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Unfortunately all of these were made in a time where people actually valued the source material, instead of forcing their own viewpoints and substandard writing into them.

Jeremy Brett is the best Holmes by a mile.

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Nope. We had 3 decent movies, and we still have the books.

The forthcoming series will be poorly written garbage, wearing Tolkien's skin to give it the veneer of legitimacy.

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Wait, if we kill Hitler, who will the left compare Trump to?

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Can we crowdfund to have this thing sent to the middle east? I'm sure it'd be far more comfortable there.

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The Boys - Stormfront. Still don't know how they managed without the usual suspects screaming about something.

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He lost me when he didn't start with: "Listen up goatfuckers".

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Is that really a woman? Because those photos are not flattering. Why are all these insane rabid feminists complete dogs? Is the lack of male attention the reason they became rabid feminists?

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Jesus fucking Christ, the first paragraph is all about Trump. These people have a deeply unhealthy obsession.

Also, women don't get to talk about masculinity anymore. Men get slated when they talk about women, so in the spirit of true equality, we will no longer pay any attention to the bullshit you spout.

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Is this even legal? I get opting in to emails for business services, but isn't an unsolicited political plea severely unethical?

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Not once have any of these idiots referred to Trump as President. Fuck all of them.

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Drats, ignore. I was beaten to this u/jubyeonin.

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The number of comments blaming the teacher on the BBC Facebook article was staggering.

Fuck Islam, and fuck the pro-diversity politicians who led to this bullshit.

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I admit, I laughed at the guy protesting the release of booking photos for promoting stereotypes. Have you seen the Portland rioters? They're the whitest motherfuckers you could imagine.

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Author is a contributor to HuffPo and a Democratic Socialist. Opinion disregarded.

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Thanks for putting these together.

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Is this white author accusing the brown female artist of racism? Pretty sure he'll end up cancelled for that.

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Oh FFS. I'm beginning to agree with TheImpossible1 more about women and their bullshit.

LOTR does not need sex scenes and nudity. Fuck off back to your Game of Thrones boxed set, although you all bitched about rape scenes and mis-treatment of women in that.

Someone pointed out the other day that they were thankful that the LOTR trilogy got made when it did. It couldn't be made now without some woke bullshit shoehorned in.

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Fucking moron. If you are not free to offend, then you don't have freedom of speech. Labour is never going to be a respectable party again if they don't purge the idiots, woke, anti-white, champagne socialist and Marxist scum from their ranks.

I suspect it might be easier to wipe the entire party and start from scratch.

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I can't think where to start. This is an abomination, and anyone who has read Pratchett and watches this is in for a shock.

I'd be interested to hear the late Sir Terry's view on this, since there is genuine diversity in his books, and some of the later novels had some subtle commentary on a range of topics. The people who made this abortion wouldn't grasp subtlety if it was beaten into them by a large orangutan.

I could rant for a long time about this, as I'm seething with hatred, but it's not worth it. Just add it to the list of wokified adaptations to avoid.

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I thought that the usual suspects had decreed Dahl to be a racist, misogynist anti-semite a few years back? It's still acceptable to profit from his legacy though.

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