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Nobody gets canceled quite so enthusiastically as a middle-aged white woman accused of racism

White women destroy lives, white women most affected.

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Truth and reconciliation is an odd way of saying subjugation and reeducation.

Well, if you think about it "concentration camp" Is a pretty odd way to describe the place you starve and work to death people when you weren't killing them outright. It's just about concentrating people in one place, right?

(Or "gulag", which is just am abbreviation for the name of the org who ran them.)

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My child is in 10th grade, and they're supposed to start learning about the birds and the bees officially in 11th grade.

When I was growing up, sex ed started in 9th grade but got so mired in "self esteem" BS that it was possible to get out of the first year without knowing boys and girls were different down below. (I know this, because someone did.)

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Up until about 2014 I used to buy an anthology of the best sci-fi/fantasy stories from the previous year.

Heh, I used to buy "Year's Best SF" but gave up on it a few years before it stopped running. I went to Wikipedia and looked over the articles on the series just now. I recognized a few of the covers but I had to go through three covers I recognized before I got to one story I recognized. (And I have to wonder if the only reason I recognized it was because my friend borrowed the book and loved that one story so much he wrote an essay on it that I proofread for him.)

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race war

As the situation gets worse, you get more people who are accelerationists (or at least tolerant of same) because you make more and more people decide it's inevitable and it would be better to just get it over with.

So, yes, keep threatening a race war (because it sure as fuck wouldn't be Trump's side starting it, so I presume it's yours), it will just make it more inevitable. Just remember this - everyone thinks they'll be ruling the wasteland fort after the zombie apocalypse. No one thinks they'll be the nameless dead outside.

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Yeah, I dropped them sometime after the revival, around the time Russ "Eagle Semen" Pitts came back. I guess I realized I was watching ZP more out of habit than anything, and being offered a second serving of Pitts was what it took to jar me out of it.

As for my unfounded speculation, their comment "We're bringing in a new movie series in essay format." makes me think they're in a downward spiral; I seem to recall the Escapist did something similar last time as they were starting to fail. Perhaps it's just my memory but I recall someone on a forum - hell, maybe theirs - saying something like "Isn't a site that sold itself on having video series dropping its video series a bad sign?"

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(Pops over to Kiwi Farms for whatever context they dug up.)

Oh wow, the Escapist's parent company even handed him the rights to all his shit. Even the one called "Escape to the Movies". It's named after the site and has nothing Bob-specific in the name - either they're getting out of the movie commentary gig altogether or they think the brand is so indelibly Bobbed that it'd be better to start over.

They say they're not renewing his contract. I wonder if it was just a "It turns out hiring the people who were running the show when the Escapist was failing the first time was a bad idea." or if his recent squabble with Memeology 101 over Cuties caused some damage.

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I guess naming schools after veterinarians is also out of the question, then.

Or people who took high school biology.

(His name was Pepe, you soulless motherfuckers. SAY HIS NAME!)

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Ninja going to Mixer or Pewdiepie and Dlive didn't change much in the landscape of livestreaming.

That feel when most of your 'fanbase' are just there because everyone else is.

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Everything people do to me is motivated by political hatred.
Everything I do to people is for their own good.

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I guess when he's anointed with the holy chrism his past sins will be cleansed, as surely as Donald Trump's were.

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Vice President

You do know what job he's up for, right?

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In that picture it's not her top I'm worried about, it's the bottom sitting next to her.

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I know about phone modems, but I wasn't sure how it worked without a microcomputer (as they were called at the time).

Well, think about the old external modems, not the ones that were on a card plugged into the mobo. They were self-contained boxes that plugged into a serial line from the computer on one end and the phone network on the other end. (Or, for real vintage back in the Ma Bell days, an acoustic coupler that plugged into the serial line of a PC on one end and had a spot for your phone handset to sit!) But if you could rig up another device to output the same kind of serial output, it would plug in just fine. And you can get a lot done without a computer - remember that the early arcade games like Pong weren't running on computers, they were dedicated single-purpose electronics. No CPU capable of reading instructions, just logic chips.

I had no idea about the teletype.

Oh, that's a neat corner of history. Not my field of expertise certainly but one of those odd things I'd come across. While Telex didn't use phone lines - at least not at first - it had much of the same basic idea hardware-wise: Dial a number, type, your "typewriter" converts it into something analog that gets sent across the wire, and someone somewhere else sees the output in addition to you. Here's one in use: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7qv5xw4fsh8&feature=youtu.be&t=97

Or, if you take the modem out, here's a teletype hooked straight to a Mark-8, one of the earliest do-it-yourself minicomputers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vzPHdoOU8DQ Add in two modems and a phone network (well, a phone network capable of handling fax/modem data connections - becoming less common these days) and you could have those two parts in different countries.

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In government? I suppose someone on Heron Road still knows what they're doing but that just means they'll be the Adeptus Mechanicus.

(Me, I was just there to nanny one of their offices through the trauma of moving a few boxes. Man, if you ever thought working for the tax man was an option, talk to a lifer.)

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somehow entered programs over the phone

I find it cute how you phrase it like it was magic. They probably had a terminal, smart or dumb, with a modem. (As in an actual make-screechy-noises-into-a-phone-line modem, not a cable modem.) If you recall what a DOS prompt is, imagine one of those except the commands are being run on another machine instead of yours because your machine isn't a computer, it's just a screen, keyboard, and a connection to the phone network. In modern parlance, the thinnest possible thin client.

If it was really vintage the terminal had no screen, just an electromechanical teletype. Instead of printing to a traditional printer on the other end, the TTY would print to a punched-card printer, then some person on the other end set up and fed the punched cards into the mainframe, taking the output cards and feeding them back into a device that read the cards and sent the output back to the teletype in the school. From the students' point of view it'd be like typing a program on a typewriter and then an hour or day later the typewriter prints the result of the program by itself.

Fun IT fact: The Canada Revenue Agency still uses an ancient mainframe/terminal setup to manage the tax system. CRA agents who think they're smart call the program used to access that a "DOS program" but it's actually a terminal emulator. A Windows 7 or 10 computer being used to emulate what's effectively a typewriter with a monitor attached from the 1970's or 1980's.

(None of them know why the program references F13 through F24 to refer to shift-F1 through shift-F12, not even the ones who think they're smart.)

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150m from schools, 150m from abortion clinics, 150m from hospitals, 150m from anything medical like a pharmacy.... Before long you have the 'right' to say what you want, just so long as you're 150m away from everything and everyone.

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Given the entire lawsuit was a cavalcade of people telling her things like "Don't push this, you can't win." or "Don't say this, it'll damage your case." or "Don't do this, it will cost you." and her charging ahead anyway, I think we can safely say she'll never learn.

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I thought humans had some basic anti-incest wiring that keeps most of us from finding people we grew up around sexy. Did that just not exist with these people?

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