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Ad hominem

Do you know what that means?


Well yeah, it's a pithy Internet comment, not a dissertation.

entirely false

What is entirely false?

You anti-stormfag-fags honestly don't do any favors to yourselves. Try not name-calling and it'll be easier to take you seriously.

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Betty Frieden, Martha C. Nussbaum, Andrea Dworkin

That's all of them? You're sure? I kind of have my doubts about that.

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Knowing that Sotomayor cries over this stuff somehow makes me feel a tiny bit better about the world.

Hopefully she loses sleep over it as well.

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That fat redheaded ADA was one of the most loathsome people I've ever listened to.

Motherfucker argued that Kyle was guilty because defending himself was literally illegal. "Sometimes you just have to take a punch ... from a violent pedophile who has threatened to kill you, and a skateboard axle to the head from a domestic abuser, a jump kick from an upstanding youth, and get shot by a communist revolutionary. If you're unwilling to do that, well, go to jail."

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Always hold them to their standards.

Oh, you hate anti-vaxxers? Me too! How many boosters have you had? What? Only 2? You fucking filthy anti-vaxxer.

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As the owner of a lowly 1995 Mustang GT and as someone who's done a fair amount of driving with studded snow tires on front- or all-wheel-drive vehicles ...

No amount of studs would help a rear wheel drive Mustang. If I'm not paying attention to what I'm doing, it will easily peel out on sidewalk paint.

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If I were on ResetEra, I'd absolutely be arguing in bad faith about how great it is that a Japanese setting had been diversified with basketball Americans.

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The model probably shouldn't have been trained in such a way that it would decide that The Onion was ever a credible result.

If you rather meant "relevant result," it still shouldn't have given it as a response if it were being asked a sincere question.

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New Discourses (Lindsay's channel) is worth subscribing to. I've listened to nearly all of it; there's probably hundreds of hours by now of him going through all of the literature and breaking it down.

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He's also a fantastic resource for understanding what we're up against. He's quite possibly one of the most informed people on the planet on this topic because he subjects himself to all of their idiotic literature.

I disagree with him that Christian nationalists are as much of a threat as he makes them out to be (or that they're a threat at all), but beyond that, I don't really disagree with him on much.

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This is what happens when you run "science" on feminist Marxist principles

Feminist principles would just find that lesbians and women are most oppressed. It wouldn't give a shit about gay men.

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Transvestite, yes. Not a trans woman. Those are very different things. Transvestites are basically the same thing as drag queens.

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racist overtones if the race of the suspects were widely publicized

Hate Americans (which are predominantly considered to be white): A-OK!

Hate the people who did this (which in this case happen to be black): NOT OK!

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The rare downvoted Smith1980 post.

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Not really the best argument against Jewish influence.

Why bother controlling a meaningless organization that has no enforcement ability? In fact, even better to have "opposition" that can't actually do anything so that you have plausible deniability.

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... and he admitted to Kyle not shooting or even aiming at him until after he pointed a handgun (that he was illegally carrying) at him.

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I don't remember this character's context, but I do know that cross-dressing men are played for laughs in a lot of Japanese stuff (and hell, western stuff as well, because men dressing up like women is universally ridiculous).

Can't have humor or levity on this subject though; has to be about a troon pity party instead.

Amusingly, in the past I wouldn't have cared much about them. When I'd see one I'd just think, "well, that's an unfortunate dude." Now that we've been subjected to a decade of this look-at-me nonsense, I think, "stay the fuck away from me, asshole. I'm not using your goddamn pronouns."

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Yeah, if you have to break out a pair of calipers to tell just how much thinner something is, thinness has become an irrelevant point of comparison.

Same with "lighter". Oh wow, that thousandth of an ounce is going to save my arm so much strain during use.

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It's not ambiguous, it's confusing to people who don't understand operator precedence.

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