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Women (and feminine men) are physically weak. They naturally conform to what they think is the strongest entity. This used to be a woman's father, and then her husband. We can still see this behavior in the voting demographics, where only married White women vote right wing (White men are the largest demographic to vote right wing). Feminism and "modern culture" has pushed women away from their fathers and husbands into the arms of extremely corrupt governments that hate them.

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Nazis are popular inversely to the proportion that the population wasn't subjected to the blatant anti-White and anti-Nazi propaganda which is prolific in the White West. Thus, non-white parts of the world have large and unapologetic minorities of pro Nazis.

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If you still think that, then you're ignorant to the censored history of WW2. I don't blame you, considering the amount of propaganda and censorship surrounding the subject.

In reality, the British started the war (and who were using the British; for reference, check out the Balfour Declaration). The British made a secret deal with Poland, that if Poland got into a war with Germany the British would ally with Poland (even if Poland started it), and wanted them to instigate/start a war with Germany, to crush the German people. This is why Britain declared war on Germany for invading, and not on Soviet Russia for doing the exact same thing and in the exact same month. Weird, right? This would also explain the deliberate targetting of German civilians before, during, and after the war. It would also explain why numerous attempts at peace talks, initiated by Germany, were denied (both during WW1 and WW2). This would also explain why Rudolf Hess, a high ranking Nazi party member, flew secretly to Britain to try to initiate peace talks, but instead was arrested, and kept in prison under trumped up charges until he committed suicide in 1987.

Have you not heard about the atrocities against the Germans living in the newly created Poland after WW1? It's certainly not taught in schools, and it's not shown in any mainstream media. It would run counter to all of the programming surrounding WW2, since it's paramount to present Nazi Germany as the ultimate bad guys, who deserved everything that happened to them, including civilians, including women, children, and eldery.

Keep in mind that most of those Germans had lived there (in Poland, and surrounding areas) for hundreds (or thousands of years). Look at maps of Prussia, the Teutonic Knights, and the general area the German people inhabited prior to WW1. After WW2, the expulsion of all the Germans east of the new borders led to one of the largest forced human migrations in history, killing millions of them. However, before the war started, the Polish killed tens of thousands of Germans, before Germany invaded. The Polish were subjugating the Germans in Poland, before Germany invaded. The Polish threatened to invade and attack Germany, multiple times, before Germany invaded. The Polish actively boasted about being able to defeat Germany by themselves, and gave out their invasion plans, openly, before Germany invaded. The Polish even made several small military attacks on German farms and military installations, in German territory, before Germany invaded. By even the weakest cucked standards of today, Germany had a right to invade. The war inflated, after Germany invaded Poland to protect it's own people, precisely because that was exactly what the British, "Western", and "Soviet" powers wanted.

Read these accounts of the crimes and sentiments by the Polish against the German people:



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Isn't it wild how the intentional targetting and murdering of civilians by Allies is swept under the rug, not taught, or perfectly justified in WW2, but when done by the Axis, it's painted as the most heinous thing ever?

The fire bombing of Dresden, which was only to target civilians. Many of our bombing campaigns later in the war, against Japan and Germany, were specifically to target civilians. Many don't even know about the post war atrocities. In Germany alone, we killed tens of millions of civilians, through starvation, rape, forced relocation, and murder, of men, women, children, and elderly. The post war relocation of Germans was one of the largest migrations of people in human history, and almost no one knows about it. Russia mass raped every German woman, from little girls to grandmas, for months (or was it years, I can't remember), many of them to death, in front of their families, often killing anyone who tried to stop it. There's quite a few stories of people unable to sleep in German cities because sll of the glass windows were blown out from all the bombing campaigns, and the screams from all the people being raped every night turned it into a literal hell on earth.

Learning this stuff after my "education" in school, and seeing what movies and shows are offered by Hollywood, paints an extremely clear picture of how insanely skewed "history" is written, and how much people can be manipulated.

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Using your own logic, and even using the official history of WW2, if targetting civilians is fine in war, how come the U.S. were the good guys in WW2, but Germans were the bad guys?

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There are two fundamental ways to get closer to truth: asking questions and debate. If someone demonizes, censors, or attacks anyone partaking in these avenues it means they don't want people to learn the truth. Ben's motivations should be clear for anyone even moderately aware of the lies and manipulations surrounding WW2, and its connection to the state of Israel.

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Most people don't know, either, that the fire bombing raids on Japan killed far more civilians than the nuke drops. Back then, most homes in Japan were wooden. The fire bombing raids caused massive firestorms, killing hundreds of thousands.

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And, unfortunately, most lawyers know this too, which is why the jury selection process almost never allows White men onto the jury.

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Game "journalists" are just regular journalists, all of whom work for globohomo, which has very specific philosophies they believe in and push. For example, hedonism, relativism, and sexual degeneracy. This abhorrent combination leads to rampant availability of porn, and all manner of dysgenic sexual behaviors, like homosexuals, bi, trannies, beastiality, cuckoldry, pedophilia, and (appropriate to this conversation) incest. Porn sites are rampant with incest porn propaganda. Globohomo sites (like porn sites, Reddit, mainstream news, etc.) actively push their ideologies onto the captured and willing, and are good metrics for determing what they believe, and what they hate, through what they censor.

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They don't care. They don't care about rights, liberties, where you are, your property rights, anything. They want complete control, even over your words and thoughts. If you deviate from their programming, at all, they want to kill you. If you're White, they want to kill you. There is zero compromise, reasoning, or debate with these people.

You may be able to convince logical normies, but don't cater to them, because existing as a normie in today's world is increasingly indicative of intellectual cowardice and suicidal stupidity, as the obviousness of what we're dealing with is becoming as hard to ignore as a freight train barreling toward us.

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Same shit with Amazon. That site used to be good for doing product research, but now? Most of the reviews are bought and paid for by the sellers, Amazon curates the searches, and actively promotes Chinesium garbage and knock offs. There's simply too much money involved, so over time these companies become corrupt.

Gaming is bigger than Hollywood. Steam is absolutely aware of review manipulation. At minimum, they simply don't care so long as they make money. However, it's probably worse. If people make a big enough deal about it, and force Steam to respond, we'll learn a lot more about their true motivations.

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What are they implying here about red pillers and charging money for Twitter, with relation to the poll? Anyone know?

In any case, it seems logical that right leaning women are less likely to use social media, which means they're less likely to vote in an online poll. However, it's been widely known for a while now that women majority vote left, with the one exception being married White women.

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The development team is promising the next game, which will release later in 2024, will be much bigger and feature “a wide range of ethnicities” this time around.

Chief among the additions to Deliverance II will be more diversity. “Naturally, in a place like this, people can expect a wide range of ethnicities and different characters that Henry will meet on his journey,” Warhorse Studios spokesperson Tobias Stolz-Zwilling told IGN. Back during the lead-up to the first game, Vávra insisted there wouldn’t be any Black people in it.

“Would you please explain to me what’s racist about telling the truth?” he tweeted back in 2015. “There were no black people in medieval Bohemia. Period.” Vávra’s deployment of historical accuracy to defend the fictional RPG’s lack of people of color and his frequent embrace of pro-Gamergate rhetoric made it hard to separate the first Deliverance from some of the online reactionaries who rallied around it. The studio seems to be taking a somewhat different approach this time around, though it didn’t go into much detail.

“We are trying to depict a realistic, immersive, and believable medieval world that is being reconstructed to the best of our knowledge,” Stolz-Zwilling told IGN. “And naturally to achieve that we are not only having our own in-house historian, but we are very closely working together with universities, historians, museums, reenactors, and a group of experts from different ethnicities or religious beliefs that we are actively incorporating into development as external advisors.”

It would be hilarious if they were just different White ethnicities. However, this is definitely enough to make anyone knowledgeable about DEI concerned.

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Thanks for the links.

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I didn't see the diversity in the KCD2 trailer. Where are you seeing it?

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Regarding the 2nd paragraph, part of today's problems are definitely due to this. It mostly originates from the feminine mindset, that it's better to coddle someone, to cater to their emotions, than to tell them an uncomfortable truth, which will in the long run be more beneficial to them. The feminine mindset isn't inherently wrong, but it becomes damaging when prioritized over the masculine mindset (truth over all).

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Hit them over the head with the sign until they stop doing what the sign tells them not to do.

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Adorea Olomouc should conclusively prove that realistic fight scenes aren't boring. It's just difficult for video games to properly emulate the nuance of high level sword play. Here's their Youtube channel:


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Doesn't Games Workshop actively hamstring its own IP regularly? I specifically remember when Syama Pedersen came out with the Astartes fan shorts on Youtube, which were so good that they single handedly got tens of thousands of people (or more) into the IP. And yet, GM bought him out, "hired" him to make videos for them, forced him to take the videos down on his own channel, and then GM reuploaded them onto their shitty website with worse sound effects and music. It was around this same time that GW threw the lawfare book at almost all of the fanmade content creators, forcing most to take their stuff down or stop production. GW would've made more money by leaving Syama and other fan content creators alone, which would've driven sales of all 40k stuff up.

I'm not even familiar with most of the crap GM has done, only read some of what they've done from the fans, but they've also explicitly attacked anyone who unironically likes the human faction in 40k, since they're "fascists", and "how could you like fascists, everyone is supposed to be bad guys in 40k". It's the same garbage as globalists/lefties attacking anyone who dares to like a bad/racist/fascist character/group/fictional work, if it portrays them in a positive light or makes them look cool, even to the smallest degree. Lefties are fine with "viewer interpretation" when it contradicts wrongthink from the author, but perfectly fine to claim "media literacy!" when the fans reject the stupidity from the author and actively embrace the cool factor. This recently happened with the Helldivers 2 game, which spurred on discussion of Starship Troopers, and the hilarious attempt to "mock" the source material (and fascism) by the movie's director.

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They're fine with religion so long as it's blatantly satanic, but not with anything even remotely similar to Christianity (like humanity in 40k). Seriously, check out any atheist forum and they constantly shit on Christianity, but many openly embrace satanism. You'll find contextual clues, either blatant or subtle, for what the people in power support by reading the narratives they push in the sectors they control.

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They've only defended White women in word only. In action, they've undermined and harmed White women with every philosophy and policy they've pushed. Feminism, pushing women into the workforce, letting women vote, birth control, destroying the traditional gender roles, attacking and weakening men, increasing governmental power and welfare, no fault divorce, the entirety of modern media (social, entertainment, and news), hiding interracial crime stats, open borders, mass immigration, DEI, etc. All of it hurts White women in one form or another, even though unmarried White women have largely been duped to vote for and support this poison.

Still, with the steady progression of the Kalergi plan, White women will eventually, inevitably, be turned on, openly and aggressively hostile, just like White men.

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You couldn't refute anything I said, so you resort to sticking your fingers in your ears.

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I've read reports that when attacked, the Bishop in question raised a crucifix to defend himself. The Muslim attacker's switchblade wouldn't engage, and the blade remained in the handle, so the Muslim only beat the Bishop with the knife handle, preventing serious injury.

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As you should, as all good men should. In fact, we don't hate them enough. Good men are supposed to hate degeneracy, corruption, lies, and evil.

This feminized (globalist) push to demonize hate is meant to neuter us, so we don't speak up against it or act to stop it.

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Another word for "you didn't, but I want to imagine you did".

Tacit: "not spoken; implied by or inferred from actions or statements"

You were obviously being anti-White, but your statements weren't overtly anti-White, ergo, you were being "tacitly" anti-White. You do know that intelligent people can infer what you're saying by contextual clues, right? We don't have to be told "this because that" like an NPC. Intelligent people are good at pattern recognition and connecting dots, that liars and idiots would rather they not do.

And that is why it seems weird to you.

Your vitriol is weird because it was completely unnecessary. I brought up salient points, and you come back as if I kicked your dog and killed your grandma. You don't win people over like that. Not the person you're talking to, nor the people listening into the conversation. You (weirdly) became offended by me merely questioning the official story and stats, because it was you that posted them. Why take it so personally, unless you have something vested in this conversation (which, by the way, is weird)?

How you've "debated", the words you've used, and the arguments you've used are all weird. It paints you as someone that believes everything official, which itself is a "tacit" admission that you're wholly unaware of the totality of how fucked up the world is and with all of the extremely numerous conspiracy theories which would make you question official sources. It paints you as someone that (weirdly) hates anyone that doesn't believe the official story (which I should point out, is a lot like Reddit tier useful idiots who hate on "conspiracy theorists", because we question their religious adherence to "authorities"). And now, you keep doubling down. You should have zero reason to be this vitriolic. If you were being helpful, and linking to sources which disproved my questioning, it shouldn't/wouldn't bother you this much. You could simply shrug it off and leave it well enough alone. Why would you care if someone internet random didn't believe you?

The behavior you're displaying is identical to what bots and shills use. You all become extremely abrasive to anyone that doesn't believe you 100%. You use arguments that don't make sense. You attack the person, not the argument. You overtly rely on appeals to popularity, emotion, and authority. You abundantly use logical fallacies. You pretend to know nothing about conspiracy theories (even the tons of confirmed ones). You all talk the same, believe the same, and use the same arguments. So, yes, you're being weird.

I should also point out, that in one of your previous comments (which only occurred to me after the fact) that you tacitly implied that everyone here should care about what others think, when most of us are here precisely because we disagree with the curated/censored narratives pushed on mainstream platforms, which increasingly make less and less sense. And yet, the people here are called "conspiracy theorists", "racists", "antisemites", and the like, because we reject the obvious lies and propaganda. For reference, this is what you said:

But stop making this community look like a bunch of paranoid fucking idiots with the attention span of a twitch streamer.

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