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Wait what? Jesus Christ the redpillers really are right with their awalt shit.

I stg every woman on the Right is a fake ass bitch

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I mean anyone who shits on Ben Jewpiro from a Right perspective is decent in my book, I see your other comment about her past but tbf I haven't seen any regression from her atp.

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Commenting under your own comment and calling it a dumbass reply is odd lil bro

Edit: oh ffs I hate these kinds of drop down chains, why won't it show it to me as a direct chain instead of having to follow it down? My bad, I see you WERE replying to me.

Which honestly.. what a dumbfuck comment you originally made, and a dumbfuck comment you're making now. you're asshurt and can't defend yourself, should've saved the energy and just not replied at all instead of responding like a female

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Women cannot help but post their L's and tell the world that they enjoy bad men with abusive behaviors.

They just whine and bitch about it once the abusive, toxic male is done beating their cheeks and blowing their backs out.

I'm not a psychologist so idk why women love shitty men, but by God if you just observe them it's obvious how many of them do it.

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Women post their L's this is not news.

Anyways, yes, red pillers know that women are retarded, evil, self serving cunts. This is again, not news. It's their biology to serve themselves and only themselves. Look at females all across nature. Do they defend their offspring? Sure, to an extent. But naturally, they will abandon their children to live another day as they can simply fuck some more and have more offspring.

Human women are basically the same. I've seen them push children in front of themselves as human shields when given a jump scare at a haunted house. Anything to get away from and protect their own hides from danger.

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Lol wtf is it supposed to mean then my take was she "needed" them to come over to the home like it's a DV call which can easily escalate into murder. It did very recently with the cop who stormed into someone's house and shot the guy for simply holding a gun

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Genuine Christian women don't spend much time blathering like retards on the internet so it's probably just confirmation bias

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This shit is why I'm surprised to say I can't believe Candace Owens is still hanging out on this side

I don't think she's a whore but I'm pretty sure she started career as a grifting bitch

So her staying stead is a welcome surprise

Maybe something about 3 kids and a husband has got her steady

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Anyone with a somewhat wide variety of experience in activities will know this.

I played rugby for about 7 years and it was crazy watching some black kid walk onto the pitch and be faster than every other white person there just, casually. The mfs wouldn't even practice and we had to discipline or kick some off the team until/unless they went to practice and were good teammates.

I almost didn't blame them when they're just better in that manner. Not many blacks interested in rugby in the USA when they can easily go for basketball or football, so they were going against mostly white teams and it was goofy sometimes watching these fellas juke entire teams.

That being said, they were also dumb as shit. Definitely not scholars in the making

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Competency crisis is just a symptom of hiring niggers and beaners white women and any other unqualified losers because they fit a DEI agenda.

Stop hiring lower forms of intelligence and you'll stop having problems.

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Reminder that these same people will laugh smugly about articles and niggers and prairie scum that screech about dirty filthy unwashed whites coming to Africa and America and bringing diseases and illnesses in ye olden times.

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Most people are too fucking lazy to do it. I've yet to meet a white person who can or will make any authentic Mexican food.

It's a damn disappointment because as you say its not hard. It's time consuming and we've grown lazy

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Oh no, we found a fucking retard who believes what the Federal Government tells him. Everyone point a finger and laugh as the retard fumbles his way through life, ignorantly confident that he knows what's up because he saw the CNN report on the matter.

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You know, a disability that's actually a super power can be done right.

Daredevil is everyone's favorite example. Well written, cool abilities.

The key is that you need it to be a trade off, or at LEAST make the powers fix the disability. Like it's cool that Dr. Strange in the MCU has his fucked up nerves in his hands, permanently disabling him, but the use of the Sorceries fixes his shakes.

If at the very goddamn minimum, powering up the Sentry juices made her able to walk, run, fly, and otherwise function normally, I'd commend them for it. It would bring that "I hate myself when my powers are gone, I'm so fucking useless" arc and we could get some character development.

But I guess that type of writing is reserved for people with even a minimum of competence.

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Government is still worse yes.

If/when the government gets their grubby rat claws on the brain chip, we're all on a countdown.

They WILL making it a mandatory installation. You WILL install it if you want to work a normal job, have a bank account, be allowed to vote, drive, etc.

Atp it will be a breaking point I fear for worldwide civil wars. Eventually they'll find a way to write to the brain instead of it being read-only.

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Damn, I hate to have to mostly agree with this guy but yeah fuck Muslims and fuck Tate

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No, Jews are like dwarves, aka they got a book of grudges and they like to work on it.

They begrudge ALL white people because SOME white people wanted them exterminated. It's not good enough that we destroyed Germany and the Nazis, all whites need to be eliminated for their transgressions against the Chosen Race.

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I don't like Jews but I hate Mooslims even more.

If I have to pick my final enemy I'd prefer it to be the small but insidious faction vs the teeming hordes of psychotic suicider zerglings

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There's two?? Where?? I've never heard of either one of these things

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