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I'm not too worried yet. Most of the people causing the violence are white themselves. The second things pop off these cowards would run and hide back in their hole leaving only the true fanatics left to suffer the consequences.
I'm more worried about how much damage will be done and how many innocent people will suffer in the interim.
There's a right way, and a wrong way, to go about change. They chose the absolute worst way.

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Just more of the same from Victoria Australia.
It's amazing how the police there are so much different than everywhere else in the country. It's also a great juxtaposition for people in the US when they complain about ours, who tend to let people be until they begin getting out of hand.

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Part of why I made this.
Images on the internet last a long time – especially since people can save them.

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Thanks. It was fun to see a bunch of crazy people ranting.
The funniest part that these idiots never thought of?
Both sides are already planning on disputing the outcome of the election – regardless of who wins – the only way that can be settled is through the Supreme Court.
Guess what?
It's evenly split right now at 4-4.
They're going to have to seat a new justice before the election either way.
I'm sure this will all culminate in something as well. I just don't think anyone knows what that is yet.

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Only that it's getting significantly more violent in some places tonight where they're rioting. You can check out Andy Ngo's twitter for some good videos.

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Whatever can be spammed and used against them to shut down their bullshit narratives.
I'm tired of them constantly pretending it never happens. Even if only a handful of people see it; that's a handful more well informed.

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Makes me hungry.... Either way though, they've made it explicitly clear that these riots aren't about black lives, or a message of unity, but rather, a political tool for them to threaten and intimidate people into doing what they want.

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The riots in Portland started up with aggression again as well.
It only hurts their cause more. They're just not bright enough to realize that social media makes up very little of the overall picture.

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Ahh, man. What a great night cap. Good shit...

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The lovely blue checkmarks are organized at the top.
Most of these were within minutes of her death being announced.
Was way more than I though there would be – and I'm sure there's even more by now.

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That's pretty much how it went, too.
It was nice – for a minute.
But it didn't long at all for them to lose their shit and start going full political.

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Yeah right, I had popcorn ready the moment I heard the news. Just wait a few I'll give a decent post.

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This is going to turn into one hell of a political firestorm.
The democrats on social media are genuinely losing their shit right now. Not even taking the time to offer their condolences to her family and those close to her.
They immediately politicized it and started making insane conspiracy theories and statements.

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Something like that is still quite a ways off as long as people are still divided at close to 50% – at least I would hope. But what's concerning is the clear attempt to indoctrinate children with false history and omissions of important facts. That could very easily tip that balance as generations pass away and new ones grow up.

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For real. It doesn't even take a deep understanding of history to see that this is a tyrannical power trip at this point. No idea what the rest of the country's politicians and leaders are doing.
It almost feels like if this continues people are going to get pretty aggressive in their response and people are going to get hurt.

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This is some serious dystopian shit.
I thought the backlash from all the other crap would slow down the insanity, but it's seemingly only accelerated it.
Somehow in a couple of weeks we've gone from potentially being arrested for mentioning protest, to being arrested and detained simply based on suspicions that you would.

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Man, I feel bad for any of our Aussie friends who live in such an authoritarian hellhole.
Please keep in mind, Australia has a total of 837 deaths for the whole country.
They've had a total of 26,861 cases.
Currently 2154 mild cases.
While there's 15 critical cases.
All nationwide.
In addition, for those unaware, in the state of Victoria – where Melbourne is – they are under full lockdown still. They're only allowed one hour outside a day. If they're outside during any other time, they're required to show papers that give them permission or else they will immediately be arrested.
That should catch people up if they're curious.

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What's great is the science is explicitly clear the antibody tests; the people at risk; the use of masks only being viable if properly done; that being outdoors shows minimal risk; that the virus was created in a lab; that deaths strictly from Covid are extremely low; that proper hygiene and sanitation is the biggest contributor, that cases continue to plummet; that the strength of the virus has decreased; that Americans significantly overestimate the amount of fatalities; that there's many highly successful treatment methods; that the numbers were overinflated; and that we've been over the peak for months.

But sure, let's listen to giant media and tech corporations that have a vested interest in keeping people locked inside because they're seeing record levels of engagement they can profit off of.

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Wait... Are you serious?
I thought this was real!
Just like the Biden NWA video!! Why do they keep doing this to mah simpul brayne!?

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It's pretty amazing how quickly everywhere pulled this video and rushed to write stories about why it's not true, but rather, some crazy "right-wing conspiracy."
They've been pushing this, "right-wing people are paranoid conspiracy theorists" pretty hard lately.
Which is funny, when you consider all the nutty paranoid shit they do frequently.
Let's have some fun and post some of the paranoia or conspiracies. Thing's such as:

  • The cops are hunting black men!
  • The patriarchy is keeping women down!
  • White people are all secretly racists who hate blacks!
  • Global warming started these crazy forest fires!
  • Russia meddled in a huge way in the election!
  • Trump is a Russian asset!
  • People are killing trans people everywhere!
  • The police are just like the ones in fascist countries!
  • White people want to keep minorities down.
  • There's a huge rape culture everywhere!
  • There's white supremacists everywhere!
  • There's fascists everywhere!
  • There's transphobes everywhere!
  • There's homophobes everywhere!
  • There's islamaphobes everywhere!
  • We have 10 years until it's too late for the climate! (Been hearing this for 20 years)
  • People are purposely hiding our real history!
  • Trump is trying to takeover the world!
  • Trump won't ever leave the White House.
  • The media has a right-wing bias! (one of my favorites)
  • Big tech has a right-wing bias! (another favorite)
  • There's systemic racism in every institution!
  • There's systemic misogyny in every institution!
  • Trump is planning mass deportations!
  • Trump planned the virus!
  • Trump worked with Putin to place the bounties!
  • Trump wants to kill everyone.
  • The virus is killing everyone!
  • We need masks or we'll all die!
  • Trump is secretly working with China.
  • Trump is removing mailboxes all over the country!
  • Right-wing extremists are secretly the rioters!
  • Cops are secretly the rioters!
  • White supremacists are secretly the rioters!
  • Trump forced Ukraine to investigate Biden's son!
  • Trump is profiting off the virus!
  • Men are keeping women out of STEM!
  • Universities are trying to keep women down!
  • Wage gap
  • Cops only target minorities!
    I'm just gonna stop here... I could probably do this all night. I'm sure I'm still missing a ton as well.
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I'm still at a loss which outlet is the worst state-run propaganda arm.
It's a toss up between BBC (Britain), CBC (Canada), and CCTV (China).
The BBC is depressing because of it's history, but it tends to run social justice agenda pieces constantly from what I can tell. As well as very frequently omitting important information or misrepresenting it entirely.
The CBC on the other hand, seems to do that plus constantly sucking off liberal politicians to an obscene degree – offensively so.
CCTV is pretty self explanatory, but at least they don't necessarily pretend to be what they're not.
I feel like I'm missing some state outlets, too.... Oh well, I'm way too tired. I'll figure it out later.

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You have to love how people are constantly saying that speech laws aren't that big of a deal – until they lead to this and you've already set precedent for legislating speech.
I'm not even Australian, but the shit coming out of there lately has been insane.
Although, I guess it's certainly been heading that direction for quite a while now.

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