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As said elsewhere, we're still suffering Rule 3 flashbacks -- halfKIA usually wouldn't let us touch certain subjects unless we could find somebody like Sophia or Ian talking about them.

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These people are so retarded they couldn't see how sexually exploiting children in order to make a movie about how sexually exploiting children is bad might be a stupid, illogical idea.

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Seems like the writer/director felt like they had to make this as absolutely reprehensible as possible in order to shock people in to seeing what is going on with children these days.

That doesn't excuse what they did to actual children in order to make this movie.

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When Republicans fuck up, the fuckup is the story. When Democrats fuck up, the Republican response is the story.

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Kotaku Inaction

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That's how bad it is -- people who are almost literally trapped in their houses would still rather do anything than watch the NBA.

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It's not even 4D chess, he's playing regular old 2D chess with people who have somehow forgotten how to play.

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Not sure if this is grooming, but it's definitely shitty design. It seems clear to me that the company somehow got all the way through the process of manufacturing this thing without becoming aware of the possible implications.

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I think they already rescinded the ban. Honk honk.

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Ironically, when Popper said "Intolerant" it was exactly this kind of person he was talking about. The Left is even more intolerant of opposing ideas than the Right.

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OAG is our Alex Jones -- completely batshit nuts, but he's also right more often than people want to admit.

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January 2009. It's been in a coma ever since the day making fun of the President became racist.