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The funniest thing about all this?

The actual birth defect that finasteride causes, is that it block methylation of testosterone to alpha-methyl-testosterone, which is the hormone responsible for the development of male primary sexual characteristics in utero.

Male fetuses exposed to this kind of thing, in the exact part of pregnancy where the sex is differentiated (I forget exactly how many days in) will result in what looks like a girl being born, with internal male gonads but female external genitalia, possibly with what looks like a slightly enlarged clitoris, which will suddenly grow at puberty to look like a slightly smaller penis.

This is the (extremely rare) edge case (“assigned female at birth”) that they use to justify “transitioning” in the general populace, who do not have this disorder.

You’d think they would want this to happen more often, so as to justify what they advocate.

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Oh right, I've run into a couple of those on Twitch. One reason that website is blocked now in my household.

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I was watching a video from the Redneck Restorations guy, who found a '66 Chevy Biscayne sedan with the 396 abandoned in a field, and was trying to overhaul it.

I was watching with the CC turned on. He said "I don't have any tranny fluid, I'ma pour in some 5W30. What part of 'redneck' don't you understand?" and they put up there "any [...] fluid". The only other word they did that to was "fuck". Shows what they think of that particular word, I guess.

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Placebo (from Latin: "I shall please") is the generic name. Brand name was "Cebocap". Fancy looking capsuiles, one side blue, the other side clear, with lots of little dots inside. Active ingredients, per the manufacturer, were sugar and starch.

I had a patient taking those once, back when I was an intern. Doctor had told her it was a narcotic, and she not only had relief of her pain from them, she didn't even have withdrawal symptoms after taking massive amounts of Vicodin for long enough to have been well and truly hooked. We had to be very careful what we said to this patient. That kinda thing would never fly today when you can look things up instantly on your phone, but back in the 90s you could get away with more.

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Not to mention, by the time of the end of the Third Age, those distinctions had mostly vanished to assimilation. Tooks were described as being a little more Fallohidish than most, but by that point in the history, they were just ... hobbits. They didn't segregate themselves by subspecies anymore, if they ever did.