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The fact that they’re Swedes and they haven’t cucked yet is pretty surprising though.

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I agree, although I don’t think it will last. Anything that isn’t explicitly anti-woke will become woke eventually . These people have the time and the insanity needed to complain about shit endlessly until the devs do what they want, even though they were never going buy the game in the first place.

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People who do drugs seem to be having a good time, why don’t you try some drugs?

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I remember an episode of House where some underage cancer girl asked that Australian guy to kiss her before she died, that’s about the closest I can think of.

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She looks fine here, but she supposedly died from her injuries a day later? This story doesn’t add up. Suicide? Her mom kill her out of shame?

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I don’t think they’re surprised that it persists, I think they were overjoyed that it worked so well but they didn’t account for the fact that their favored golems would be unable to tell Jews from White people.

hopefully this game they play where they drum up as much anti-White sentiment as they can while pretending to be White, and then magically becoming Jewish when it’s time to pay the piper is going to bite them in the ass.

I’m not optimistic though, after they’ve thoroughly raped and pillaged the West they can just flee to Israel while their mongrel hordes feast on the corpse.

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I didn’t even have to look it up, I already knew.

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This was the late 2000’s. We had AIDS week a few years at my school district, they had people with AIDS come in, shit like that. It was a very rural School district in a red county too.

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They should just go with Dave Chappelle’s idea: get the two oldest, ugliest teachers in the school and make them fuck in front of the whole student body, that should put everyone off sex at least until they’re twenty.

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An attractive woman in a bideo game is the end of the world, but your kids being exposed full-on raw buttsex is beautiful and must be celebrated for some reason.

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All I remember from sex ed was they spent an inordinate ammount of time trying to convince us that AIDS wasn’t a “gay” disease. They never gave us any statistics or anything, they just really wanted us to know that straight people could get it too.

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To each his own, I suppose. I can’t go back to 2016 because it just seems too slow and clunky now. It did do a lot of things better than Eternal though, hopefully the third one will be a middle ground between the two. Or just play Project Brutality, that’s the best of both worlds.

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The freedom to get stabbed by a darkie for accidentally making eye contact?

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I believe Keffals more than Hannah Gadsby, tbf.

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At least William Adams got a great video game series made about him.

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Superman wae great but BatmanTAS, no contest. Damn but I miss the old DC animated universe.

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I’ve got the Iso of P3 Fes somewhere, maybe I’ll get around to it some day:

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I’ve beat it on rpcs3, but I want mods and shit! Somebody’s got to make the fifth arch stone!

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25 years old wtf they’re aging like outdoor cats.

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