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What is really eerie is this Cody Garett Wells is a nobody. He is a wannabe content creator for the tabletop game with a negligible portfolio.

  • He is not a victim of any alleged Paizo wrongdoing.
  • He is not from one of the allegedly oppressed groups.
  • He has evidenced no special knowledge of the nuances of running a business, managing staff or employee rights.
  • The allegedly wrongfully terminated staff member has not publicly complained!

Yet Cody is leading this online charge. The inconsequential and ignorant leading the blind.

Then there are the Paizo.com forum posters. Consider this (archive). I am honestly unsure if 'Cori Marie' is real or a channer trolling them. Cori claims to be trans and uses an avatar that looks like a person failing to pass, whilst saying things like (in support of staff unionising) - "Imagine being a tabletop roleplayer and not supporting a union. As the Paizo Union account said, "When one party member is in trouble, we all roll for initiative.""

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Okay so this is bizarre. A few weeks ago a customer service manager parted company with Paizo, the company that makes the Pathfinder table-top game and licenses the PC games of the same name. Said manager does not seem to have publicly alleged wrongful termination. A colleague of theirs resigned in solidarity.

Jessica Price, however, leapt in and posted a Twitter thread attacking Paizo leadership for grave offences such as failing to get the office carpet hoovered. This has led to a Twitter hashtag (albeit with a small number of contributors) describing it as a crisis. Also, similar threads on the Paizo forums. A tidal wave of bizarre, self-important, SJW nurks (including many professing to be trans) demanding accountability from the leadership of Paizo. For some Paizo have been tolerating this, to my mind much more than the complainers deserve.

As though any company has to, or can, explain sensitive confidential staffing issues on its forums. As though failing to hoover the carpet, an alleged cleaning issue resolved some years before, is some crisis.

One major character is a @CodyGarettWells (> 500 followers) who has posted extensively on Twitter and makes videos describing events with a solemn pomposity that might usually be reserved for some life-or-death national crisis.

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She was fired for her conduct towards a fan. He very politely disagreed with something she said in a public thread and she then tweeted this -

"Today in being a female game dev:

"Allow me--a person who does not work with you--explain to you how you do your job.""

It all rapidly went downhill from there.

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So, this is own content. Extraordinarily, Jessica Price is threatening to sue me for this post and for the media inquiry I sent to her clients about it. I find this extraordinary as the factual allegations are basically, me quoting things she has said. So far this is just at cease and desist stage but I find it astonishing.

Ms Price's lawyer claims my media inquiry seeking to check my facts was either defamation per se or tortious interference. I foresee difficulties with those claims. However, we can but see.

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Yes but to be fair, wasn't she actually video recorded doing it?

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These people have one end game. Don't take my word for it. Let us look at some Labour government ministers from Tony Blair's government.

Ex-health secretary Patricia Hewitt DID 'back plan to lower age of consent to 14 and 10'.

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Oh hi u/AntonioOfVenice. Good to hear from you.

Having been in both parties, the Conservatives are way better.

Except for silent members who just pay and donate and do not attend meetings, being in Labour is basically wasting your life in a bitter war between two or three large mobs of emotionally driven individuals whipped up by grifters. At a lower level, that breaks down into smaller factions viciously feuding over trivia or pure spite. It is literally structured like an MMO, with vast numbers of inconsequential but important sounding positions for activists to fight over. Kind of like PvP. Grinding (leafleting, for example) enhances your ability to obtain bling.

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Reddit is devolving because its deeply creepy executives are systematically purging wrong-thinkers, a classic example being the original KiA.

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This is a wholly normative article.

  • Assuming social justice is a goal (and of course the definitions of, "social", "justice" and "social justice" may themselves vary or be disputed

  • Assuming it is desirable to be, or adopt mascots, or that mascots for same are virtuous

  • Presenting measurable attributes as ideologically undesirable

This is clearly ideological but what has it got to do with science?

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Indeed. The total lack of confidence in UK law from most communities is at the root of this. The police are not trusted to tell the truth or enforce even serious laws, especially when doing so may be contrary to the work narrative.

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I remember Reeves from when I was in Labour Students at University. I knew her sister, Ellie too.

I do not have a high opinion of them. I wrote an article about Ellie, entitled, "Ellie Reeves MP and the Corpses of Children" a few years back. It made some quite serious allegations and she tried to get me a police warning to suppress it. She failed. She is a lawyer, and she chose not to try to sue over it. She allowed the limitation period for defamation to lapse.

The article is still up here.

Still so glad I left and joined the Conservatives.

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Nope. I am male. This content creator is female. Fairly obviously, it is not my content.

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Review of the Masters of the Universe: Revelations, Kevin Smith debacle. Reviewer is a young lady who is just starting out so please show her some love / support / subs.

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The irony is, the main reason I used Baen's website is to buy the Kencyrath novels, by P C Hodgell. She is a former academic and her work is considered feminist, albeit relatively moderate. The series is obscure, but her early stuff and much of the metaplot is good, but she tends to ramble and the plot needs wrapping up. Regardless, the series is hardly alt-Right!