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Why can't you just participate in the circle jerk?

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He crossed state lines too, which is a hate crime.

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I dunno man. Seems to me like you're making the perfect be the enemy of the good. Who cares if they don't like you? They're against DEI ESG and woke shit, which are all of the components of the Sweet Baby thing. It's not like you need to become best buds with Matt Walsh and little Benny. Just let them attack your enemy.

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I don't like Con Inc griftfags either, but if they are taking your side, why attack them? Who cares if they are disingenuous? They have reach to normies that hardcore gamergaters don't. You guys are up against big forces here. Why not court allies?

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I have tried. I had to work harder to get it to give me something that works and matches what I need than I would have to write it myself. Granted, I didn't really try very hard. I just tried a bit, got useless results, said "this is dumb" and did it myself.

That was the first inkling I got that LLMs are massively overhyped. Now I struggle to think of how I can use them at all, outside of dicking around and seeing what they spit out.

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Persian women can be really hot. This chick is uggo, good lord.

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Did she shoot the kid, or did the guards hit him while they were shooting her?

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It's ltke fencing, but it attempts to simulate a real sword fight. There are a variety of different swords which are popular to fight with: longsword, saber, rapier, side sword and buckler, smallsword and others. You can get a pretty good cardio workout if you go hard, but it's not boring like calisthenics or jogging. It's fun you don't take it too seriously, and have good people to fight with. Some of the techniques are pretty made up, but the better clubs try to learn what they can from historical manuals. Tends to attract a lot of nerds.

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I've done some hema, and it was fun, but that acronym is pretty fitting from what I experienced.

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I'm curious if he meant it as a joke, expecting Tucker to laugh, or if he intended to insult him. It actually could have been a translation thing because the insult was a bit subtle. The translation was like "maybe it's best you didn't join, because the cia is a serious organization." Could have meant something like "fuck the cia, your better off not being in it." Or maybe he's implying that Tucker has cooperated with the cia.

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Lol he busted Tuckers balls. Said Tucker wasn't hired by the CIA because he was too dumb.

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Oh yes, please try. Pleeease try.

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