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If Wishbone gets rebooted for the ‘modern’ era watch them do Lolita in the first season.

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Tally up everything wrong with women and then tell me a man is responsible.

by Cascade
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I hope that one day humanity will have the level of technical and medical sophistication that CPS would show up, cut her entire womb out of her, and take the unborn child to be raised by someone more suitable.

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Please return with your full name, billing address, credit card number, expiration date, and security code.

When you store your riches in Heaven you have no need for earthly wealth so share the love.

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You know how things would go down if Right Wing Death Squads drove around and fired indiscriminately into crowds of drug dealers on street corners in blue hellholes. Cities would burn when some sufficiently brown ghetto thug or junkie caught a bullet and the violence of the state would hunt those people relentlessly.

If those same Right Wing Death Squads put on white coats and did those killings in the womb in a Planned Parenthood the Left would celebrate a woman’s right to choose to kill her child. Even if it were white hands holding the scalpel and vacuum.

The Left and the Right are engaged in asymmetric warfare and abortion is a weapon in that war. Cast by God, unsheathed by the Left for their principles and actively fought against by the Right due to their principles. It’s a weapon that hurts the side that uses it the most.

It’s not people raised in married, stable two-parent households that attend church and send their kids to Sunday school that are running off to get their kids cut out.

The Right seems to have more compassion for the Left then the Left has vitriol for the Right. That’s not a formula for winning a war.

I’m also tired of people pretending those women are somehow the next Virgin Mary carrying the second coming of Christ that just didn’t the message. Garbage humans raise more garbage humans and it’s been that way since time immemorial.

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If man was made in the image of God then man’s foreskin was made in the image of God’s foreskin. Why would an almighty deity that created the Heavens and the Earth, life, the universe, and everything, tell His followers to cut off a piece of His holy creation?

It’s much more plausible that the removal of the foreskin was a demonic trick and it’s a protective barrier guarding receptors against attack by demonic subatomic particles.

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Abortion isn’t the problem. It’s the solution.

If Corey Pujols had been dealt with in the womb Vonelle Cook may still be alive today. The world would be a better place if George Flyod had been sliced up and wet vacced out.

Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Fidel Castro, Pol Pot, Kim Il-sung. It’s not like the world would be better off without those womb-tumors ever being brought to term.

Abortion is just a firearm that stops a thug before they ever draw their first breath. We just haven’t figured out how to aim it properly to take out the trash before they ever hurt anyone.

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Maybe the username hints at being unable to count to five.

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So which minors and which adult actors engaged in what acts?

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From the article:

He prepared to go to trial assuming his evidence – including a rental agreement and bank statements where his debit card had been charged – would be sufficient to prove his innocence.

It wasn’t.

Hertz maintained through the trial that the company had no record of Wilcoxson’s rental.

“As if the payment was fraudulent and the paper was fraudulent? Like, come on man,” Wilcoxson said. “How can someone lose at trial when the evidence that is presented is far beyond a reasonable doubt?”

He was sentenced to two years probation in October of 2014, a few weeks before he’d expected to be watching election results with his name on them. He’d forgone the campaign to deal with the trial.

Now he was a convicted felon.

Even if you have proof it may not matter in court.

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The doomsperging over Russia-Ukraine has been a fresh breath of bitter air. Watching the two groups sperg at each other is wonderfully entertaining.

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Run this on the top of every hour on every network station and you just might be able to reach the boomers.

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