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Legend has it the judge snarled, "this is maga court" as he lunged at her.

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yup it should be 0-1% for the win - that is if you believe that it is soooo virulent that everyone is getting it.

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How about anti-bullying policy that expels all members of the commie retard groups that are pushing this libelous bullshit?

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I didn't really pay attention to the trial proceedings since I figured they were doomed to presumed guilt, but if I remember correctly:

  1. The perp was a known thief in the neighborhood and had a criminal record for theft
  2. The perp was obviously not in the neighborhood to jog, given his attire
  3. It is a proven fact that the perp was casing construction sites prior to the attempted citizen's arrest
  4. The cops had told the community that they would not respond to property crimes due to too much property crime
  5. The cops basically deputized the accused by telling them to police their own neighborhood
  6. The state changed their laws on citizens arrest AFTER this happened, implying that this was a valid attempted citizens arrest
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I watched no-cep testify for about 1 minute and that was enough to see what an insufferable cunt faggot he is.

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The correct term is "identify as", and it isn't lying.

In the 90's I identified as black on my PSAT test and a week later I was bombarded with college pamphlets from all over the country. This shit's been real for a long time.

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So some regular dudes should see this and kick the shit out of these choads and claim to have bashed the fash and be anointed heros.

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I can't say how much for govt involvement but there is obviously a huge influence outside of the drive for profits. This goes for all main stream media. They gladly take huge hits to their popularity in order to force feed this communist propaganda.

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Yeah I remember that joke and then the news going on in the world was literally black militias with guns - and no white people said shit about taking their guns away.

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The last special was like an hour long illustration of a slippery slope. He gets you in the first half with his regular no-holds-barred brand of comedy. Then he leverages his previous critique of trannies to segue into the "good tranny" story - which is an emotional plea to accept trannies as "having a real human experience". Then he caps off the special by stating that he will never "punch down" at trannies again. The normie viewer comes away persuaded that trannies may be weird but they are not bad and that you are bad if you don't accept them.

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  1. They are sooooo scared of men being violent liars. Why do they want men at all?

  2. Age-wise, these women are all post-wall or quickly approaching the wall. The writer doesn't describe their appearance, so it's safe to say they aren't really keeping themselves healthy.

  3. These women can get "a" man - unless there is something extremely wrong with them. They just still believe they are princesses who shouldn't settle for less than prince charming.

In conclusion, why would a normal man invest the effort in a hypergamic, ugly old woman who assumes he is a psychopath?

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Nevermind that its 100% women who go to the bathroom together on purpose.

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Lil' nog emulating basketball american lebron james - pretending to know how to read but not smart enough to look past the first page for the photo op.

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I think it was Don Cheadle who found out on TV that his ancestors had been slaves... of Native Americans. He was devastated - like he was proud of being descended from slaves of white people and it was a personal tragedy to learn facts.

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The only way to get rid of them without a lawsuit is to do a large scale workforce reduction and include them "randomly". Especially black women.

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I totally get why the woke are the way they are - it's a power play. The crazy thing is why anybody would hire a black person knowing they didn't earn any of their degrees.

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My baseless claim is that the museum is receiving "infrastructure" money to pay for the new help - and obeying the agenda will keep the money flowing to the suits.

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