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I'm downvoter #7. Do you have any more fantasy instructions you'd like to share with us?

And for the record, JK Rowling sucks but you also suck. I won't be buying this game.

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will be malevolent or benevolent

Wait, I thought we already have benevolent dictators who are desperately trying to make our lives Safe and Effective.

I'd be happier with indifferent.

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Yeah, definitely not far off.

But your average leftist would also call you racist for even suggesting that there were ever a scenario that blasphemies could be justifiably uttered.

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It used to be fashionable amongst our intellectual betters to be knowledgeable about Shakespeare. Now it's fashionable amongst amongst our intellectual betters to call Shakespeare racist.

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If the US (and a lot of the western world) had also spent the last 2 decades intertwining their economies, supply lines, and manufacturing with Russia like they have with China, you'd have a point.

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I don't use the term "woke" when I'm trying to convince someone else about a "woke" behavior being shit.

I use it as a shorthand for other people who already know what "woke" is.

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Ukraine can't win, I'm telling you that.

Yep. 100% agreement.

Zelensky's handler

You're as insane as every feminist who claims that every non-feminist woman has internalized misogyny. You are exactly the same thing as them.

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And can you tell us how many of those patients' deaths were the result of medical malpractice via useless ventilators and remdesivir and counted as "COVID" deaths?

Have you even asked that question?

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You do understand that Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates (both men) would be happy if you died as well, right? And they'd also be happy if your mom/sisters/female relatives were unable to conceive, right?

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"Anti-vaccinators" have in the past objected to whooping cough and measles vaccinations and opted out, resulting in outbreaks of these nearly extinct diseases.

Yeah, I used to think that. Now I'm not sure, because the same people who were saying that stuff also say that the mRNA jabs are safe and effective and have no side effects and COVID was the deadliest pandemic ever and if you question any of it you're a filthy anti-science anti-vaxxer.

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Do you trust the people in charge of clown world to behave ethically when it comes to harvesting organs and putting people in jail?

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I'd say that I don't have a lot of sympathy for people in prison, but this will absolutely create a perverse incentive to throw more people in jail.

Similarly to choosing to be an organ donor on your driver's license: never do it. It creates an incentive for a doctor to let you die so that your (extremely valuable) organs can be harvested.

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Yeah, there are a lot of good indie Metroidvanias out there. And I hold out hope for Prime 4, though 3, despite having the best game mechanics of the trilogy (IMO, despite the motion controls), had way too much cut scene talky talky.

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I'll take your word for it w.r.t. the scripted 'sequence breaks'. I just never bothered with reading up on or watching any videos on Dread after I finished it. No interest.

In a way, it reminds me a little bit of Metal Gear Solid: I've gone back to replay it a few times over the decades but I never have any interest in trying to speed-run it because I don't want to watch all of those damn unskippable cut scenes every time. In the case of Dread, it's several things that I simply don't feel like doing again.

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Hard disagree.

  • nearly all of the boss fights were just gimmicks; figure out the trick(s) and you win, otherwise you die.
  • QTE-heavy boss fights and, again having to wait for QTE gimmicks to 'quickly' dispatch normal enemies
  • mini-bosses (defeated with QTE gimmicks) used over and over again
  • constantly locking you in new areas preventing backtracking
  • stupid one-way doors/paths all over the place that again force huge amounts of backtracking
  • the EMMI sequences were not difficult or tense; they were just tedious to figure out where you needed to go to not be detected. Instant death DOES NOT BELONG IN A METROID GAME. It was the worst part of the otherwise great Zero Mission, too.
  • too many shinespark 'puzzles'
  • completely forgettable soundtrack
  • story was almost as dumb as Other M; I'm glad I've forgotten most of it. Oh hey, we finally meet a Chozo and he's evil. And sort of Samus' dad. Hooray.

It's the only Metroid game that I never bothered to replay. I'd rank it right ahead of Other M.

But at this point I'm prepared to say that 2d Metroid is no longer the series that I grew up with, and if people like all of the handholding and railroading, I guess I'll stick with Super Metroid and the Prime trilogy. I should have gatekept harder.

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I read L'Engle when I was a kid and remembered liking her.

I just read through Wrinkle in Time, Wind in the Door, and Swiftly Tilting Planet again ...

L'Engle is kind of a hack herself. They aren't necessarily bad books, but her whole schtick is "don't know really what's happening, don't have any clear goal of what needs to be accomplished or how to accomplish it, the main characters never really do anything on their own because secondary characters just constantly appear to tell them what to do right when they need to do it ... but at the end everything is somehow ok."

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My otherwise healthy sister developed debilitating headaches after the jab that have persisted for more than 2 years.

My otherwise healthy middle-aged wife had extremely long and heavy periods for more than a year after the jab. (I asked her not to get it; she did it without telling me) This is apparently something that has happened to millions of other women.

My stepson had a sore shoulder and weird puffy face for about a month after the jab.

One of my best friends, who I was completely unaware of having psoriasis despite knowing for more than 10 years, developed a case so severe that I thought he had burned his hand and arm, badly, a month or so after the jab.

Yeah, post hoc ergo proptor hoc, whatever. This is too many coincidences. I don't even know that many people and off the top of my head that's 4 who clearly had some sort of reaction to the jab. There's weird medical shit going on and the only thing that's changed in the past 2 years is that we've subjected everyone to a basically untested (ACCORDING TO PFIZER'S OWN TESTIMONY) jab that trains your cells to produce a TOXIC PROTEIN.

Could there be a link? Not according to you, apparently. Nothing to see here.

Seriously, have you listened to any testimony of people who have been "vaccine" injured from this thing, or do you just ignore it so that you can pretend that everything is ok?

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It's actually not really even very sophisticated programming. Most of the recent advances in AI are due to lots and lots of storage and fast CPUs/GPUs to analyze it to build a model, and then code to "query" that model for "answers" that match their inputs.

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