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I’m just glad they don’t use that little faggot Tom Cruise. What a debacle that was. I read a few of the books, I’ll have to check out the new series.

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We can’t hire any staff, so they give us contractors from Africa that can barely write a paragraph. I will not correct grammar. Corporate America will learn soon enough.

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I’ll bet most blacks are for this, they definitely aren’t for being parents.

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One of the first times I saw the media capitalize White.

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I work for a large bank. I never attend any of those events and simply delete every email - or even set up a rule to auto delete.

Don’t make a fuss about it, just ignore and move on. When you get annual surveys, make comments there.

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Or at least move back to their own neighborhoods and out of the white ones. I call it Afrofication.

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Plex server on a PC with a huge hard drive and an AppleTV or similar device is as easy as it gets. Even if the internet goes down you can watch content via WiFi.

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Everybody seems to love blacks according to the jew media and corporations, but absolutely nobody wants to live near them. Even the ones that make it don’t want to live around their own.

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If they can’t steal or rape it, they will destroy it.

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The woman in Lost in Space is a coal burner and has the niglet to prove it. It’s so forced it’s obvious.

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I looked into that claim and it didn’t have enough evidence. The person who said it named one artist, but they weren’t the original one. There was others before him. Of course you can’t trust what you read any more, so it is still a possibility.

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Sugar cane and chocolate are based off slavery. Start telling blacks when they eat both they are contributing to their own imprisonment.

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The DIE departments were created as a way to hire blacks that otherwise would not be hirable for the real production departments. I deal with black senior managers often and it’s usually them that I need to follow up on for them to do their job.

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The person with the sign was paid to be there, so they don’t have any response.

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Omg, it’s a tranny? This was so embarrassing for that sub. You can see while the host is asking questions they are rocking side to side, like retards do when they rock back and forth to cope.

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Beef meatballs too. Faggots.

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How many times will they tell the relatively smart one to stop acting white?

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