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I see nothing wrong with sending them a gift of a rope, i like free stuff.

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Reminds me of the Theranos scam, you can be valued to the fucking moon but it doesn't mean shit.

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Funny this happens around the same time that a thread pops up on r/pcmasterrace from a nobody account over Omar having a computer and of course it gets gilded into oblivion and any comments pointing out the bullshit got nuked and thread locked.

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Precisely why I nuked all my accounts and started fresh, it's so refreshing to be able to make fun of those chucklefucks without caring about them trying to trace it back to something IRL.

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Needs more vans, knifes and explosions.

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Recipe Filter is your friend for shit like that (Chrome, Firefox).

It ain't perfect but works most of the time.

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Smaller towns can still be pretty chill though the big cities have all turned to shit, even though i'm in a smaller town that thankfully doesn't have it's head up it's ass (somewhat rare for the west-side of the state) i'm still tempted to move to somewhere where the governor (Inslee) isn't a raging retard.

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Wouldn't surprise me if he bailed given how much Tim's always interrupting him or trying to 'gotcha' him by trying to counter what he says or straight-up twisting his words, dude's got his fence-sitting post jammed so far up his ass he pretty much at-level with those 'ivory tower' folks he's always bitching about while he acting the same as them when talking with Adam.