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Well, good news, it’s free on Gamepass so I don’t have to buy it! I’ll probably get it later on steam if it’s good.

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Ok, I just remembered hearing that he cucked really hard about South Africa on /k/ once awhile back.

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Guga Foods.

Edit: Forgot to mention Paul Harrell, most underrated gun channel on YouTube imo.

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I remember it being pretty decent. Your basic slice of life tween comedy only animated and starring a Black family. The dad was wacky, there was usually a lesson somewhere but it wasn’t super pozzed or anything. Imagine a G-rated Boondocks.

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RWBY is pozzed in the first place, it’s like patient zero for all of this faggy tumblr dyke shit.

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Sounds good to me, cut out all the middle men, gatekeep the gatekeepers.

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Lol, look at him stomping around out there, like some kind of retarded baby elephant.

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Wtf they need all those taxes for, don’t we subsidize their military?

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Insincere Charity does a hell of a lot more good than Genuine Apathy.

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I’m gonna make my idioms even more violent now to compensate.

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