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Not really. Taibbi is more direct in that regard.

Glenn's husband is still super lefty so I don't think he'll ever fully swallow the pill, he's just more intellectually honest than his peers.

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Not really. Just interesting to see how far we've come. Greenwald used to write for the Guardian for fuck's sake.

I had it on for background noise while I was working earlier and found it surprisingly non-cancerous and decided to share.

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Sure wish there was some sort of API or at least a more relaxed ToS. As it stands I can't do anything to help the situation.

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Fair enough. No idea why they thought you were a bot though.

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I think it's more the fact that's not immediately obvious from the linked Tweet. Maybe an archive to an article would have been better.

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To be honest, financial horseshit makes my eyes glaze ever. I got as far as 'de novo bank' and went back to my day job.

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Yeah you still need a valid WebKit exploit to chain with it, but getting kernel R/W primitives (pokes) is pretty much the endgame for something like this. Hypervisor pokes would be better, but these things are incremental.

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It's not necessarily an issue with your system. You seem to be more about articles and forum posts.

I've been toying with how to build an open source, decentralized replacement for social media and publishing platforms like YouTube, Patreon, etc.

The problem with crypto is normies are never going to deal with wallet keys and exchanges, especially with the way the SEC is trying to make sure they get their slice, and don't get me started on Libra.

From the little bit of the research I've done, to even build our own payment processor (not even the engineering side, I'd build it piece by piece if I had to) we'd need an undersigning bank.

Back to your project, if you would like me to run an a full audit (instead of the ten minutes I played around) and help you fix it, let me know. I've hardened WordPress blogs before, especially if you haven't moved to BitMitigate yet.

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Linus gifted the kernel to the world long ago, don't let these ideologues who don't have the talent to be a part of the project a year from now ruin that legacy for you.

Or: You can pry Arch from my cold dead hands.

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At least Carmack is still relatively sane.

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Linus is pozzed. His daughter runs "Guerilla Feminism" in Portland, and is the reason he finally let them enact a Code of Conduct some two years ago now.

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Sorry, I see talk about this kind of thing all the time, but it's usually just smoke blown.

I'm more interested in figuring out how to properly address the payment issue, but if you want any engineering help, hit me up.

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I own the hardware

Okay, so you built the server and are colocating it somewhere? Do you own the connection and bandwidth yourself? There's a point of failure.

I own the software

Then you might want to disable XML-RPC (or just pingbacks) in WordPress so that you stop leaking your hardware IP. I'd probably audit the other plugins and/or themes you're using (since you apparently "own" them, wtfever that means) so they don't leak as well. CloudFlare is nice, but it's not magic.

only I know where the server sits

See the above.

Once moved to Epik (like bitchute), it will take a court order to remove content, which I will fight in person till the bitter end.

lol it's not the DMCA that is going to deplatform you. It's going to be ISP related, or payment related. Ask NewProject2.

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Not to be a dick, but your solution is a Wordpress blog?

How is any of this in any way durable to deplatforming?

Serious question.

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I'm giving you a hard time for talking shit without knowing what the fuck you're on about, and then covering up with a fucking Vader quote.

Also, if your only frame of reference for something is icanhazcheezburger and Star Wars references, kindly take that 'Hello fellow kids' shit and shove it up your ass on the way back to your boomer containment zone.


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It's hard (and expensive) to run your own DDOS protection. That's why everybody uses Cloudflare.

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Hurr durr Star Wars. Plz laff.

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Engineering and faith don't mix.

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Setting up an nginx reverse proxy is easy, the problem is having anywhere near the amount of edge nodes to absorb the Gbps of traffic that Cloudflare can.

Hell, I can even write a faster and more efficient reverse proxy than just nginx, but none of that helps if it's not running on tons of nodes on every backbone and in every datacenter.

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lol 8chan lost their DDoS protection the same way.

Just because it hasn't happened yet, doesn't mean it's never going to.

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