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Monster Hunter International by Larry Correia is a very fun, easy to read series.

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Are things really that bad for modern gaming? I’ve pretty much always only bought one or two games a year at full price since I was old enough to buy my own games, even in the so-called good old days, and last gen did have some absolute bangers, there’s also a lot to look forward to.

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Wow I wonder if the main character is supposed to be based on anybody?

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Somehow I doubt they’d be ok with gentiles only being played by goyim.

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I think it’s more that they just turn into giant whores.

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I couch game with my pc and it works fine. I use a controller for pretty much everything and just remap it with ReWASD. Using that in combination with a mouse and keyboard and I can play anything, even rts pretty comfortably. I have a trackball mouse as well but I haven’t used it very much.

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Jesus, just look at her. Some faggot killed himself because she said he raped her, I’d kill myself if she told people we had sex consensually.

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Probably down at the local glory hole as usual.

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