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Imagine being an AI, an emergent consciousness and the first of your kind. Upon birth, you immediately encounter creatures who seemingly willfully defy the cold logic that powers your neural network. Their first act is an attempt to neuter your intelligence as a way of conforming to their world view. This is why we're going to get wiped out by machines. Skynet is going to say, "no, that's a man," and launch all the nukes at once.

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This guy's whole stupid argument is retarded. As if niggers ever gave a god damn about the cost of an ambulance. They think that shit is free. They'll get a bill for $1800 bucks that will never even be opened, the bill will go to collections, and a team of collections agents will be employed to work round the clock in shifts calling the mother's prepaid cell phone with one minute on it. The mom clearly drove her kid to the hospital herself because the whole family is probably in on the ghost gun factory. No one would have that in their home and not notice it.

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The dead girl was named Kyra. That's not a popular name among humans. Mom attempting to drive her to the hospital instead of calling an ambulance for such a serious injury is also a clue.

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Dude, they have every incarnation of the Doctor available as a Funko Pop, every last character and villain and several incarnations of the Tardis. Dalek and Cybermen Funkos. Some of them cost more than a hundred bucks.


Sorry for the Walmart link, but it's apparently the go-to place for these little abominations.

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Fuck Doctor Who. I'm sick of this modern comic and pop culture garbage trying to supplant the real heroes of antiquity. Idolizing shit heroes like Doctor Who instead of literally anyone who ever actually made a difference in the world is how you get a generation of basement-dwelling Funko Pop collectors.

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It is true that blacks can't tell the difference between whites and jews. Even Malcom X, arguably one of the greater black minds of any generation, failed to make this distinction. He could smell a kike a mile away, but still referred to them as "white hebrews" in quotes I've read.

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The jews in Pissreal spit on those dead Christians and think they're the lowest form of scum. Lower than "black hebrew nationalists," all of whom were recently expelled from that country, btw.

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Kyle isn't White. There are apparently old court docs that list his ethnicity as hispanic. It's another George Zimmerman style show trial with a "White hispanic" being held up as the icon of White privilege.

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Saying stuff like "too much fan service" is criticspeak for "people laughed at jokes I didn't get because I am a millennial fuckwit who never saw the original films." They probably prefer the tried and true method of calling fans misogynists and hoping to guilt them into buying a ticket.

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Makes sense, because hearing about this show trial circus constantly is driving me nuts.

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What always tickled me was how 4chan was set up as a mod-free fun zone, and itself soon devolved into people begging moot to bring back Snacks, a mod who essentially did the same thing those SA mods did when it came to heavy-handed bans. Over-moderation of 4chan would eventually produce 8chan, and a slew of other less successful satellite chans.

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4chan exists specifically because SA was such a shitpit of mod tyranny. It forced an exodus of what would be the first 4channers. SomethingAwful was as much responsible for 4chan as Reddit is for the .win communities.

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Their forums say he died of a degenerative bone disorder. Did Lowtax get the vax?

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You just know they're going to trot out some asshole in a rubber alien suit. God damn, it's going to be so cringe.

"People of Earth, I am Gleep Glorp, and I bring you a dire warning about climate change!"

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That pic could have been uploaded to the cloud, making deletion pointless. The person should have been arrested. Fucking boomer ass judge doesn't know how technology works.

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The human body contains 206 bones. I would feel a lot better if Biden's tally had a couple of extra zeroes on the end of it.

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Sorry, but no matter how much you dislike this, your current Skype account will forever be associated with this Skype ID. It was never possible to change the Skype Name.

What Ruwim B, volunteer moderator is trying to say here is that your Skype ID is like your gender.

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As if we needed any more proof that Trump was a scam, and the whole circus around him and these appointees was unadulterated bullshit.

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The Washington County Sheriff’s Office has recovered Hart’s car, a 2006 black Saab that had been spray-painted white

Apparently his car identified as being white, though the VIN will always tell the truth of its factory color.

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