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I mean, I'm not going to be a hypocrite and pretend that looks don't play a role in what I look for in a partner as well, but it's not at all what women make it out to seem; that it's the only thing men look for. In fact, as previously mentioned, that couldn't be farther from the truth.
But in her case, she's basing her entire view solely on her insecurities. It never actually clicks for her that her self-esteem issues and personality are probably the biggest factor that pushes men away.

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Caitlin is a retard that doesn't realize that women literally have all the power when it comes to sexual dynamics. This isn't some "conspiracy theory;" it's a demonstrable fact. That's precisely why they so often use withholding sex as a type of "punishment" — this isn't lost on them and the overwhelming majority of women know this.
The reason men have "more ways to attract a partner other than looks" is literally out of necessity. The overwhelming majority of women are shallow and base their preferences on social status, materialism, and looks. If a man doesn't meet those criteria, it's a prerequisite to work on himself to stand out in some other meaningful way in order to attract a partner. Women are the ones who choose who they end up with; not men. A women who's average in every possible way will still have more suitors — by orders of magnitude — over a man who matches the same description, because men are much more willing to compromise their standards because they don't have a waiting list of partners at all times. Even relatively attractive dudes will be shot down by many women if they're not successful of able to provide social status.
I'm a relatively attractive guy and I can say from first-hand experience that I've definitely dated down — women who would be considered "less attractive." It wasn't because I was handing out charity or anything shallow and stupid like that, it's because the girls I dated really stood out as exceptional in other ways and I really enjoyed being around them and spending time together. This is the part that's lost on those like her. She has this weird vision of men based on stereotypes and consumer manufactured beliefs, and instead of considering that maybe she's the problem, she automatically assumes it must be everyone else.
She should take into serious consideration that it's not the men that are finding these women; it's the women who are finding these men, since they hold the majority of the power when it comes to forming relationships.

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I believe there's a massive market for it, especially in this day and age. People absolutely adore drama and a good expose; they can't get enough of it — myself included.
It taps into a very voyeuristic part of our personalities where we enjoy seeing the double lives that people are living and the corruption behind the scenes. Honestly, I believe the real problem is that modern media networks are absolutely shit at marketing it and don't know their demographics or how to drive interest.
Who doesn't love a good mystery, some intrigue, and drama? They're sitting on gold but are too scared to rock the boat with their corporate partners and are also so antiquated in their views that it's caused a complete disconnect from the average life in modern society.
The fact that so many executives and marketing teams continue to exhibit failure after failure with mainstream products because they're attempting to appeal to a very niche activist crowd on social media only demonstrates how separated they are from what people actually want.

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I really love Project Veritas.
I would say there are some errors in their approach and how they do things which has made it much easier for their detractors to attempt to discredit them, and sometimes they don't look at the big picture, but overall the work that they do is some of the more important work in journalism — even if it makes the activist journalists salty and butthurt.
Most of "journalism" these days is abhorrently lazy. Someone will write an entire article based off of a Tweet that has no basis in reality without ever bother checking into the veracity of the statement being made; look at the Rolling Stone article about "Ivermectin overdoses flooding hospitals." After that, every single outlet will essentially copy/paste almost verbatim whatever was written, creating a liberal circle-jerk of lies and deception that they never take responsibility for. In its own way, it incredibly ironic since these same sad losers are the ones constantly screeching about "misinformation." Apparently, it's ok for them to openly spread lies and bullshit, but think everyone else should be censored when speaking about something they don't wish to believe — which typically ends up being true.
We really need more people like PV to get out there and dig up dirt and platform whistleblowers.

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I love how obsequious droolers believe that an argument from authority somehow validates their position. It elucidates clearly their perpetual need as mindless consumers to wait to be told what to think instead of investigating any particular topic themselves using the greatest innovation in human history, which gives them access to the entire world's accumulated knowledge.
This not only demonstrates how obdurately stupid and lazy they are, but how they specifically seek out confirmation bias from sources they know are bias towards the views they wish to believe — places that very frequently conflate opinion with "fact." A group of vacuous morons driven by their myopic ideological zealotry projecting their cult-like behavior onto others because they're too dumb to realize the media manufactured hate fantasies that they've been inculcated with by their consumerism habits only exist inside their own heads and their echo chambers.
This is precisely why so many people juxtapose their bizarre deleterious behavior to a new type of self-worshiping theology or a cult — yet, for those who drank the kool-aid, they completely lack the self-awareness to realize it. As if at any point in history the people who were brainwashed were aware of their situation.
They can't point the finger and say, "No, you're the brainwashed one!" either. It's their side that completely controls every single institution of consumer culture. They have zero basis for such a ridiculous rebuttal, other than parroting nonsense media pushed into their enervated brains — which, coincidentally, only further illustrates the point.

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That's because they have no possible way to refute it. It's a cold reality that they're unwilling to accept and the only way they can think of to respond to it is by gaslighting and censoring.
It doesn't take a genius to figure this out, though. Do people think that those who participate in these grievance industry mega-corps are people who are looking to head to say, "We've done it! Mission accomplished! Now let's head to the unemployment line." Of course not — that's absurd. Whether people want to admit it or not, they are a business. Their product is whatever grievance they're fighting against, so they have a vested financial interest in seeking out any instance that helps drive donations to help fund their operation.
You'd have to be a naive mental toddler to believe otherwise. Some of these people make millions each year in salaries. Why in the hell would they simply give that up? How many people interested in such divisive topics can realistically say that they would?
Hell, we literally saw one of the BLM founders spend a huge amount of money buying four mansions within the last years. Is anyone foolish enough to think there aren't malicious con-artists out there who prey on people's goodwill for profit?

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Wow. This is actually a pretty bold stance. I'm impressed. They know the backlash that this will receive and they went with it anyway.
Clearly this employee must have been exceptionally toxic and narcissistic if Netflix of all places had to can them — but that describes a vast majority of these far-left activist types.

Their idea of being "oppressed" is not being able to cancel literally anyone who offends them.
It's insane.
"Oppression™" - Now sponsored by every multinational corporation and institution in western society.

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RIght, because I was the one who randomly started being a dick first. That makes total sense.
Talk about a complete lack of self-awareness.

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The answer is quite simple: The Grievance Industry.
How can people continue to make huge amounts of money by preying off the young, vulnerable, naive, desperate to do good, and insecure, if they don't have a bogeyman to chase after? In the event that there is no bogeyman, what do you think the best course of action would be if you want to continue to justify your career?
The answer is to create one.
These institutions will continue to move the goalposts and seek out new things to be "offended" over in order to continue to make money and justify their existence. The reason things seem more racist now than they did back then is because they are — and that's by design.
The entire ideology of the left is built on top of predatory behavior these days. They participate in empty didactic speeches where they present visions of an impossible utopia, but their actions consistently prove that their pretty words mean nothing and their primary concern is money and power.
What they now advocate for is Government control over people's entire lives. They weaponize the institutions of their countries to go after people who have dissenting views and represent a new brand of authoritarianism that's hidden behind a thin veil of fake virtue.
The saddest part is that there are so many who are genuinely too stupid to see what's blindingly apparent to anyone who actually pays attention to what's taking place.
We're watching the rise of a socialist/communist regime who's objectives is antithetical to everything a "free society" is built upon — all because their snobby elitist attitudes make them feel like they know best. It comes with a total lack of foresight and thinking of the future.

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I'll share my thoughts that I've shared before on just such a topic.
We are in a new age. At this very moment we're already engaged in what many wars will look like in the future: a war of information. People on the left are already more than aware of this which is why they're so adamant about censoring views they don't want gaining traction.
The days of using force are done; they're not coming back any time soon.
Force only works when you have control of the narrative and what people see and don't see. As of right now, in nearly every facet applicable, the anti-progressive crowd are in a undeniable disadvantage. This is pretty much indisputable. In order to achieve success, people absolutely must use many of the same methods that their opposition used to gain them that advantage.
Anyone who believes that there's some miracle one-size-fits-all solution where if we just do some big thing we'll achieve what we're looking for is completely insane. What's happening now is a war of attrition.
If we're intent on fighting back then it's imperative that we do it in ways that exceed their expectations and keep them on their toes. We must be smart, calculative, cunning, shrewd, and have solid guiding principles. The meme war of 2016 is a perfect example of that. It completely played to our strengths and caught them so off-guard that we were able to get a man elected President because of it. Don't underestimate the power of the internet. That's the biggest mistake that conservative-types have done these last several decades and they're paying dearly because of it now, leaving that burden to us to fix.

The methods they're using are all based on dishonesty, propaganda, authoritarianism, and misinformation. There's others as well but I think people get the gist.
I believe that those methods are also completely unsustainable.
To put it quite bluntly: it's a one-way ticket.
As many people most certainly know, once you see how shit really is, there's no going back. It's why the term "red-pill" has been such a fitting description.
It's one of those "once you see it you can't unsee it" type situations. Every day, more and more people are seeing the shocking frequency that the left and their cohorts lie. This has never been more true as with the mandates, vaccines, Biden screwing shit up, and Covid itself. If they were on the fence before, then when they begin to notice who, exactly, the people speaking the truth are now, it's going to make them begin to question a lot more. That's why the truth is such an effective weapon. A lie can only be covered up — you can only create more lies to do that. The truth, however, is the truth — it simply exists as is and is immutable. That's why whenever they can, they try their best to use it but misrepresent it in every conceivable way. Which is also the reason it's important to know that and call it out for being deceptive.

The truth is a much more effective tool than a lie. As I mentioned before, this is a war of attrition that will take time. It took decades for them to achieve this power, there's no way in hell you're undoing it in a year or two, it's just never going to happen.
That said, the truth is a very powerful weapon and the methods we're currently using are working — and quite well, too. Just because you're not noticing it being showcased in consumer culture or mainstream society, doesn't mean nothing is changing.

During the election we watched a President — who had been the subject of four straight years of witch hunts and smears from every single institution imaginable — gain millions upon millions of votes. More importantly, those are just the ones we know of. If there was some sort of shady shit happening, as many very qualified experts have pointed out with votes being shifted from Trump to Biden, then that number goes up by a staggering amount.

If the methods people are using are so "ineffective," that would not be the case whatsoever — at all.
They are effective, but as mentioned, these things will invariably take time and patience.
It's not a sprint; it's a marathon.

Anyway, point is everyone should fight back. Period. They should never ignore what's taking place and decide to be apathetic while under some retarded delusion that it will somehow just "go away" — because it won't.
But they should do is smart.
In the end, the most important thing people can do is educate themselves. Learn as much as you possibly can about things that you consider important to you. Learn about your opposition, even if you feel you know enough, don't be arrogant. There's always more you can learn.

We're in the age of information warfare, where knowledge is power. People can't afford to be idiots who are completely unarmed.

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Ahhh, so you're just going to default to make-believe and pretend I was saying things I wasn't in order to make your nonexistent point. Ok cool. Apparently reading the title was super hard.

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What they never mention is how many times he's been arrested or in prison compared to the guy who received "half the time for a similar crime."
Also, what were the dissimilarities?
All of that seems rather relevant to the topic, doesn't it?

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Is he joking?
From everything I've read that sort of behavior is amplified exponentially in gay bars? Or is that just a stereotype?
Either way, he's full of shit.
If he's going to gay bars, there's only one reason he's there. Coincidentally, it's the same reason he doesn't go to hetero bars — except much more literal.

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Yeah, apparently he died on the scene, it just wasn't confirmed and reported at the time. It's truly sad. What an awful way to go.
Prayers are with him and his family, but I can't help but feel the constant smears, lies, and dehumanizing, play a major role in these sorts of things happening more frequently with known conservatives.
Although, typically not to this extent of violence.

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It's truly amazing. This comes a few weeks after Labour member Angela Rayner openly called Tories "scum" and was adamant about dehumanizing them further to score political points.
What's even crazier is everyone should search for news articles about this incident. Almost every single one justifiably mentions how sad they are and all that, but simultaneously they smear him, and still, without fail, are pushing their politics by talking about violence against Liberals and how he was "anti-LGBT," etc.
These people are total scumbag gutter trash pieces of shit to their core.

Naturally, there's no race mentioned on the murderer — who was apprehended. That typically could only mean one thing, but we'll have to wait and see.

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It's considered that now; however, it sure as hell wasn't back in 2009 — or even 2004 when she first began speaking about it.
You really need to learn your history and find out why coronavirus vaccines have all failed in the past and how long it typically took before the effects really began to display themselves.
That's why many people are worried about the long-term effects. Almost no one from the very beginning thought they would just outright exterminate people. Do you even realize how obvious that would be?
What's made the vaccines fail in the past is that they've left people susceptible to viruses found in nature as well as completely immunocompromised. These effects almost never displayed themselves until 2 to 3 years later — not immediately.
That doesn't mean anything bad will even come of this crap now, as I've said before, chances are much higher that this is simply greedy assholes being greedy. That said, if the plan was a depopulation plan — which we unequivocally know that nearly every single liberal elite supports eugenics or depopulation initiatives — they're going to execute it in a way that isn't blindingly obvious, but that plays out over an extended period of time.
Even if they wiped out 90% of the population, that 10% is still way the hell more than enough to wipe them out as revenge.
Hell, the fact that Delta even exists should raise serious concerns. Typically, coronaviruses only mutate into weaker versions as time goes on. Pretty much the only exception to this is when, exactly?
When vaccines are involved.
Hence why we never got an "even more deadly and contagious" variant before the vaccine. These people are seriously playing with fire and better pray that history of failed conronavirus vaccines doesn't repeat — or even more terrifying, some form of Marek's disease.

Either way, to think that it isn't "killing or sterilizing" enough yet may be a bit preemptive, especially when we're looking at boosters every few months and the harm seems to be increasing in a linear fashion statistically.

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I never said it was?
How would even know that anyway? It sounds like you're just making crap up to be negative again for no reason. It's weird as hell.

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It's alright, man. I'm a white male — no one would take the rape seriously anyway.

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I don't think anyone could ever make the argument that camwhores and OF thots have absolutely anyone they can blame.
At least in the porn industry they can try to pretend it was others who convinced them. When you're making an OnlyFans or camwhoring there's no escaping that it's completely by your own choice.
Although, I expect 10-15 years from now we'll hear sob stories of how they're victims of something or another.

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They very much are a liability in most instances. Still, I don't see them changing shit any time soon — or ever, really.

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I'll believe it was all a "big mistake" when she gives up the massive amount of money it's helped her to make and the fame she has now.
Until then, she's just a pathetic grifting slut who regrets what she did and has to blame literally everyone else instead of taking responsibility for her own actions.
We all have things we regret when younger; however, at 21 years old there's not a single person alive who doesn't know what entering into the porn industry means. Pretending that she was somehow the victim of others is retarded and should never be something that rational people reward her with sympathy for — especially when every single time her fame begins to wane again we get a new media interview/article where she makes sure to grab the spotlight to remind everyone, which only brings attention to her work.
To put it bluntly: she's full of shit.
Unless you're an actual mentally deficient retard with learning disabilities, you're not a "victim" of your own dumb choices.

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