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Eliza Bleu is a middle-aged dangerhair whore who cozied up next to Elon (and claims to have contributed to purging CP from Twitter) and did the right-wing independent media circuit claiming to be a human trafficking survivor and advocate, but provided no receipts.

Brittany Venti, another YT e-thot, messaged Bleu on Twitter asking questions about her trafficking timeline and linked to a Worldstar Hiphop YT video from half a decade ago starring Bleu seemingly consensually twerking her ass.

Bleu seemingly used her Twitter insider connections to file false reports against anyone on Twitter posting links to the twerking video, fraudulently claiming people were posting nonconsensual revenge porn. Twitter subsequently suspended Venti.

The Quartering subsequently posted the same link and was subsequently banned from Twitter as well. The same happened to other creators like Yellowflash that did the same.

Their appeals to have their accounts reinstated were subsequently denied even though the video was on YT and public for 6 years. Hambly did get his Twitter back and may or may not have had to delete the tweet.

Bleu subsequently had Worldstar HipHop take down the public video that had been up for 6 years even though they owned the rights and not her (and was apparently paid for her work).

The Twitter bannings led to independent Internet sleuthing into her past. There are tons of inconsistencies such as she claims to have been trafficked by a famous ban as a teen, but she was already in her mid-20s when the supposed band was active. She won't name her accusers or provide any receipts. She also possibly has been involved in a whole bunch or sketchy stuff herself such as modeling, cam girls, pornography, clout chaser, groupies, etc.

While banned off Twitter, The Quartering did a ton of daily videos trying to get bigger creators like Tim Pool to pick up the story to get more exposure and put more pressure on Twitter and YT. Tim Pool, who hosted Bleu twice on his show prior to the controversy, completely ignored addressing the controversy on his daily show despite his chat Superchatting him and pressing him about it, very similar to how he handled it a year ago when he had given Jack Murphy a platform whom later turned out to be a camwhoring hypocrite cuck.

Tim Pool was feeling the heat from his fanbase for remaining silent, so he flipped out a bit last weekend on Twitter, lying that he wasn't covering the Bleu story because The Quartering canceled a live appearance on Timcast that was booked a month ago, but Jeremy canceled last minute because of acute-on-chronic fear of flying.

The Quartering posted a follow-up video noting that this was BS as his appearance was booked a month ago before the Bleu thing blew up.

Tim Pool subsequently blocked Jeremy on Twitter.

Apparently, Pool previously hired a writer to embed with Bleu recently, who just published today the first in a series of articles about her. Supposedly the article is a terribly written simping navel-gazing diatribe that barely touches on the issues that people are upset about.

Pool's chat and some of The Quartering's stans continued to demand that Pool address the issue on air tonight via chat and Superchats.

Pool apparently went insane tonight, telling subscribers to BTFO and cancel while claiming all the people in chat criticizing him (along with presumably other YT creators like Hambly) are paid bots being financed by Bleu's PR team to "make her more famous".

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For those not familiar, Cochrane studies are considered the best in the world and can't be dismissed by Regime cultists like they do with every other thing that refutes their brainwashing.

AFAIK, Cochrane doesn't actually do any primary medical research (ie. Actually conduct any physical solitary medical trials).

They instead are a clearinghouse of sorts where they used to do secondary meta-analysis reviews trying to collect all the best studies floating out in the ether for a clinical question. They use evidence-based medicine appraisal techniques to boil it all down in good faith to make a single recommendation on whether there's enough evidence to support a medical intervention and the strength of the evidence.

You are correct that before COVIDians the medical industry went completely mad re: ethics, Cochrane review recommendations were considered the gold standard to answer complex clinical questions.

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JBP's people hail from very rural Northern Alberta and would certainly be rugged and based.

Of course, Peterson has spent the vast majority of his adult life in cesspools like Toronto and Harvard.

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I know he has some secondary channels (one doing video game story reenactments - but mostly voiced by employees who aren't IH, & another one where they do humorous more artsy parody melodramas).

I like most of his content, but everything else comes a distant second to his main channel videos (other than his In the Field collab vids where he does shower thoughts and memes with another YT creator).

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It's interesting that Let's Game It Out started out as a buddy channel doing Let's Play with a friend called Anthony (before he got big).

Then they did a video together that mentioned at the end that Anthony was leaving (but never explained why, but it didn't seem acrimonious), then his partner was never mentioned again.

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Your list is the first one where I actually watch some of the creators semi- regularly, let alone have heard of them.

Internet Historian is such an interesting dude.

Publishes one video a year. Rents an office outside his home because WFH drives him batty. Wakes up in the middle of the night to go to the office to "get some work done before anyone gets there". Employs some sort of on-site staff to help him make videos.

Somehow still only makes one video a year.

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I suspect the documentary may have been Canadian, which explains a lot.

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I was watching a TV documentary on WW2 the other night and it ended with agitprop about how Black soldiers from the US feared going home because fighting Nazis was safer than the raging KKK back home.

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I spent some time at an Aboriginal medical clinic as a Canadian.

Biggest differences off the top of my head

  • A) Aussie Abos had supernatural beliefs responding with fear and complete deniao to any suggestion that they could be diabetic. They treated it as a curse, similar to if you had just been told you had cancer or AIDs. Presumably because anyone they knew with diabetes died.

  • B) Aussie Abos had terrible skin and were chronically infected with scabies. We used to hand antibiotics for secondary infections out like candy. Canadian aboriginals can get scabies too, but I'd never seen anything like Oz before.

  • C) Aussie Abos universally wouldn't wait in the waiting room for their appointment, even in the middle of southern hemisphere summer and a building with A/C. They would be smoking in groups on the corner and I'd personally have to go outside and wrangle my next patient on my daysheet constantly.

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And the feds did a huge dog-and-pony show Truth and Reconciliation Commission-style inquiry wasting millions looking into the reason for the disappearances along the highway hoping to blame whitey and the racist RCMP.

Unfortunately, they quietly ignored that

-A) native women don't actually go missing/get murdered at rates higher than other women

-B) the number one killer of native women are native men

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Well, Shakespeare actually wrote down his contributions to start, which essentially laps every tribe on the continent.

Imagine if Shakespeare's plays just relied on an "oral history" to pass them down to present day.

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There also aren't any remaining Indigenous peoples native to the true island of Newfoundland (though there are Innu across the strait on the Labrador coast).

The Beothuks essentially disappeared while Newfoundland was still only a fishing colony.

The Mikmaq he is referencing hail from the Maritimes which are a long ferry ride across the Gulf and a completely separate history and culture, for both White and Indigenous factions.

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Her resting bitch face seems to have become much more noticeable now that's she gone back to brunette (or grey at least)

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There's also the same factor that academics, autists and introverts love to blab unsolicited about their areas of expertise and interest, particularly when they finally find a party expressing even the most minimal level of interest.

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What's with the smorgasbord here? And why are infants advised to get hepatitis B shots?

I believe infant Hep B jabs are unique to the US.

In Canada, they are delayed until mass school vaccination programs in middle school.

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The (old) influenza vaccine for kids is pretty safe but its effectiveness sucks, needs two doses at initiation and requires boosters every fall.

Diphtheria and Haemophilus influenzae Type B shots are also pretty useful.

There's not really many shots on here that are particularly suspect, though I can see parents balking at the volume.

The least needed are probably things like the oral Rotavirus vaccine (literally the stomach flu) and Hepatitis B (which doesn't really exist in the wild anymore due to mass vaccination).

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I haven't read any of his books, but Peterson was a depressed mess before he got famous or went on Rogan.

I used to watch him all the time break down in tears on Steve Paikin's PBS-style current affairs show on Ontario public television.

Peterson is still fighting his demons in the public eye and Steve Paikin went from being a moderate to a biased SJW simp.

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I noped out the instant the government said about forcing vaccination by taking away our rights ( vax pass ) "we don't want to go there, but..." so I knew they were lying and were already working on it.

That's impressive considering you reside in Quebec IIRC.

Quebec was and remains one of the harshest COVIDian jurisdictions who returned their oppressors to power.

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So the IRL Cranston is a lot closer to Hal and Tim Whatley than Heisenberg.

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There's a fairly well documented "SSRI discontinuation syndrome" where people feel physically unwell for weeks after stopping a SSRI cold turkey.

It's more of a constellation of unpleasant physical symptoms rather than true return of the depression though.

It's theorized that it's a result of suddenly decreasing serotonin release after the body has upregulated the number of receptors after a time of plenty.

But realistically, psychiatrists and neuroscientists don't actually know ahit about what SSRIs actually do despite Prozac being on the market since the late 80s.

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