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For all sad words of tongue and pen, the saddest are these "TheImpossible1 was right again."

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It must be said that these statements by Irene Montero are not an isolated case among far-left feminism. The communist and gender ideologue Shulamith Firestone proposed to normalize pedophilia and incest in her famous book “The dialectic of sex” (1970), one of the reference works of the so-called third wave feminism or gender feminism.

The also communist and feminist Simone de Beauvoir signed two manifestos in defense of the legalization of pedophile relationships, in addition to being fired from her job as a teacher for corrupting an underage student age.

Coincidentally, on January 9, 2018 Irene Montero wrote a laudatory tweet about Simone de Beauvoir, affirming: “With her example and that of those who came before, we are building the women’s revolution today, reinventing ourselves and making ourselves protagonists of our lives.”

Source: https://www.outono.net/elentir/2022/09/22/a-spanish-minister-says-children-can-have-sexual-relations-with-whoever-they-want/

Archive Today: https://archive.ph/ds7Oj

Wayback Machine Archive: https://web.archive.org/web/20220924103423/https://www.outono.net/elentir/2022/09/22/a-spanish-minister-says-children-can-have-sexual-relations-with-whoever-they-want/

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Pay Pal, Patreon, KickStarter, Indiegogo, GofundMe, etc. are all of high importance to the discussion of online censorship, but don't get talked about as much as social media websites. And that also goes for old fashioned banks & credit card companies.

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How were the previous games better than the 2022 version?

You will get different opinions on this. I personally like Saints Row 1 and LOVE Saints Row 2. And Saints Row 3 is where the series went down hill for me, though Saints Row 3 is popular. The first 2 games had IMO a good balance of wackyness & seriousness. Saints Row 3 goes full wacky and it is just not what it should be to me. And from what I have seen online, Saints Row has been a overly wacky series since then.

Also Saints Row 2 was packed with alot of different side activities, while Saints Row 3 was lacking in side activities.

I'm guessing that at the very least, the 4th game allowed you to have a female protagonist.

Saints Row has allowed for a female protaganist since the 2nd game.

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Cultural Marxism is what lead to third wave Feminism.

Second wave Feminism, and then every wave of Feminism after that. Original Marxism lead to the first wave of Feminism.

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"Today we reject the idea that corporations have a freewheeeling First Amendment right to censor what people say.”

"Judge Oldham draws on the longstanding distinction between entities, like the Big Tech companies here, that operate mainly as conduits for the speech of others and, on the other hand, a newspaper that primarily carries the newspaper's own speech.

Big First Amendment difference."

Sources: https://twitter.com/BrendanCarrFCC/status/1570886804953509890


Archive Today: https://archive.ph/oGMkA


Wayback Machine Archive: https://web.archive.org/web/20220917121343/https://twitter.com/BrendanCarrFCC/status/1570886804953509890


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Declaring as they did that the American Civil War was just a tragic misunderstanding between brothers erases the meaning that the war was given by Abraham Lincoln, which is to say, slavery.


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Everyone thought I was crazy when I said it, but I found it.

I'm going to need a citation on that one. Considering KIA 2's general opinions on Jews and the practice of circumsion, I doubt there were many doubters of this at all.

And even people that aren't at least a bit suspicious of any Jewish conspiracy, would probably believe something like this about "elites". Alot of normie-conservatives believe in elite pedophile rings so the idea of elites making baby foreskin cream isn't a big stretch.

There is also the fact this was big news almost a decade ago and it is really easy to look up, even Google & other Big Tech aren't censoring this info.

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Not new news for some of you but this is a good thing to show people who think "George Carlin would be against the Woke".

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"I'm turning Japanese, I think I'm turning Japanese, I really think so!"


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source: I get paid to draw porn and it's exactly the fucking same.


Well, that was a weird twist.


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Halle Bailey looks exactly like Ariel, complete with the red locks in ‘THE LITTLE MERMAID’.

"There are five lights bigot!"


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Funny enough, Queen Elizabeth II may be one of the few people in her family that I suspect WASN'T a globalist conspirator. But that is just my opinion and I'm willing to listen to evidence saying otherwise.

Either way, to my knowledge, the head monarch doesn't really have power like a Prime Minister. There some technical powers that the head monarch has, but I suspect if the head monarch used those powers to interfer with govermnet policy, the Paraliment would most likely dissolve the monarchy.

The monarchy not engaging in politics isn't just a way to endear themselves to the public, it is also a way to make sure their gravy train of tax payer money & fame doesn't come to an end.

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what I actually meant is that they live the way we evolved to live. Despite having less than the poorest people in Western countries, they were happy (I realize I almost sound like the WEF).

I know what you mean. There is value in simple living. WEF & Progressives in general can have some fun house mirror version of Conservative values, so they have a fun house mirror version of simple living.

Paying rent to live in a small pod VS owning a small cottage/cabin to live in.

Not owning many possessions beacuse you're renting nearly everything VS not owning many possessions because you don't need alot of posessions to feel happy.

Literally eating bugs as part of an everyday diet VS eating very no-frills & cheap meals as part of an everyday diet. Beans, meat & rice type of meals. Soup type of meals. (of course I know poverty & food scarity can be an issue where African tribes would actually HAVE to eat bugs, but no one should strive for that.)

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She is suppose to be a Socialist / Communist?

She looks like a confused business woman .

Looks to me like she is wearing Communist dictator fashion.


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Did you watch "What is a Woman?"

To me, knowing what men & women are, shouldn't be worth respecting. But I completely understand, that in these crazy times, why somone would respect something bare mimimum like that. I don't mean this disrespectfully, I really do understand why you said that.

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Tribes are perfectly respectable.

In theory yes, they could be. Tribalism as idealogy could work, and unlike Anarchy, can actually exist in the real world.

That said, I don't know of anything notable to respect any African tribe.

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Ms. Mahdawi up there will probably be at home stroking her cat

That is one way of putting it.


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Why is this cunt linking a sentence about housing to Men's Rights Advocates/Incels?

I know the dumb cunt thinks MRAs are the same Incels and likely thinks the manosphere is one single group.

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Anything woke?

A series about being in the Italian mafia has a Black protagonist.

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Anything from less recent than maybe middle of last year can't be assumed to represent his views well anymore. (And even that is questionable; he seems to have started taking red pills and just not stopped).

I understand. I used to be a liberal lefty myself. What drove me a way from the left was the Wokeness and more spefiically Feminism. I am just saying, I still see alot of Feminist themes in this guy's work. It is constantly about "poor opressed women" and women are often seen in "handmaid's tale" attire (reference to Feminist propaganda). Maybe he has embraced more rightwing, maybe even MAGA points of a view on most issues. You may be right about this guy. But he is still very much gynocentric, Leftwing or Rightwing, Feminist or not.

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