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No, but you can see the pink lacy thong in his plumber's crack.

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It's probably poor quality considering it was never intended to see use.

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but for Michelle, pleasuring herself serves a different purpose: She is trying to figure out what makes her feel good. Exploring her changed body alone eliminates the guilt she has when she can’t climax with her husband.

Short of some nightmare of a perineal tear or an episiotomy, how different could her cooch possibly be after childbirth?

All of the parts that get wrecked are between 3 and 9 o'clock while the nerves that give pleasure are at noon.

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It's no surprise the lotus eaters is blowing up on Rumble because they really do have some true diversity of thought there

Do they really have diversity of thought though? 🤔

I watch their YT clips frequently and their Rumble lives occasionally.

They do have some interesting guests. Dan is unique in that he's a bit older and thus gives a different perspective. Stellios is also different in that he's very verbose and doesn't have complete command of the English language.

But TBH, I find most of the other regulars fairly interchangeable. I have no problem with any of them but often don't differentiate between Callum, Harry, Connor and the other guy who's name escapes me.

I also wish they introduce their guests and the panel on their clips, even with a simple infographic or YT description.

I understand they are just raw segments from the podcast. But often I watch a lengthy clip and have no idea who is the new person in studio.

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I thought women were compassionate wrt to animals.

Until I experienced multiple encounters where they demanded the dog be killed the very second it became weak and inconvenient.

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I understand the premise but don't understand how "half the 11 y/o girls in the class were bisexual" is statistically impossible.

Is it based on comparison to bisexual/LGBT rates reported as the national average and then calculating that a random small class of 12-15 random middle school girls are all individually gay?

By using this method, the chance of 6-8 girls out of 12-15 in an elementary school classroom being innately gay would be infinitesimal if say the national LGBT rate was say 5%. But not statistically impossible.

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These morons also aren't building any corresponding infrastructure.

No more hospital beds. No interstate highways. No new power plants.

They do sometimes build new schools. But then they immediately close and sell off the local neighbourhood elementary schools to open central ones.

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I thought she sounded Indian personally.

Essentially every bank teller in the country has been replaced by a useless shitskin over the last few years.

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Is this why the Autoplay option turned itself back on again?

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"Canadian truckers" these days , outside of those protesting, are essentially Sikhs.

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You might want to check out some of Griffin's content from The Armchair Historian on YT. Specifically some of his livestreams where he's demonstrating some of his war strategy games that he's developed from scratch.

I personally find his personality grating. He's mostly focused on Napoleon-era digital war board game strategy setups.

But he's the only one I've ever known to try to develop and demo similar content themselves from the ground up.


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So is Reform the rebranded UKIP party that Sargon ran for?

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I watched the segment but I lacked context without knowledge of Bong politics.

What's the ELI5 on the Reform Party?

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I've had a few people show me their natural gas bills triple suddenly this month with breakdowns very similar to yours.

Less than 30 dollars worth of actual gas used, gross totals suddenly around 250 bucks.

Something fucky seems to have happened between the upcoming carbon tax increase and wonky spikes in annualized algos to smooth out monthly billing.

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This isn't believable considering it doesn't mention POC, trannies, alphabet people or illegal aliens once.

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Was this the "Conservative" influencer who was criticized last year for baking with her jugs strategically positioned in every frame?

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I commented before listing to Dr. Bhattacharya's podcast segment with her.

She does or did head the Concerned Ontario Doctor splinter group (not sure what their COVID beliefs are, they are more a dissident group against universal healthcare funding shenanigans).

She did file a defamation suit but in response was hit with a 1.2 million penalty award anti-SLAPP judgment from the judge before the case was even heard.

Apparently it got appealed down to 300k but owes the sum total by the end of the month which will essentially bankrupt her and her family medicine/pediatrics practise.

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She was head of the splinter group Concerned Doctors Ontario? established pre-pandemic to oppose the very cozy relationship the main (and mandatory) advocacy group, the Ontario Medical Association has with the provincial government that sets fee schedules and funding cuts.

She's been pretty good on COVID for a long time on Twitter.

IIRC, she also filed a defamation lawsuit in Ontario against some of the government shill Twitter docs that smeared her, buf unfortunately had a decision against her and was penalized something like a million dollars in her opponents' legal costs.

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