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Now I know why Pope Palpatine quit. The Catholic Church is turbo cucked. Now I'm more inclined to believe they're kiddy diddlers.

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In other news: Pope Francis is now Francine and identifies as nonbinary.

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In the leftoid social ladder, victimhood is currency. Leftoid trannies don't want to be the opposite sex, they want to wear the tranny label as a fashion statement and get victim points.

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I'm surprised none of the European ones look like trannies.

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I gave myself a copy of Mountain Blade 2 Bonerlord on Steam, this makes me a charitable philanthropist deserving of a fluff piece and one of those leftoid circlejerk awards.

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Feminism, which has infected every major entertainment producer in the west, is a deeply misandrist secular religion which seeks to pathologize and malign every aspect of men and masculinity. In feminist dogma, men's sexual attraction to women is a primary target to pathologize and "correct", so every depiction of women which is perceived as appealing to men's tastes is to be seen as inherently nefarious and predatory. Thus the western media producer will go out of their way to prioritize making females sexually unappealing or even repulsive to men.

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I remember this, it was a fun ride.

This video also covers it in more detail:


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The tolerant left was always a fantasy, leftists have been the same since the French revolution. Just look at the genocide of the Vendée.

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Say no more, I'll keep this in mind every time a leftist sack of shit (excuse the redundancy) falls into the lava in Minecraft.

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Even back when I was still a leftist, I just had to listen to the crazies "shouting their abortions" and I noped the fuck out.

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At the very least you can expect a massive bust reduction.

At worst they're gonna change her race and make her a smug and obnoxious stronk whamman.

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It's using his own standard against him. In most cases, it's pointless to do this with leftists, because contradictions are built into their dogma by design. But this time it seems to have worked, as the chonker deleted his tweet in shame.

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Step 1: Rig the national election.

Step 2: Get Joe out of the way.

Step 3: Rig the midterms.

Step 4: Pack the Supreme Court.

Step 5: Call the mothership.

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Literally nobody cares about gender pronouns especially Hispanics.

Latino here. I despise the word "latinx" with every fiber of my being and I think every soy-guzzling dipshit who pushes for it should find the closest Minecraft server and jump straight into the lava.

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Billy was forced by authorities to turn his site into a honeypot, but although they could force him to hand over data on users, they could not force him to actually write articles, so he just left the site to die and only published ads. Now someone from Resetera was dumb enough to actually buy the site to "dunk on the Nazis" and immediately announced a hate speech policy to cause butthurt, not knowing that Billy had already given up on the site in order to protect the userbase. Thus Billy became the unsung hero, forever misunderstood. He might not be the hero we wanted, but he was the hero we deserved.

I just made this up, by the way.