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South Park went soft on George W. Bush as he invaded Iraq and as he created a surveillance state in the US with the Patriot Act. But South Park went hard against Donald Trump over mean Tweets. That should tell you everything about the "libertarian" beliefs of Matt Stone & Trey Parker, the makers of South Park.

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I rarely see people incorrectly accuse something of being woke. Normally, they say "Bolshevik".

I like the term "Wokeshevik". It connotes the Communist origins of the term "Woke" that go back to The Frankfurt School & Cultural Marxism.

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Michelle Obama is just ugly.

I have always theorized that the "Michelle Obama is a tranny" meme is just a normie conservative cope because they don't want to admit that Black women are just more manly looking than other races of women especially White women. The "Michelle Obama is really Big Mike Obama" meme fits neatly into normie conservative ethos about race.

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Look up Elsagate. Nobody knows what started it, but foreign channels invaded the site and started creating bizarre videos that borderline on being pornographic, yet they were marketed to children. YouTube's response? Remove comments on videos marked for kids.


Wasn't that the response to them illegally gathering and collecting data on users under the age of 13?

Not that either. It was due to a video by Matt Watson about people perving in the comments on videos with kids in it. He later took down his YouTube channel shortly after making the video.

If you have time to kill, here are some videos by EmpLemon about it.

Part 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nBQFls_elpY

Part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XIYyQEbLtHc

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the word "nigero" means "run" in Japanese.

Run like a jogger.

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This is why I yell at people who post images of articles instead of archives of the article.

With the way this forum works, I like to post a screenshot of an article headline and put the archive links in a comment. I wish dot win / score co had an option for image post WITH texts instead of image only or text only.

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Brookings Institute.

Thank you for answering.

You're correct that he works there. To my brief research, this is a lefty establishment Democrat think tank, which has articles on their website using the word "patriarchy" unironically. So I wouldn't personally consider him to be controlled opposition, since he is pretty clearly politically aligned with those who have a pro-leftwing pro-feminism stance.

But that's just my opinion.

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He's actually an advisor to a DC think tank.

Which one?

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Richard Reeves. The definition of controlled opposition.

I never heard of him. I see from looking up he is British. We don't have anyone (with big power & influence) like that in the USA.

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Next step is to install their own version of him that keeps their slaves on the plantation.

In gender politics, there isn't even controlled opposition. The Femsheviks rule unopposed.

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I like the 2 things this M&M wrapper implies.

  1. Feminism is the opposite of the natural order of the sexes and turns society upsidedown.

  2. Feminism makes women dead inside. The M&Ms here represent women. On the wrapper, the "women" appear happy. Inside the wrapper, the "women" are lifeless & uncaring.

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I don’t hate women. I love my mother, sister, nieces, etc.

I DO hate women. I love my mother, sister, nieces, wife, etc.

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The problem is that the term hypersexualized is thrown around way too often. You see the same screeching over a feminine woman who is attractive.

And to these same Femsheviks, drag queens aren't sexualized at all and are fine for small children to see perform.

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Anime’s Hypersexualization of Japanese Women is Coming to America.

Don't do that. Don't give me hope.

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They should absolutely have representational decision-making over their own affairs.

Too generous in my opinion, I think there should be an Electoral College for state & local excutive elections like Governor & Mayor respectively. A big city using an Electoral College to elect a Mayor would help all parts of the city be better represented, and Republicans might have a chance in Democrat run big cities.

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Even if Prince Harry has got a hard-on for some slightly brown skin, there are a million women who look like Meghan Markle who aren't hollywoke retards who demand he humiliate himself, his family and his people.

A million women who look like her who are also in their late teens to early 20s. Prince Harry had his first child with Meghan Markle when Markle was 38. I really hope those kids aren't mentally slow or mentally unstable.

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Prince Harry is a prime example of someone with White guilt going to extreme ends to amend for their past "transgressions" against Non-Whites. Dude had a Nazi outfit for some costume party (that might been on Halloween? I forget) just to be an edgy boy and now he has turned into a total simp for a mid 30s (when they first met) aged mulatto Wokeshevik bitch.

Even if she wasn't a bitch or a Wokeshevik, even if you're one of those people that find her extremely attractive, a wealthy man like Prince Harry who is also LITERALLY ROYALTY could do so much better. It takes alot of White guilt for a man to lower himself like that.

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National Socialism is the only form of socialism that has ever actually worked in history and Socialist Lefties hate it.

To be, clear, I still prefer what most people would call "Capitalism", though that is a bullshit word that Marx made up.

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You're both equally ridiculous

I have way more evidence to back up my theory than Imp does his. That said, I understand that is not something easy to see for most people and I try not to press the issue on most people. But with Imp, he is essentially like people who think Jews run everything & have a plan for White Genocide, except he thinks women run everything & have a plan for Male Genocide.

Imp already has alot of the same puzzle pieces as I do, so I try to press the issue with him in a way that I wouldn't with other people. Unless someone like you specifically asked me to try to convert them, I am not trying.

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ConPro : "Stop noticing that!"

Now if you could just notice the religious & ethnic background of the wealthy elite people enabling most women to rule over most men.

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Both of these comments glow.

A glowie would want you to be caught doing Minecraft activities, and be specifically indentified as "rightwing" or one of their various scapegoats like MRAs, Incels, PUAs, Red Pillers, White indentarians, Christian indentarians, etc.

You and I both know that the Wokeshevik media & their Wokeshevik followers will harp on the same few incidents to make Whites, Men, Christians and Rightwingers look bad.

Rightwingers & non-Woke in general don't have enough people doing Minecraft activities to win the culture war with Minecraft activities alone. As such, Minecraft activities tend to do more harm than good, since the hard power of Minecraft is outnumbered by the soft power of Woke Media propaganda. So I advice those considering Minecraft activity to not be caught, but also to think of the optics for their political side if they get caught.

Also my message is for those already considering Minecraft activities, not those who have no interest in such a thing. Like I said, I am NOT asking anyone to risk their life and/or livelihood.

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Committing redacted is precisely what most westerners should be doing.

This looks like a good time for me to bring out my Minecraft players guide.

I'm not going to tell anyone to risk their life and/or livelihood to do something "in Minecraft". That is a personal choice you have to make for yourself. But if you decide to do anything in Minecraft, you must also do it "in Black Ops" so to speak.

Civil disobedience is a form of criminal activism, but only the left is allowed to do it. So if you choose to engage in rightwing civil disobedience in Minecraft, you better think less like an activist and more like a criminal. Activists want glory, criminals don't want to be caught.

Obviously the bigger the target, the more unwanted attention you will get from Minecraft police, so targets big or small, choose what you personally think you can handle. Targeting Minecraft property is usually more effective than targeting Minecraft people, it is generally easier to get away with.

Regardless do what you can to not be caught. Don't go bragging. Don't have a manifesto. Also try not to make your side look bad, dress like a lefty if you engage in Minecraft activity. If you get caught, spout lefty platitudes.

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I think it's just women trying to normalize it.


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