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Don't follow his advice on how to push back (mock and/or ask innocent sounding "dumb" questions) unless you can afford to be unemployed for at least a couple years. If you mock you'll get fired, and if you "play dumb" enough people will get wise to what you're doing and put you on the "known troublemakers" list that gets you swept up in the next layoff. Worst case, someone records what you're saying/doing and puts in on twitter; and not only do you get fired you also become unemployable in your industry.

Academics really don't understand modern corporate HR practices and how insulated they are from them.

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You can't beat cancel culture unless you have a gathering of supporters who are willing to make sacrifices. Meanwhile, most people are cowards. This is the true blackpill.

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I agree, which is why I think people who have the means to fight back should do so. Better still I think would be "Going Galt" and forming parallel institutions while letting Woke Society wither and die. Either way, it illustrates the importance of fuck you money and why it's something everyone should strive for.

But if you get fired for taking his advice, is James Lindsay going to put food on your table or pay your mortgage? No. Maybe he'll tweet about it or open a gofundme or something, but he assumes none of the risk for taking his advice. And being an academic his risk profile is very different than the vast majority of the people he's speaking to. By not being honest about these risks he does a disservice to those listening to him.

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Precisely why I nuked all my accounts and started fresh, it's so refreshing to be able to make fun of those chucklefucks without caring about them trying to trace it back to something IRL.

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I think, like many academics, he has an unfortunate left-wing streak to him which he's having a hard time breaking. I think he called Steven Crowder something akin to a subhuman piece of shit (or something along those lines) for making fun of Carlos Maza... but said he shouldn't be censored off the internet.

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Holy fuck, it gets worse

How could it get worse than "You're racist, gibs me Paypal!"

(Watches video.)

Holy fuck, it gets worse.

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How could it possibly.... Holy Fuck!

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That’s a blue-ribbon braphog if I’ve ever seen one.

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Heart disease walking

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Black people die of heart disease! It's the racist white doctors' fault! Get rid of them, get black doctors instead!


What do you mean pass the exams? They're racist white exams!

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The subtle parts are her angry face attempting to look stern and serious, while also making sure to get those boobs front and center in an unnecessarily tight outfit.

Not just the bigotry and grifting, but the disdain and sexual manipulation.

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... now gibme money

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They tolerate and/or promote CRT when it tears down whites but oppose it when Asians are negatively impacted.

It's the same behavior pattern you see with "socially conservative" Hispanics who still vote denocrat; subverting and ultimately unseating the majority racial demographic is more immediately important than following your own principles.

Every tribe behaves this way on every issue with the exception of the white tribe, who are either denied tribalism altogether (conservative whites) or brainwashed into working against their own tribal interests (leftist whites).

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This is the same reason democrats support welfare and abortion, the same reason they scream diversity while their cities hold the highest rates of segregation in the country. They still believe blacks, hispanics etc are 'noble savages'.