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You don't get to create weapons, reap the benefits of using them, then get sympathy that someone picked them up when you left them behind to continue to use them. The trannies and the current crop of Woke didn't create any of this. They just continued the tradition passed down for a century of gay, feminist or Civil Rights activists.

The time to be "uncomfortable" about it was a generation ago, instead they happily consumed from the ill gotten gains of pushing these types of things into the government's hands. Until it came for them too, then suddenly they don't like it anymore and want to be a victim so you don't hold them responsible.

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not every person in the FBI is a glowie out to kill you and your family

While I agree with the rest of your point about rushing to label these things, the actions these agencies get up to aren't really well kept secrets (and the secrets are probably even worse). Someone still willing to join despite knowing that taints themselves simply by that approval alone.

Especially as, given that reputation, you absolutely should treat every single one you see as someone who will do that because you are far more likely to be right than not.

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Yeah, the type of guys like this only go with the ambulance by force and against thier own will. The kind of old men to call you to break them out of a hospital.

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I've never seen that particularly, but the point of gumbo is generally "toss whatever scraps and leftovers you have in to make it." Just like po' boys do for sandwiches instead of soup.

Because we were poor traditionally and all our "cuisine" reflects that, exactly like the blacks pretend is special to them.

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It also feels more filling. Like, I can shove down two burgers and instantly feel full and done while the same rough amount in healthier food is gonna take a while before I feel the same despite giving the same outcome.

So when you live based on pure impulse and instantly responding to whatever emotional stimulus gives you, that shitty food is always more compelling a choice.

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Can confirm, everyone back home is pretty fat to at least heart-diseased regardless of skin color.

But also literally no one cares about Southern White people unless its to criticize or take from us, so it never comes up.

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first Latino to be elected mayor in a Pennsylvania municipality with more than 85,000 residents

Proving as always, you can't even let these types in long enough to see if they are "one of the good ones." They are always a plague the moment they come in.

Also, son of a single mother. Another red flag.

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Its even worse than that.

Rags had never seen it beyond a handful of Youtube clips but did his normal "extreme hyperbole, everything I remotely don't like is literally objectively bad" (see also him missing crucial mechanics in REmake 2 and deciding it was garbage because of it).

So Mauler had to go "watch" it on his own with a completely unrelated guy, and decided (totally free of bias because he'd never take a position to protect his own guy) Rags was 100% right and it was terrible and that literally everyone was wrong.

Of course once they tried to buddy buddy with E;R, a basically untouchable name to most of their audience, that would make trouble.

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Its like the word nigger, its reclaimed and brotherhood and amazing and we should use it every third word except when guys we don't like do it, then its bad and derogatory and hurtful and evil.

That's why its empowering for a gay to groom and molest, but bad for a straight to do it.

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On Saturday morning dozens of people were gathered outside the Reading City Hall on Washington Street to participate in the city’s first ever “Pride March and Rally” endorsed by Mayor Eddie Moran

If its taken until literally 2023 for your city to have a Pride Parade, its probably because the populace doesn't want it. The fact that they had to throw in the mayor endorsing it tells me it was absolutely an inorganic push meant to raise a political portfolio over a bunch of gays setting it up themselves.

Matthew Wear of Reading, who told The Lancaster Patriot that he had been preaching prior to Atkins’ arrival and was told to stop by the same police officer who later handcuffed Atkins. Wear said he preached for about twelve minutes and then began filming the event from across the street.

So the cops were already ready and unfettered to arrest immediately and quickly. Further proof that the politicians in charge knew it would go down poorly and wanted to shut down any problems before they could happen.

Which, given its a fat doughboy doing the arrest with two girlcop harpies hanging around him, they probably didn't have to work hard to convince them.

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Back in the 90s a bunch of Native Indians made up the word '2spirit' to replace the traditional 'Berdache' phrase used for many centuries by unspecified tribes.

Where it just meant a effeminate homo man. But they act like it was some super progressive term to show the Indians accepted trannies into their society.

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The whole EFAP crew is the same

It was always gonna go downhill once Wolf left. He was a PoS in plenty of his own ways, but he was angry and autistic enough to call everyone, even his friends, on their shit. Its no surprise once he was off, Rags was able to run his mouth wantonly and every "debate" became a lot of dogpiling each other until you agreed with him.

And now that all of them are "established" they don't want to rock the boat too much and risk their shekels, unlike how they came up.

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I'm almost positive that if South Dakota lost it, they'd just cease to be a state and be devoured by North Dakota as they faded to complete irrelevance.

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Its hard to learn a lesson when the moment things get tough you can just turn on a few tears and turn to daddy (actual, husband or government) to fix it for you.

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Right, I was simply aiming for violently non-conform. As in, waiting by the door with your gun ready for when they come for you.

Like with the vaxx thing, plenty of people refused until the OSHA thing and finally caved because it ceased to be social pressure and became financial. And plenty more who held on past that would have caved to actual direct threats.

Only a few truly exceptional individuals are going to stick it out to the bitter end.

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I think its a larger problem that people feel comfortable posting their political opinions loudly enough across internet channels linked directly to their work. "Opinions are my own" is a cheap copout that has the same weight as "I'm not racist, but..." in terms of meaninglessness and shouldn't ever be considered valid.

The only reason to have your name and face attached to your social media that you use to be a loud twat on is because you want to also use it for business. Which means it now becomes an actual professional issue instead of just "fired for opinion."

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Yeah sure Trump should give it a shot and try to beat the system

He really only beat it the first time because they expected him to lose handily and didn't really bother to put in more than a token effort. Remember Jill Stein did a huge stink about doing a recount because she thought Trump cheated, then quietly stopped (and disappeared from being talked about entirely despite years of consistent talk prior) once she uncovered Hillary was the only one with an amount that couldn't be called a literal clerical error and likely had committed enough fraud to be considered a problem in just one state.

That's unlikely to be a mistake they make twice, so even if you are on the train of "no real fraud happened, he just lost" they aren't going to rest on their laurels and let someone take them by surprise a second time.

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The fun part about threats like this, is they are entirely designed to make you submit pre-emptively rather than actually enforce. That's how the "using OSHA to force all companies to vaxx employees" thing went down, before it got struck down for obvious reasons.

Much like gun control, they are piss terrified to actually directly do things like this in a lot of countries. Because they know they will get incredible backlash, and with that is the small chance of a handful of people being immune to the social pressure to comply.

All it takes is 10 or so individuals miles apart out of hundreds of millions to react psychotically and suddenly you have a shootout with people dead and a huge PR nightmare on your hands inspiring more people to resist, and it spirals from there. Militia groups and all sorts of "far right extremists" are still growing to this day off of Ruby Ridge/Waco PR recruiting for them.

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I'm looking forward to playing Sea of Thieves for the thousandth hour for most of the year, as the game I was most excited for (Darkest Dungeon 2) is completely awful and will likely be so for a long while.

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It'll get shut down quick once the ugly girls come together in mutual hatred of the less ugly girls posting there and begin to dox each other, as women always do.

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You know, there is a reason why we usually require people to meet in person for a lot of services. A lot is lost over the phone and even over video, to a point where its downright irresponsible to prescribe anything to them other than a "come in."

That's why I say BetterHelp is probably one of the most insidious and damaging companies around today. Its literally making legions of people with mild to major psycho-issues and placebo-ing them into worse states. And doing it all by literally buying infinite ad-time on every station possible so it has massive social pressure to sound like it works.

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The difference between obscenity and not obscenity

Its called the Miller Test for anyone interested, that's the official criteria for the Supreme Court and should be in theory for the Federal Courts as a whole. It has three parts:

the average person finds it appealing entirely to sexual interests

the sexual interest is patently offensive

it lacks literary, artistic, political, or scientific value

It requires all three be met to be considered obscene, which the "artistic merit" loophole allows for most things to slip through (not just for them, but basically anything that any morality police wants censored as it was heavily used in the 90s for violent comics).

Not to mention the "average person" part allows a claim that if the majority of the community finds it perfectly fine, then its fine. So a bunch of fags shitting on each other's chest in LA is perfectly allowed because its acceptable to most people there.

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