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Social contagion is one hell of a drug. Hopefully most of them grow out of it before they permanently damage themselves.

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Taking a quick look at Seattle's Nova High School, it was started in 1970 by the 'community' and is probably a pipeline to Evergreen State College/

74% white, 58% female, and the high school alma mater of Rose McGowan.

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Young future leaders.

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Commissars. They will have some power, but won't ever be the ones in charge.

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Isn’t that statistically impossible? Also isn’t it a bit disturbing that so many young ppl are seeing heterosexuality as boring at best and bad at worst?

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It is statistically impossible. The vast majority of students are just pretending to be LGBT. These are the new emos, goths, punks, etc. and if this happened 10 years ago they would be the people online claiming to be otherkin because their favorite pokemon is Raichu.

For as much as SJWs bitch about cultural appropriation, there is no control whatsoever about straight kids pretending to be LGBT.

As to why this is happening, there are several reasons and what might be motivation for one person might be a different motivation for another.

  1. Social media in general encourages echo chambers. Social media has increased a lot over the past few years. Kids of the past used to compare themselves to the rest of their student body....now they are comparing themselves to the millions of other kids. This makes it harder to stand out, which encourages more and more outrageous behavior, which causes a flood of copycats of people trying to mimic the "winning" behavior, which makes the winning behavior lose its luster, which calls for even more outrageous behavior, etc.

  2. The obsession with social justice, the glorification of victimhood, and the rise of the "oppression stack" in which victims are seen as desirable because they attract the most pity and, to put simply, they can win arguments on the internet. Someone straight/white/not mentally ill/etc. is viewed automatically as an "oppressor". This has motivated people to claim to be things that are considered marginalized. Since it's risky to claim to be a race that you are not (say what you want about black people but at least they know how to shut that grift down) kids will claim to be some flavor of gay or mentally ill.

  3. The lack of oppression. Which sounds weird, but teenagers and young adults desire to rebel but there isn't anything cool to rebel against. No one sounds cool that they laugh at the soccer mom pearl-clutching over videogames anymore. So they make up identities for themselves. A good example is girls deciding that even though they have more rights than ever, being a girl/woman is actually some narrowly defined thing and if you don't want to be a 1950's housewife then you must not be a girl. So these girls will call themselves "nonbinary" in order to sound cool.

tl;dr: Lack of gatekeeping + social media has funneled people into an echo chamber and it's a race to the bottom of who can conform to the nonconformist culture (as contradictory as that sounds). Most people aren't actually LGBT, they're just using it as a costume.

Even so, pretending to be LGBT isn't cool enough anymore. For the past year the "in" thing is to pretend to have dissociative identity disorder/multiple personality disorder. Take all that shit about headmates from Tumblr and coat it in a new paint. It's....really kind of disgusting when you think about it, because you have a bunch of bored suburban teenagers pretending to have an extremely rare mental illness and then flooding every corner of the internet with misinformation about it while also pretending anyone who actually has the condition from getting support.

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Human equivalent of the Calhoun mouse utopia experiment.

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Assuming it isn't caused by groomers, social media, or is just a stupid trend, I'm inclined to think it's caused by petrochemicals or hormone disruptors in the water/air/food/etc.

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groomers, social media, or is just a stupid trend

This is the most likely explanation though. LGBT propaganda is EVERYWHERE now and young people are susceptible and desire to fit in

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You left out the Orbital Mind Control Lasers, eh? :>
Anything except self responsibility.

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Young people are literally stupid. Self responsibility is not a factor yet for them, practically speaking.

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Did people wanted to rebuild USSR after it fell? They did not.

Will people want to rebuild LGBT when it falls? They wont.

Right now we have talk the talk and walk the walk but once it falls it will be a history that may or may not be remembered.

How I wish I had a ability to make people see their future failings just to piss them off.

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The movement may fall but unfortunately the human failings that caused it to rise in the first place will continue... they'll just move on to something even more perverse. I'm sure a portion of them will wake up and escape from the movement, but those that don't will just move on to the next thing.

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"Nova High School is an innovative alternative Seattle Public School committed to social and racial justice, access and equity, the arts, and environmental sustainability." - Home Page

Garbage school, bottom 30th percentile in WA State, 60th percentile SAT scores, 57% graduation rate:



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Remember how eating disorders where a big thing in the 90s. Now imagine if instead of media, educators and the medical community discouraging it they had instead encouraged it.

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80% of their students are retarded, then. I bet the students at any school that lost to them in competitions feel silly, now.

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Nuke the site from orbit.

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20 years ago, it was emotionally crippled. 40 years ago it was punks. 60 years ago it was rockers. 80 years ago it was die-hard anti-jap warhawks.

Shit happens, mainstream are sheep.

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the social pressure to be 'different' must be very strong then.

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80%.. well shit, human race is about to be extinct within 100 years lol.

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Why wouldn't they? It's the ticket to social acceptance and favorable treatment by the establishment.

I predict more will identify as such for the same reasons until we can manage to defeat the acronym lobby.