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Excellent point.

Though I would imagine the obsession with vaxx passes for gyms, indoor sports facilities and adult and children's sports leagues (in Canada at least) will begin to select for leftie zealots in participation sports as well.

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Hakakian posted on Thursday that she is converting to Buddhism.

Bold move Cotton. Now, let's see if it pays off.

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the DM thanked another player for introducing him to Christopher Titus, and posted a preview of his new special 'white suptemacy: a rebuttal".

Is Chris Titus cucked too?

I couldn't tell by skimming his Wikipedia page, which probably means yes.

I remember liking his sitcom, which Wiki tells me ran from 2000-02 for 54 episodes. Much longer than I would have guessed.

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I respect industriousness, but in excess it does seem to create it's own right-wing pissing contest/purity spiral.

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I stopped watching some niche Twitch streamers after they dropped the mask and started babbling about Trump and "misinformation".

Even when they went back to focusing on the content, I couldn't unsee it and enjoy them the same way again.

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Sports seems to be leaning hard left, at least in the 40 and under demographics.

I've stopped frequenting a lot of my previous sports haunts because there is so much rabid antivaxx hate against players, blind MeToo support, BLM BS, etc.

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It would be nice if one of the two new parties could surpass the Greens.

I saw a poll the other day that the Greens are polling 6% provincially.

Outside of Guelph, who the fuck supports the Greens?

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The local riding beside mine held an "All Candidate's Debate" with just two candidates the other week, the Liberals and the NDP, because the PCs and the Greens didn't show and they literally barred the new New Blue and Ontario Party candidates from attending because "otherwise things get too crowded".

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They essentially did the same thing with Adam Skelly, the Mississauga Adamson BBQ joint owner who defiantly served BBQ during the pandemic and the mayor sent waves of jackbooted thugs to shut him down over three days and they changed the locks on his own restaurant to keep him out.

After running him out of business in the fall, when he finally got his day in coirt the next summer, the judge, before the trial even began, said "Oh, you are going to argue that preventing you from earning a living and entering your own business is a a Charter violation? I don't have jurisdiction to decide that.........so.....bye..........."

That's the last I heard of Skelly, besides hearing that all his restaurants were closed permanently.

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No one in the political establishment is against sending weapons to Ukraine.

Except Maxime Bernier, leader of the PPC, who holds no seats and 5% popular support.

There are five contenders left for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada.

The candidates aren't even talking about Ukraine because the party and the remaining candidates have the same "rah rah", 100%-support-anything-positively-on-Ukraine as WEF Trudeau does.

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I'd say over 50% of people (mostly seniors and women) are still voluntarily masking everytime I go to the grocery store in Ontario despite the mandate lifting six weeks ago.

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The leadership election is this month.

Sorry to be THAT guy, but I'm certain the actual Conservative leadership vote is in September.

The CPC announced a crazy long leadership race back in February after they ousted Erin O'Toole and during the height of the Freedom Convoy.

I thought it was a curious move at the time, as this was before the evil WEF Liberal-NDP dictatorship coalition was formally announced.

In theory at least at the time, Ottawa had a minority government that could fall anytime and an election could be immediately called.

Exposing your party to the risk of having to contest an election without a leader and a face of the party for seven months seemed really odd and foolish.

It's almost like the Conservatives weren't worried about a snap election because they knew about Trudeau's evil backroom power grab all along........🤔

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I liked the original reboot.

Although the first game was essentially a power fantasy murder simulator that ironically essentially had no tombs.

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I'd like to see Rumble succeed, but I've been thoroughly unimpressed with pretty much every aspect of my experience with it so far.

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I think an oversimplistic explanation is probably that wrt the prevention of severe symptoms, it's still better to have some pre-existing antibody memory queued up even if incomplete and shitty rather than being completely immunologically-naive in the face of a new/first time COVID exposure.

So the shitty and incomplete antibodies produced by the COVID vaccines aren't good enough to prevent viral seeding and replication in the throat and nose following new COVID exposure, but likely can eventually hamper viral replication enough at other sites of the body that it buys time for other slower defenses to engage and prevent more serious consequences than your usual runny nose and sore throat.

Early antibody production addressing the initial infection earlier may also prevent other immune systems from freaking out and overreacting, creating cytokine storms and bad outcomes from self-destruction.

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Granted, from Wikipedia

By the end of April 1804, some 3,000 to 5,000 people had been killed and the white Haitians were practically eradicated, excluding a select group of whites who were given amnesty. The spared consisted of the Polish ex-soldiers who were given Haitian citizenship for helping black Haitians in fights against white colonialists; a small group of German colonists invited to the north-west region before the revolution; and a group of medical doctors and professionals.[16] Reportedly, also people with connections to officers in the Haitian army were spared, as well as the women who agreed to marry non-white men

So the Haitians supposedly did grant amnesty to some random Europeans.

That was nice of them.

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The fact that the City of Toronto immediately DESTROYED the statue after taking it down (despite the statue being erected only 17 years earlier as a gay icon at the request of the same gay community organization that was contemporaneously demanding it be removed) signifies that they know what they are doing is wrong and this is simply a purge so that their damage can't be reversed when they are removed from office and the pendulum swings back.

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