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Almost like they are gloating.

I hope every one of them loses everything in the Biden/Democrat/uniparty/globalist world order government, that they wanted.

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Or the State governments that filed lawsuits.

I really, really do not like what happened.

I also don't like what those decisions signaled, as far as what it will take to fix this.

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Seeing what happened with every case being rejected do to a "lack of standing", did more to black-pill me than anything else.

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So it seems.

And the black and white classification can change multiple times a day.

Progs, as a whole, remind me of someone with schizophrenia or end stage dementia.

Guess that's why so many of them suffer from mental illness.

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Hunh today I learned that Elon Musk is now a right wing extremist.

Progs are so inclusive aren't they?

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Well I for one am enjoying watching Elon make the progtards sperg.

I don't care if he's friend or enemy, just watching him go ex wife on the progs is good enough for me.

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Well that's one part, plus the good ol' desire for more control.

It is funny how "everyone" is so worried about CO2 as a pollutant, but there are no initiatives to simply plant more trees.

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Makes one wonder what kind of governmental interference that is preventing that.

Hybrids make a lot of sense over there, fuel costs and all, and the engine displacement taxes that I understand some countries still have.

You get beat up harder than we do in the states, on insurance costs on larger displacement engines as well I believe?

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Shame the wait list for a Maverick is like 2 years now.

A little over $20k, seats 4, has storage, and 40+mpg; wouldn't mind having one myself.

Just hope they turn out to be slightly reliable, some of FoMoCos products have had some problems here lately.

Sucks that the hybrid version of the Hyundai Santa Cruz is delayed to around 2025.

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Toyota does or did (not sure if they still do) a hydrogen fuel cell car, the Mirai, and they had another one before that but the name escapes me at the moment.

I really only mentioned Toyota over Honda about the hybrid vehicles, is because Toyota makes a hybrid version of most of their vehicles. Certain vehicles like the new Sequoia are only available as a hybrid, and I believe the newer Sienna is only available as a hybrid now. I think the new Crown that is coming out is only going to be a hybrid, as well.

Hoping that Honda will make a new NSX, improving on it's hybrid drivetrain.

Edit: Honda also offers the Clarity, available in hydrogen powered or plug in hybrid variants.

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Toyota seems to be the only manufacturer still pushing hybrids.

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In most cases it pretty much applies to anything coming out of hollywood these days.

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Yeah Prelude to Axanar is a fan film on youtube set in the time period of the Federation and Klingon war, a little over 15ish years before ST TOS, and right before the first Constitution class starships are completed. It kind of blends the Star Trek (2009) aesthetic to the TOS aesthetic.

Tony Todd, J.G. Hertzler, Kate Vernon, Gary Graham (Ambassador Soval from Enterprise), and Richard Hatch all had acting parts in it.

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Yeah I liked Enterprise and earlier as well (although Voyager was fairly weak, didn't care for it as much).

Used to read some of the Star Trek books, haven't in quite some time.

Still bummed that Prelude to Axanar is dead in the water, something that would have been REALLY cool to see, killed by greed.

Thankfully not as much of a Star Wars fan, they really have a reason to be upset.

Seriously Disney, how do you ruin Star Wars? It's like a license to print money.

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Haha yeah, nobody seems to like it when THEIR sacred cow is taken to the slaughterhouse.

I say turnabout is fair play, and schadenfreude is quite amusing.

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I've only seen bits and pieces of the new Star Trek shows (not going to subscribe to anything to watch them, and from what I've seen they aren't even worth pirating), the thing that turns me off the most is how they don't even bother respecting established lore.

Yeah it sucks how screwed in the heads some of the ST TNG actors are. (Guess that applies to alot of shows though, like Stargate Sg1.)

I really wish I could permanently banish the grievance mongers to the world/alternate dimension that they want, maybe then we could get some decent media again.

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Avatar is a completly forgettable movie, that only has rather nice looking cgi as it's redeeming quality.

Everything else in the movie has already been seen and done before.

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Man I feel this post, especially the 80's and 90's ad part.

I've been watching some of the old movies from that time lately (movies that I saw as a kid), and you can definitly see the "proto woke" horseshit in quite a bit of the advertisements, TV shows, and movies from that era.

I can't really speak on comic books (never really was my jam), but look at the difference in Star Trek TOS versus Star Trek TNG (especially any of the Troi centric episodes, BLECH!). Not even going to get into STD or the other new show.

But yeah, these companies had better hope the ESG funds don't run out any time soon, as they are already creativly bankrupt and are going to run out of any remaining fan goodwill before too long.

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In a way that change makes the movie kind of horrifying and hilarious.

Mr. Bean would have been hilarious to use as well.

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Oh gee, as if I needed another reason to not see or care about "White man bad, in space! The sequel!"

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Yep still has to play the victim at times.

It's funny how a person like him can see the problem, but can never reach the correct conclusion about what causes it.

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Umfortunantly enemies of democracy seem to be helming every government now, not just in the German government.

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Oh no, not a horribad plot by "far-right extremists".

Anyone who disagrees with globohomo is now "far-right", media might as well call them poopyheads or something with the way they have run the term far-right into the ground.

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