther from the truth.
But in her case, she's basing her entire view solely on her insecurities. It never actually clicks for her that her self-esteem issues and personality are probably the biggest factor that pushes men away.

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Caitlin is a retard that doesn't realize that women literally have all the power when it comes to sexual dynamics. This isn't some "conspiracy theory;" it's a demonstrable fact. That's precisely why they so often use withholding sex as a type of "punishment" — this isn't lost on them and the overwhelming majority of women know this.
The reason men have "more ways to attract a partner other than looks" is literally out of necessity. The overwhelming majority of women are shallow and base their preferences on social status, materialism, and looks. If a man doesn't meet those criteria, it's a prerequisite to work on himself to stand out in some other meaningful way in order to attract a partner. Women are the ones who choose who they end up with; not men. A women who's average in every possible way will still have more suitors — by orders of magnitude — over a man who matches the same description, because men are much more willing to compromise their standards because they don't have a waiting list of partners at all times. Even relatively attractive dudes will be shot down by many women if they're not successful of able to provide social status.
I'm a relatively attractive guy and I can say from first-hand experience that I've definitely dated down — women who would be considered "less attractive." It wasn't because I was handing out charity or anything shallow and stupid like that, it's because the girls I dated really stood out as exceptional in other ways and I really enjoyed being around them and spending time together. This is the part that's lost on those like her. She has this weird vision of men based on stereotypes and consumer manufactured beliefs, and instead of considering that maybe she's the problem, she automatically assumes it must be everyone else.
She should take into serious consideration that it's not the men that are finding these women; it's the women who are finding these men, since they hold the majority of the power when it comes to forming relationships.

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I believe there's a massive market for it, especially in this day and age. People absolutely adore drama and a good expose; they can't get enough of it — myself included.
It taps into a very voyeuristic part of our personalities where we enjoy seeing the double lives that people are living and the corruption behind the scenes. Honestly, I believe the real problem is that modern media networks are absolutely shit at marketing it and don't know their demographics or how to drive interest.
Who doesn't love a good mystery, some intrigue, and drama? They're sitting on gold but are too scared to rock the boat with their corporate partners and are also so antiquated in their views that it's caused a complete disconnect from the average life in modern society.
The fact that so many executives and marketing teams continue to exhibit failure after failure with mainstream products because they're attempting to appeal to a very niche activist crowd on social media only demonstrates how separated they are from what people actually want.

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I really love Project Veritas.
I would say there are some errors in their approach and how they do things which has made it much easier for their detractors to attempt to discredit them, and sometimes they don't look at the big picture, but overall the work that they do is some of the more important work in journalism — even if it makes the activist journalists salty and butthurt.
Most of "journalism" these days is abhorrently lazy. Someone will write an entire article based off of a Tweet that has no basis in reality without ever bother checking into the veracity of the statement being made; look at the Rolling Stone article about "Ivermectin overdoses flooding hospitals." After that, every single outlet will essentially copy/paste almost verbatim whatever was written, creating a liberal circle-jerk of lies and deception that they never take responsibility for. In its own way, it incredibly ironic since these same sad losers are the ones constantly screeching about "misinformation." Apparently, it's ok for them to openly spread lies and bullshit, but think everyone else should be censored when speaking about something they don't wish to believe — which typically ends up being true.
We really need more people like PV to get out there and dig up dirt and platform whistleblowers.

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I love how obsequious droolers believe that an argument from authority somehow validates their position. It elucidates clearly their perpetual need as mindless consumers to wait to be told what to think instead of investigating any particular topic themselves using the greatest innovation in human history, which gives them access to the entire world's accumulated knowledge.
This not only demonstrates how obdurately stupid and lazy they are, but how they specifically seek out confirmation bias from sources they know are bias towards the views they wish to believe — places that very frequently conflate opinion with "fact." A group of vacuous morons driven by their myopic ideological zealotry projecting their cult-like behavior onto others because they're too dumb to realize the media manufactured hate fantasies that they've been inculcated with by their consumerism habits only exist inside their own heads and their echo chambers.
This is precisely why so many people juxtapose their bizarre deleterious behavior to a new type of self-worshiping theology or a cult — yet, for those who drank the kool-aid, they completely lack the self-awareness to realize it. As if at any point in history the people who were brainwashed were aware of their situation.
They can't point the finger and say, "No, you're the brainwashed one!" either. It's their side that completely controls every single institution of consumer culture. They have zero basis for such a ridiculous rebuttal, other than parroting nonsense media pushed into their enervated brains — which, coincidentally, only further illustrates the point.

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That's because they have no possible way to refute it. It's a cold reality that they're unwilling to accept and the only way they can think of to respond to it is by gaslighting and censoring.
It doesn't take a genius to figure this out, though. Do people think that those who participate in these grievance industry mega-corps are people who are looking to head to say, "We've done it! Mission accomplished! Now let's head to the unemployment line." Of course not — that's absurd. Whether people want to admit it or not, they are a business. Their product is whatever grievance they're fighting against, so they have a vested financial interest in seeking out any instance that helps drive donations to help fund their operation.
You'd have to be a naive mental toddler to believe otherwise. Some of these people make millions each year in salaries. Why in the hell would they simply give that up? How many people interested in such divisive topics can realistically say that they would?
Hell, we literally saw one of the BLM founders spend a huge amount of money buying four mansions within the last years. Is anyone foolish enough to think there aren't malicious con-artists out there who prey on people's goodwill for profit?

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Wow. This is actually a pretty bold stance. I'm impressed. They know the backlash that this will receive and they went with it anyway.
Clearly this employee must have been exceptionally toxic and narcissistic if Netflix of all places had to can them — but that describes a vast majority of these far-left activist types.

Their idea of being "oppressed" is not being able to cancel literally anyone who offends them.
It's insane.
"Oppression™" - Now sponsored by every multinational corporation and institution in western society.

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