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NO ONE can make to any state or federal level elected position without the approval of the Chosens. No matter how “far right” a lawmaker is, just the fact that he has a seat in the first place is proof that his first priority is kissing Jewish ass.

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Vote harder ‘pedes! The democrats DEFINITELY won’t ship in a few truckloads of absentee ballots when they see they’re losing!

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Honestly, I probably would’ve walked too if I killed a pavement ape and I had no witnesses, but this dumbass is on camera. He’s only fucked himself harder.

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Of course they’re looking for him. He just killed a man and left the fucking scene. Yes, it was justified. But in what society outside of Africa is it ok to simply walk away? If you think that’s appropriate, then you should go live among the other primitives in da muddaland.

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Yes goy, it’s the white liberals!

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I think I remember my grandfather talking about my grandmother dragging him to the theater for it. “Dumbest fucking movie I’ve ever seen” were his words on it.

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You’re lying at this point and you know it. Judging by the chimpout I provoked, I definitely struck a nerve. You’re obviously one of the Tribe, so I’m not wasting anymore energy on you.

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Peak boomer willful ignorance. To be one of the Tribe, you have to be born into it. And the Tribe is middle eastern. You can’t just show up a a synagogue and “convert to Judaism”.

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Abortions for redskins? Sounds pretty based to me.

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No one’s forcing her to burn coal.

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They should be grateful our ancestors didn’t finish the job, like they should’ve.

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This is a big reason why women do so well on assembly lines. There’s simply no opportunity for them to gossip, flirt, or play with their phones. They’re forced to keep all of their attention on the line that’s zipping by at Mach 3. Anyone who stops for a second immediately creates extra work for everyone else, and buddyfuckers don't last long. Women (and men) who can’t handle the pace of this kind of work usually quit after their first week.

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“Self own” Women think men want to be around them at all times, including the workplace. What they don’t know is that any man with more than a year in the full time workforce (and more than 1 functioning brain cell) can’t stand having female coworkers. Female coworkers are an absolute fucking nightmare. Poor attendance, always filing complaints/lawsuits, and expecting special treatment.

One of the main reasons I transitioned from white to blue collar work, is to be in an all-male work environment. Here there’s no room for entitlement, and anyone who’s gonna cause problems is weeded out with their first month. There’s a tiny handful of women who’ve successfully passed their probationary periods. I respect their work ethic and abilities, but I still keep my distance and keep our relationships strictly professional.

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