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The Visa overstayers might go back. The border hoppers likely wouldn't because the coyotes and other methods needed to cross only go one way, so they physically wouldn't be able to for most of them.

These people would just resort to more crime and going further under ground, while playing on local's sympathies, if the federal government stopped fully funding them.

Heck one of my big local rings is a fully legal Mexican fellow who simply snaps up every dude who arrives, forces them into 7 day a week for 200$ month labor jobs and then collects on the huge contracts the corporations are actually paying for that work. No government involved, and its suspected he actually pays to smuggle them over himself. Just a regular old "no labor laws apply" scheme.

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Which only works through their own lack of ability to not project. They are obsessed with "canon" and the intentions of the author, to the point where it dictates their own understanding of the world and the works.

People like what Punisher stands for and that's why he is so popular. 95% of the people putting his Emblem up haven't read a single comic book other than a page someone shared on Facebook. The canon change does nothing to deter that, and that's what they'll never understand.

Plus its a comic book, so its almost certain to be double retconned in a few years anyway so they can milk the well.

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We can want people to be a lot of things: reasonable, law abiding, loyal. But time has shown many people outright refuse to be so and cannot be made so in any way that won't become treasonous the moment they think they can get away with it.

All illegals have shown themselves willing to commit a major crime just to become that, there is no changing the fact that they are in fact major criminals. And if we forgive huge crimes just because sad stories or "for votes" then there is no point to having laws in general. Just suggestions and Elites stomping on you.

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Jumpscares are an important part of the puzzle, but lazy devs treat them as the entire thing.

A properly executed one is there to make the build up and dread actually lead to something. No matter how well equipped you are or confident in the game, its an attack on you the player, meaning its always effective. Without the "jumpscare" portion, the sound of Pyramid Head scrapping in the background loses all fear because after the first go around you know its meaningless filler and cannot actually harm you.

The apex of the Genre still is and will always be Condemned 2's multiplayer, because it actually managed to incorporate both the "building dread" and the "jumpscare" portion into part of the actual gameplay instead of just player feelings. The constant dread means you don't move as fast as you should in fear of an ambush or getting spooked and you keep your flashlight off so they don't see you coming, lighting is so powerful that players can be jumpscares if they choose to by turning off their flashlights and waiting for you to come by (because you turned yours off to not be seen, you can't see them either), and the low TTK and sensitive controls means that someone who just got jumpscared won't be able to land the necessary hits to win a brawl.

It even manages a game mode to do the RE style, where you have a gun with a lot of ammo and health but your supplies are finite, while the enemies have instant respawns and low health to Bum Rush (name of the mode) you to try and chip you down. So its the growing fear of knowing every missed bullet or small damage will add up.

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You'd have to prove those people don't already exist in our own country and that said person wouldn't just leave once they get secured enough.

Unless its a literal Newton level "changing human knowledge as we know it" type, nothing they bring couldn't be brought by just investing in our own people to find the capable ones growing here. Which has all the benefits and none of the caution or drawbacks as importing one.

Countries aren't a video game where you need to increase your Engineer Population to keep your talent tree progressing. So there isn't a need to leave openings to exploit for them.

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He's also very soft in most of his approaches to problems. It doesn't seem like it, because the Left treat him like a psycho with a knife, but once you strip away his slightly abrasive way of saying it, he always has a pretty gentle solution to peddle.

In this case, he won't deport or just shoot illegals like most of us would want. He will try to make them into Americans, despite them showing how little they want that.

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According to her soapbox rant, where its literally just pages of her attacking him while he sits silently looking sad, she was in the park that day just to tell him that when she died before getting to.

Clearly, just like when they killed Pepe in his comic, this means the Punisher was always wrong and everyone will abandon him.

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Yes that's what I said.

People have a natural inclination towards the less fortunate, especially white people. Its why we feel compelled to be kinder and gentler towards actual retards rather than just abort or eugenics them with a bullet. This is a good thing because its how we reached such heights, because it builds communities and trust among them.

Some people have stronger inclinations towards others in those instincts and it drives them to go to even further reaches to sacrifice to help. It may be fruitless to waste on imbeciles in most of these countries, but I'd rather those people exist than not.

The issue is those who feel that but are too self-centered and lazy to do anything about it. These are the ones voting to just "give money" to all these losers and put us in a wasteful endless cycle. Those are the ones exploited by propaganda like this.

This by Telia
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The problem is that every single white nation managed to make something of itself and be a mostly civilized place if absurdly poor due to corruption.

So if you want to help the lowest and most suffering of people, you always end up going to brown and black nations. Its not even a close competition. And I think most Christian/Mormons went there entirely with noble intentions regardless of the greater politics at play.

So its even more insidious, wherein they take the work of legitimately good people (not pictured here) trying to just make the world less shit and then use it to push their white guilt and globalized agenda.

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I personally like showing people Maximum the Hormone just to fuck with them. It was really easy back when they made the OP/ED for Death Note and it became easy again when Chainsaw Man of all things dedicated a whole chapter to their most famous song.

Because not only is their music in a completely other language, half of its runtime is spent being peppy JPOP because their drummer is a tiny Asian girl singing it.

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I think the recent Punisher one takes the cake.

Where his wife is brought back from the dead, just to call his crusade stupid and selfish and him evil, that she had already sold all of his houses and possessions so she can then divorce him and give his half to gay charities (while keeping her own), that it was what she intended to do all along and she hated him before she died, and then leaves while pregnant with a child he will never see.

Of course that one doesn't even have half the "excuses" for its existence, its a clear actual humiliation ritual to tear down a character that the Right loves.

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I skipped it because its wokeness in production literally killed a woman. She didn't sound like a good person, but still.

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The first two felt fine and just classic Deadpool dumbassery.

Then the third one feels actually malicious and part of a very odd trend where superheroes across the spectrum must lose their girlfriend and be dating someone else.

Like, it felt awful when Spiderman was doing it 20+ years ago and no one liked it there. Its continued commonplace really feels like a humiliation ritual, a way to tear down "heroes" people look up to.

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You shouldn't trust conservative females period. If they hold even half the values and principles of the movement, they wouldn't be making their voice heard loud enough for you to know it outside their community.

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We need them all to be required to be eligible for the draft to vote, that'll cut down their voting numbers.

This nigger thinks that the women won't just take all the office jobs possible, while waiting for their turn to get pregnant to get out of service for as long as possible before aborting it.

Women who willingly sign up for the military already do that, why would the conscripted ones be any different?

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Musk being African-American ruins a lot of language tricks, as well as a lot of narratives about Africa and South Africa specifically. So they instead insist on saying he is Dutch, unlike all the blacks in America who get to be the actual African Americans and not Congolese or wherever they originally came from.

Its a clever little trick of language they use.

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On the positive side, its also left them completely defenseless against a lot of confident sincerity.

Say to someone's face you are a racist/homophobic and unapologetic about it, and they often cannot even fathom such a thing. They can handle "ironic racism" or people who are afraid of social shaming (which cringe culture falls under), but cannot deal with someone unconstrained by such strings.

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People like Musk and the rest of the whites mess up most of their "Africa" narratives, so they make sure to remind you they are not in fact South African but Dutch or whatever European they came from. They cannot be African, or even African American, because it would ruin numerous ways they use to manipulate language all around us.

In the same way that every single Jewish immigrant is certain to point out they were a Jewish immigrant, before or the the exclusion of their actual nation. This is to remind you that being Jewish is the most important "category" one can belong to and supersedes all others to the point of making them not matter. Though they'd never say that because it proves a lot of anti-semitism right.

This doesn't even limit to just them. Anyone who is even slightly not pure white will have their Mutt Latino/Asian genealogy listed in full always. White people however rarely get such loving descriptions, they aren't British/German/Swedish mixed. They are European or American, or not even mentioned at all.

So it goes deeper than just framing of headlines, its all around us constantly pushing a bunch of their narratives.

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Cringe culture happened. Where any and all shows of sincerity ran the risk of being called "cringe" and mocked. You couldn't be openly passionate, emotional, or even serious anymore because someone would call it cringe and have a bunch of seals whooping with them about it.

So now you had to have these over the top shows to prove you were doing something "ironically." Because if it was ironic, then it wasn't cringe because you already knew it was cringe and that made it funny all over again.

Its a really clever thing they pulled by doing it, because now most people are hesitant to be openly nerdy, or angry, or even happy around others. Which means they are less likely to spread those emotions and risk having people thinking things they shouldn't.

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He at least made his show as a trailblazer on an untested platform and created an audience and industry when there really wasn't one prior.

That alone puts him miles ahead of any other later "youtube famous" guys.

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If we didn't have to compete with mass immigration for all houses and jobs (and the lowered pay of them because of their willingness to work for slave wages), most people would be financially secure enough to have more kids and likely put us much closer to the replacement rate.

You are repeating their narrative of selling the solution to a problem that is partially created by that solution in the first place.

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Here is another one for you.

When looking at the biography of any major figure, see how often they are "Jewish-Russian" instead of just Russian immigrants or any other nationality.

Same way that Elon Musk or another other white South African is Dutch or Dutch-Afrikaner.

Those little language manipulations they sneak in tells you more about them than anything else.

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Its just the end result of one of their most upheld principles.

Their politics are not politics, its "decency" or "common sense" or "human rights." Thereby its immune to all rules and previous statements they would otherwise say.

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I didn't mention him being a Jew. Unless you think the deep nepotism that controls the entire comedy industry is because its also massively overrepresented in Jews, but that's not why I think it would be that way regardless of demographic.

I enjoy plenty of stuff, its why I have a long list of standup comedy I do and don't enjoy (at least half of them Jews and Liberals). And why "I said something OFFENSIVE LOUDLY, also have I mentioned I'm a gross middle aged man" isn't high on the list enough for me to say "oh you get a pass for something other men didn't."

The same way Sarah "FUDGE IS SHIT" Silverman isn't funny, yet has the connections somehow to both continue to be in projects and also be absurdly racist without anyone cancelling her. But I'm sure them being childhood friends, and him thereby being closely connected to Jimmy Kimmel among other big names, has nothing to do with his fame and promotion on every network.

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