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Yeah, they butchered those characters too, especially Rhys. It's like Tales from the Borderlands didn't even happen. Every character is horribly written. I don't think they cared one bit about what fans wanted from the story. I bet no one on the writing team even played any of the Borderlands games.

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I used to love Borderlands, BL2 is one of my favorite games. I fucking hate BL3. I could go on and on about why I feel this way, but here's a basic summary:

The writing is shit. And this is coming from someone who genuinely loves the writing in BL2. I'm not the only one who feels this way, most fans seem to agree the writing took a huge nosedive in 3. There's woke shit, but even without that, the writing would still suck. The jokes are cringe, characters uninteresting, and the plot makes no goddamn sense.

The gunplay is subpar. It's passable..... by 2012 standards, which is when BL2 came out. They have barely changed anything from the BL2 gameplay. Guns have a bit more weight to them, and enemies can be knocked off their feet with powerful guns, which is an improvement. But these are such small things, and everything else is pretty much the same. Guns still lack impact compared to other shooters such as CoD or Halo. Enemies still don't react much to being shot in general. Hell, in some ways, the gunplay of BL3 is actually a step down from previous games. Specifically, the enemy design is worse than BL2, and the movement is worse than BL:TPS.

The pacing, is, imo, the worst problem by far. What could be worse than filling your game with garbage writing? That's right, filling your game with garbage writing that can't be skipped! You will spend literal hours in this game waiting around for characters to finish their stupid dialogue, so the game can finally give you your next objective, and there is no way to skip this. Someone did the math, and found that about 3 in game hours total of a normal playthrough are spent standing around waiting. It should be game design 101 not to make a fucking game like this.

So yeah. It's a subpar shooter, with terrible writing that it will force you to sit through. I would only recommend this game if you're a fan of the series and are desperate for something with loot as good as previous entries. Honestly, I think that's the only reason people still like Borderlands. Gearbox are still the only ones who've managed to make loot that's worth a damn. If you're not a fan of the series, but are interested in playing a "looter-shooter", I'd recommend playing any Borderlands except for this one. If you end up liking the writing style of previous games, then definitely give Tales from the Borderlands a try, the writing is genuinely great, though it's a point-and-click adventure rather than a shooter like the other games.

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I'm not a big Kendrick fan. Not that I dislike him, I think he's pretty good actually. I'm just not a big music guy in general. I did listen to the whole album since it's not too long and the first few songs grabbed me.

I think it's pretty based overall, but sadly un-based in some places. As you mentioned in another comment, there's a whole song about his trans family members, and it seems to be preaching acceptance.

Honestly, that's not even something I would normally get mad at on it's own. I don't like trans people, but I'm also not the type to care about anyone so long as they mind their own business. Also, knowing how black communities treat them, and now knowing that Kendrick has close family members who are trans, I can understand why he would feel the need to preach acceptance for them.

Unfortunately, I've been paying attention these past few years, so I've seen what too much acceptance has enabled many trans to do, and advocate for doing, and I think it is terrible. So, coming out with a song preaching acceptance for these people just seems really, really un-informed. By all means, support your family if they're good people, but damn, if they fall into a group that is doing some vile shit right now, don't go talking about how we're not treating their group right.

Also, that part you mentioned about the vaccine the being mark of the beast, is probably not based. The actual line is "Seen a Christian say the vaccine mark of the beast. Then he caught COVID and prayed to Pfizer for relief." That's pretty clearly not based, but I have seen some debate because the surrounding lines add context that could maybe change the meaning of those lines.

But yeah, overall lots of messages I like in this album. Honestly, one of the messages I like most isn't any of the usual based type of stuff. Rather, it's that he seems like he's just fucking done with all this shit, and just wants to live his life. I like how much he brings up self-improvement, and self-reflection, saying stuff like "protecting my soul in the valley of silence" seemingly in reference to the past five years he hasn't made music or spoken out much. Then there's the whole last song, which says over and over, "I choose me" and has lines like "Run away from the culture to follow my heart" and "Sorry I didn't save the world, my friend, I was too busy buildin' mine again".

A lot of it is very vague, but I really feel like one of the overarching themes of this album is that Kendrick doesn't want people to idolize him, he doesn't want people to look to him for guidance, he just wants to live his life and be happy, and it seems like he wants us to do the same. This is, imo, a very wholesome message, and ironically, a very good piece of guidance. Granted, it's pretty basic, but really, I don't think we can overestimate how many young people today need to be told to find their own way. Most kids would probably cringe if you told them to put their phone away and live their lives, yet here's Kendrick basically, over the course of an album, telling them to do exactly that. Just un-plug, and live your real life. Work on yourself. Don't look to celebrities for guidance, find your own path. Choose you.

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I'd still take the blonde over the ham-planet. I can't stand fatties. The only way I'd ever pick a fat girl is if the alternative was something truly vile.

I get what you mean though, the blondes body looks fine, but she is clearly not trying to make herself conventionally attractive. That's not necessarily a bad thing, I actually prefer girls to have a "comfy" sort of look over being dressed up. But, those aren't the vibes I'm getting from this chick at all.

I feel like she's going for a look that says, "I wear whatever, idgaf, take it or leave it", like she's trying to look slightly edgy, or "punk" or something. Its not working for her at all, it just makes me think she's probably a narcissist. But eh, maybe I'm reading too much into it, maybe she's just the type who will wear anything.

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This is from a video. They had all the girls talk to each other and rank each other. Then they had the men come in, the girls put on headphones so they couldn't hear what the men were saying, and the men ranked them in the same way the girls did.

It was kinda funny. The men pretty much immediately agreed that the fat girl was last. Blonde girl also looked pretty upset as they moved her down the rankings and, at one point, I think they had her in 4th place. Personally, I'd put her in 4th under the black girl cause at least she looks like she puts effort into her appearance.

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Yeah, tolerance is one of those terms the left has fucked with to the point where it only means what it means when they want it to.

You don't wanna refer to someone who's clearly a man as "she", that should be fine so long as you leave them the fuck alone, but no. The left no longer considers that to be tolerance. Now, if you don't call people whatever they want, that's intolerance, and they don't have to tolerate your intolerance! Never mind the fact that bullying people to change how they speak is quite intolerant.

I'm sick of "tolerance" now, because they've twisted it into something its not. Personally, I think it would be better to advocate for "indifference". We should all try to be "indifferent" towards each other. There's no twisting that word, cause it just means you don't give a fuck about something. Want me to call you "they/them"? Too bad, idgaf about your identity, I'm indifferent. If you don't like it, you should try not giving a fuck, be indifferent.

Problem is, this would probably never work because it seems to be ingrained in most people that "tolerance" is the way to go. This is why I think it was always a poor word choice, honestly. It was only a matter of time before people tried to twist the definition and start with all the "We won't tolerate your intolerance!" shit.

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It's fucking hilarious. I mean, it's kind of sad, but honestly hilarious. Motherfuckers like "There's children running around outside, playing, enjoying life MASKLESS!!! Don't their parent know about the delta variant? DON'T THEY FEAR FOR THEIR LIVES? IT'S LIKE I'M IN A HORROR MOVIE!!!

It's like seeing fully grown adults that are actually afraid of the boogeyman. I just wanna tell these people "Dude, chill out. You've got less than a 1% chance of dying to the virus, so long as you're not a fucking landwhale, or someones great grandpa".

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Damn, that sucks. Always disappointing to find out a decent content creator is kind of a jackass. I used to really like his videos, but I stopped watching most of his stuff cause it just wasn't interesting to me. Too many vids about obscure stuff that's obviously just gonna be him saying "Look at this obscure thing! Looks bad huh? Well, it is! There's a couple cool things about it, but yeah, it's mostly just bad".

Like, what's he gonna say in a vid about the Mortal Kombat cartoons that I don't already know? I haven't seen them, but I'll bet they sucked and had few, if any, redeeming qualities. I'll still check out his "best/worst modern cartoons" though, cause I'm somewhat interested in knowing how new cartoons are, and he seems to do a pretty decent job of picking out the interesting ones.

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Bruh, your whole argument is basically "but what if he's real tho, you don't know".

By your logic, a skeptic should believe that bigfoot could be real, maybe we just haven't found him cause he's really good at hiding!

That's not what skepticism is at all. It's not about assuming that everything you know could be false because, hey, technically you don't know! That's like some twisted Schrodinger's Cat shit.

Skepticism is about recognizing when something is fishy, and rightfully calling it out. Like when you see a sensationalized news story, or misleading statistics. It has to be based on observable reality, otherwise you're just being a dumbass.

"Maybe god is real, he's just on a plane of existence we're not capable of observing!" Yeah, and maybe we're all in the matrix, you don't know.

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I second the Dungeon Meshi recommendation, it's one of my favorites. It starts off feeling like a gag manga. The first few chapters are mostly just the crew encountering monsters, which are then turned into a gourmet dish, with jokes scattered throughout.

But, it slowly develops it's characters and plot, until eventually, you'll be reading for the story more than the funny gags. And the story is really good. I highly recommended it.

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Hmm, interesting. So, I guess what I remembered was wrong, but part of it was almost true, because of the shade thing. I can't wait to see how that plays into the story. I've heard great things about the story and the characters of Nier, so I'm definitely looking forward playing it.

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Oh really? Huh, so I guess calling her a futa isn't quite correct either. Or is it? Idk, shits confusing man.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to finally experiencing this game for myself. I love weird stories with well done "meta" aspects, and I've heard Yoko Taros games tend to be exactly that.

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Nier has always been super interesting to me. I never played original, but I did pick up Automata, but then I decided not to play that cause I wanted to get the full story, even though I've heard they're not strongly connected. So when they announced the remake that was perfect for me. Now I can play the first without having to play a janky 7th gen console game.

It's weird though, I remember reading some spoilers years ago, which now that the game is relevant again, I've gone and read again. And, it turns out what I read years ago was either incorrect, or I've completely misremembered it. It's like some weird Mandela Effect shit is going on in my head.

Specifically, I remember reading that Kaine was "Trans" in a sense, because she was once a man who's mind was literally put into a female body, which explains why she's so masculine and aggressive. But apparently that's not the case at all. She's actually just Spoilers: A futanari(AKA a girl with a dick). Not sure why I thought what I originally thought. Maybe I just read some weird theory and mistook it for lore. Just felt like sharing that with yall.

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Oh, I know about the censorship already. I agree that it's a big problem, and has probably caused many Japanese devs to avoid PS. There's definitely some games that have avoided PS entirely because of censorship, such as the upcoming GalGun remake. They're releasing on Xbox of all things, so clearly sales aren't a deciding factor for the dev team, in terms of what system they port their game to.

But I think there's other factors at play too, like sales, and sonys treatment of games even outside of the censorship. Like how sony doesn't seem to want to promote any JP games, outside of really big, blockbuster hits, like FF7 Remake. Those get shown on Playstation Directs, and you're sure to see ads for them all over the PS Store. But something like Disgaea 6? Even if it was coming West, I'm sure we wouldn't hear a peep about it from sony.

Small side-note, I'd say it's similar for Indies as well. Sony used to make a huge deal about supporting indies. I remember checking the PS store on my PS3 back in 2012, and seeing huge ads for Journey(great game btw). Now a huge indie game, like Spelunky 2, can release on PS4, and we don't hear a peep from sony. I know it's not their job to advertise for devs, but come on. Spelunky is like the granddaddy of Western rogue-likes, you'd think they'd cut some kind of deal with the dev, at least if they actually gave half a shit about video games.

As for sales, many devs have said they sell more on Switch, and I think it's easy to see why. Mainly, because the Switch is just better for games that aren't graphically demanding, since it would be the same as other versions with an additional portable mode, so I'll bet many people just prefer it. Also, the Switch has been outselling PS by a ton in Japan, since the Japanese prefer handheld gaming. So naturally any Japanese games would sell much more on Switch in Japan. I'd bet that sales of all Japanese games on PS, even uncensored ones, have died down significantly in recent years.

Personally, I feel the censorship is an additional slap to the face on top of everything else that's pushing devs from playstation. I don't even think Disgaea 6 would be censored at all if it released in the West, and I don't think I'm being generous by saying that. None of the Disgaea games are very lewd, they're only slightly lewd with some character designs. Really, if you're not a prude, the Disgaea games are downright kid-friendly, outside of the occasional boob jokes.

This is just a theory, but I think the decision to release D6 only on Switch in the West is an attempt to appeal to weebs on Switch, because the weeb audience is fractured, split between sony and nintendo, which is bad for business. Basically, PS used to own weebs, but that's over now. So, smaller publishers/devs like NIS/NISA have to try to regain the audience they used to have on the platform they can thrive on. Perhaps it's better for them to have their audience mainly on one platform so they can save costs on porting.

It's almost like they're signalling to weebs, "Sony doesn't want you anymore, but we've still got you covered on the Switch, so make that your main platform.". I think this will probably happen with many niche titles in the future. But who knows, I could be wrong. Perhaps Switch is just NISA's main platform now, and they're planning to double dip with a PS4 "Complete Edition" later on, as they're known to do. In which case, I'll still go for the Switch version, or maybe PC if that happens.

Anyway, if you read this wall of text, thanks, and thanks for the graphics card recommendation. From what I can tell, card prices are screwed all around, even old cards. But I'll keep an eye out for a decent price on a 1080ti.

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I used to be a big playstation fan because they used to have a ton of niche Japanese games that didn't come out on any other consoles.

Nowadays, the niche Japanese games that would have been PS exclusive 5 or 6 years ago, are either multi-platform, or just straight up not on PS.

Take Disgaea for example. It's one of my favorite series, and in the past, each new entry would launch exclusively for PS. As a Disgaea fan, I basically had to own a PS system.

Now, the latest entry, Disgaea 6, is not even coming to PS4 in the west. It has a PS4 version in Japan, but we're not getting it, we only get the Switch version. I don't know why they're doing it like that, but I wonder if maybe it has something to do with the fact that some developers, particularly Japanese and Indie devs, have outright said they sell way more copies on Switch. Perhaps the publisher made an exclusivity deal with Nintendo of America based on that.

This is honestly slightly upsetting to me, because I have a huge collection of PS games, and I like keeping my collection mostly on the same platform. But this has been going on for years at this point, I'm used to it. I've started mostly buying games for Switch, and I'll gladly add the Switch version of Disgaea 6 to that collection.

There's also stuff I can't get on Switch, like the upcoming Nier remake. For those I'm planning to build a PC. I actually bought everything I need besides the graphics card, I'd be PC gaming right now if it weren't for the fucking graphics card shortage.

Anyway, this woke shit from sony is just sad, but even without that, I'd still be done with playstation, because they just don't have the shit I want anymore.

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Yes, that's exactly what I did. De-listed games won't show up in the store, but they should show up in your library and you should be able to download it again from there, I just did it myself a couple hours ago.

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That can't be, I just went to check, and the Korra game downloaded to my PS4 just fine. I could even show you a screenshot, though I'm not sure if this site has particular rules for linking images(can I link imgur? cause thats the only image thing I know how to use).

I know for a fact I'm still able to download games that have been de-listed, but idk, maybe it's different for you. If so, then maybe it's a regional thing? I know that is an issue on sonys consoles sometimes, like how certain PS1 classic titles are able to be downloaded to a Vita in the EU region, but not the US region. Maybe it's like that.

Ninja_Dagger_Legacy 4 points ago +4 / -0

I'm pretty sure anything you've bought should be re-downloadable, I know cause I've got several games that have been de-listed. Korra for PS4, Marvel vs. Capcom 1 & 2 for PS3, Danganronpa for Vita, and several others, all downloadable for me despite being de-listed.

To my knowledge, the only things that can be completely taken away with no way to redownload is free stuff, such as demos. Biggest example I can think of is P.T.

That said, I still wouldn't trust Sony with digital purchases anymore. It's shitty that they wanted to close the PS3/Vita stores at all. If they do eventually close down, I'll assume it's only a matter of time before your ability to re-download games goes away too. And to think, they're trying to sell people a console with no disc drive.

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Okay, I'll try to clarify. First off, no, my enjoyment of lolis does not demand acknowledgement of non-physical attributes. As I said in my first comment, it's not the "idea" of lolis that appeals to me, it's the "visuals", the body type, which is often "short girl with small boobs".

Now, I'd like to add an important note; I don't actually agree with your definition of lolis being "lacking secondary sexual characteristics". I disagree because there is a large spectrum of lolis, and not every type of loli will fit that description. Some are as you define them, and some are, as I've said, short girls with small boobs. I feel that this is an important distinction.

Personally, the closer a loli is to how you define them, the less I will like it. In fact, I consider the drawings of lolis with more "realistic" body types to be a huge turn off. I like small boobs, not flat to the point that they haven't even started to develop yet. Not that there's anything morally wrong with enjoying that style of loli hentai. It's still just as fictional, and therefore harmless, as the loli hentai with clearly exaggerated, "unrealistic" body types. Though I could understand if someone thinks it's extra creepy compared to the exaggerated kind.

Regarding traps, no, traps do not appeal to me. You may have thought it would be logical to assume I like traps, since you seem to have made the assumption that traps and lolis have the same body type, but that isn't the case. I don't consider them to have the same body type, and "trap" itself is not a body type that I like. I don't like cock, and I don't like literally flat chests, so traps are a no-go for me.

However, I'm not entirely averse to the presence of traps in hentai either. Before anyone tries to call me gay for admitting that, I'd like to point out that trap hentai, like loli hentai, exists on a spectrum. Just because a trap exists in a hentai, that doesn't mean the focus of the hentai is on something gay, like yaoi, or pegging. It could be that a hentai with a trap in it is about a trap fucking a girl, which is something I might be down to read depending on the quality of the art and story.

As for whether my body type preference would affect my choice of mate in real life, I'm not sure why you'd ask this, but I would say yes. Not to the point of overriding all other characteristics though. I would definitely prefer a slim, small-breasted gf, but real life isn't hentai. You can't have it exactly the way you want it, and I think there's more important things then appearance when it comes to a mate. So, I think i'd be willing to compromise a little on appearance. If she had the right personality and interests, I'd probably be happy with a thick girl(not too thick though, I don't want a fatty) with humongous D-cups.

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Pedophilia is a goddamn mental problem. By saying loli is a form of pedophilia you are saying that everyone that likes loli has the same mental sickness as someone who actually wants to fuck children.

I explained this in another thread already, and I'll explain it here too. They are not the same fucking thing. Saying they are, is like saying someone who jerks it to rape porn, is a sicko who wants to actually rape someone/be raped in real life. No.

These are fictional erotica, designed to appeal to specific fantasies that are desired by the consumers. For rape, it's the feeling of either taking, or relinquishing control. For loli, I assume people like it because of the "taboo" or "forbidden indulgence", the feeling of enjoying something that's supposed to be off limits. This is why hentai usually portrays lolis with none of the downsides they'd have in real life. Instead they're clean, experienced, have unrealistic body shapes, and aren't traumatized at the end of the story.

In real life, these fantasies don't happen. When a woman is actually raped, she doesn't get a feeling of liberation from relinquishing control. Instead, she just feels miserable, because she's being fucking raped. In the same vain, most people who enjoy lolicon are probably don't desire real children, because they are nothing like hentai. There is no "forbidden indulgence" to be had in real life, because real kids are gross and annoying, and they would be traumatized.

So no, lolicon is not pedophilia, in the same way that people who like rape porn don't wish they could rape someone/be raped in real life. But please, feel free to keep insisting that people who jerk it to completely fictional drawings have mental problems equivalent to some of the most heinous criminals on planet earth. If you ask me, anyone who believes that is the one with the mental problem.

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I think there's already some good answers in this thread, but I've noticed that I haven't actually seen anyone try to defend it while openly admitting that they like lolicon. So I'll be the first to do it(well, that I've seen at least).

I like lolicon. Yeah, yeah, boo on me! If I gave a fuck I wouldn't be typing this. What I like about it, is pretty much the same thing I like about any other porn. It's hot. It arouses me, so I jack off to it. That's it. You can call it pedophilia all you want. In the end, I know that as long as I'm not hurting anyone, or contributing to the harm of anyone, I have nothing to be ashamed of.

It's like with people who jerk it to rape porn. Just because they're aroused by rape in a fictional porno, doesn't mean they'd be down to rape, or be raped in real life. And this is the important part; the two things are very different. So different, that in a persons mind(I assume), they are not even considered to be the same thing. Rape in a porn, is not the same as rape in real life, just as a drawing of a loli, is not the same as an actual child in real life. The real thing is not the same as the fictional thing, and therefore, it won't create the same feelings of arousal in the vast majority of people who enjoy the fictional thing. At least, I assume it won't, though there's bound to be a few sickos out there.

It should be easy to understand. With rape porn, the appeal comes from the fantasy of either taking control by force, or having control taken away from you, and therefore not having to worry about being in control. The second part I hear is an especially popular fantasy among women who watch porn. In real life, however, none of that comes into play. Real rape, is simply a miserable violation of human rights for the one on the receiving end, and, you know, really fucked up on the other end. So yeah, completely different.

With lolicon, honestly it's a bit more difficult for me to explain, because I consider myself to be a "visuals" guy when it comes to lolicon. What I mean is, I personally just happen to like slim, small characters in hentai. Often times, loli hentai fulfills that desire for me. However, I don't really get off to the "idea" of lolicon. Basically, I just like small boobs short girls, but not the idea that the character is actually a kid. For the sake of argument though, I'll go out on a limb and say that for people who do like the "idea" of lolicon, the appeal probably mostly comes from the feeling of "taboo", like you're indulging in something forbidden. I think much of loli hentai is based around that appeal, and is designed specifically to enhance those feelings in the readers. And of course, they do it in ways that are completely impossible in real life.

To bring it back to the rape comparison, loli hentai, like rape porn, is completely different from real life. Loli hentai is designed to portray the whole scenario as a forbidden indulgence, through things such as, the loli enjoying it, the loli somehow being experienced in sex acts, the loli having an unrealistic body figure, and the loli not being traumatized in the slightest when all is said and done. These things are all impossible in real life. In real life, such an experience would be traumatizing for the child, and it wouldn't be enjoyable for the adult unless they were actually a sick pedophile. This is why you'll hear from most lolicons, myself included, that we think real children are absolutely disgusting. They're nothing like hentai. They're unsanitary and annoying, so I prefer not to be around them given the choice.

And I know the response to that is gonna be "well of course you'd say you hate kids in real life, that's exactly what a pedo would say!". So I'll take it a step further. I feel the same way about real women in general. Now, don't get me wrong, I haven't written off real women, if I had a chance to fuck a supermodel I'd probably take it. But generally speaking, I think 3-D girls are far less appealing than 2-D. They can be ugly, smelly, and they'll force you to deal with bullshit just to keep them around. Hentai, however, can be whatever the hell you want it to be, and that's what I like about it.

See, lolicon is just the tip of the iceberg. Hentai has all sorts of crazy, ridiculous shit you'd never see in real life, and I like a lot of it! I like the fantasy shit, exhibitionist shit, orgy shit, bondage shit, the yuri shit, mind control shit, time stop shit, tentacle shit, the stuck-in-a-wall shit, hell, sometimes I even like the literal shit! Just about the only shit I don't fuck with, is the gay shit, and the beastiality shit. I like all that shit, mainly because the visuals, the drawings, just look arousing to me. That's it.

Is it weird? Yes, duh, of course it's fucking weird! I may be a degenerate, but I'm not such a fucking dumbass as to not know that it's weird for me to like this stuff. But still, I don't feel an ounce of shame regarding any of this, because in the end it's my fucking business, not anyone elses, and it's not harming anyone. Imo, if someone wants to insist that I have a mental problem because I like certain drawings of completely fictional characters, then that person is the one with the problem, not me.

So uh, yeah, that's it I guess. Thanks for coming to my ted talk. I probably wrote way more than I should have, but in my defense, it only took a couple hours for me to write this. Man, I only recently started commenting on this website, I sure didn't expect that after a few days I'd be explaining weird hentai to you guys. I wonder if I'll get famous for this.

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Japan definitely isn't some kind of a beacon of morality

Oh my, say it isn't so! Can you believe it everybody? Japan isn't some beacon of morality! After all, Japan did some fucked up shit..... IN THE PAST!!!!!!!!

Who could have ever seen this coming? I mean, it's not like literally every country on planet earth has it's own share of past sins, right? Oh wait..... That's the opposite of what's true.

I don't know about you, but I'm not living on the planet earth of twenty years ago. Therefore, I'm going to judge places based on what they're like today. Japan might not be perfect, hell, they've got one of the highest rates of people killing themselves(I think the highest, iirc), so clearly something isn't quite right over there. But still, they're doing a hell of a lot better than other places when it comes to most other problems.

Their people are healthy, safe, they have most of the same rights americans have, their economy is doing wonders, and they produce some of the best entertainment media in the whole world. Should I really ignore all that and agree that they're a degenerate, immoral society, just because twenty years ago they allowed softcore(your word not mine) CP to be legal?

Ninja_Dagger_Legacy 7 points ago +10 / -3

Well, the origin of most lolicon stuff is Japan, a place that has low crime rates and generally seems to be one of the nicest places to live. But according to you, lolicon is degenerate and has no place in a "moral society". So, surely, you must believe that Japan is a degenerate, immoral society, right?

If that's the case, then why the fuck should I care about whether a society is "moral" or not? Or at least, why the fuck should I care about what you consider to be a "moral society"?

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I was going to suggest the same thing, along with telling her that many ecchi and hentai artists are women themselves. I don't have the stats, but I remember reading somewhere that around 50% of hentai doujin artists are women.

I think if this chick has even a shred of decency, then this should at least make her consider that he has a point, and that maybe it's okay for anime to be sexy. If someone has a problem with creepy anime bullshit when it's for a male audience, but not otome games, yaoi, or other ecchi/hentai material created by/for females, then that is simply a double standard, rules for thee not for me, and there's really no way around that.

Hopefully it convinces her, but yeah there's a pretty high chance she instead tries to justify double standards through critical theory bullshit. In that case, explain to her that this is objectively a double standard, and that you can't think it's okay for one gender to do and not the other. If she believes that, then she literally believes in witchcraft. It's two people doing the same damn thing, but because one is the "wrong" gender, somehow it magically becomes wrong to do and fills the world with evil!

If she still refuses to see the light, then yeah, at that point she's just a religious fanatic and you and your buddy should just cut her out of your lives.

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